Streaking Mullet Man Sliding Down A Train Carriage Is My Newest Fear, Thanks Mate

Case clothed.

In a sheer display of Australia and I do emphasise the word “sheer”, a man has slid down a train carriage in Frankston whilst completely naked.

The video was uploaded to Lilydale Line’s Facebook page and has been met with confusion, although a spokesperson for the Metro has understandably condemned the behaviour as “completely unacceptable”.

Artist’s impression of the search for the man.

What liquid was on the floor? Why wasn’t he wearing clothes? Why does he have a mullet in 2019? Ladies and Gentlemen, they are all very good question to which we wonder if these mysteries will solved.

But I guess that this is where we are now as a society.

We’re living in fear of supposedly heavily-oiled men jumping on trains with a mullet and nothing else on.


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