Developers Don't Owe You A Perfect Game, Just Look At Apex Legends

Game developers are not your bitch, gamers.

Drama is never far away when it comes to gamers and those two things came to a head on the Apex Legends subreddit when the video game’s developers got tired of the awful comments they were getting regarding a new update and began clapping back at toxic fans.

Unsurprisingly, this merely threw fuel onto the fire and fans responded even more negatively. This culminated in a hilariously cringy Reddit thread titled “PR team and devs, well done. You have alienated your playerbase.”

Seriously, it’s copy pasta hall of famer.

This whole debacle soon got so out of hand that the Vince Zampella, CEO of Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment, issued out an apology on Twitter for what went down.

This whole saga is a snapshot of how the relationship between video game devs and fans have changed over the years. In the past, devs worked on a game, fans bought it (or not), and it’s onto the next game.

These days, devs are forced by both fan demand and money reasons to keep working on something until it is deemed worthy by the masses rather than do the healthy thing of accepting their failure, learning from their mistakes and moving on. It’s a lose-lose for all parties concerned.

Gamer have become more entitled and devs get burned out trying to fix something they’d rather not look at again instead of working on something new.

Not only is it unhealthy but the whole industry suffers because it means less games are being made as devs are being forced to continually polish something that may not shine no matter how much effort goes into it.

But the important thing that gets lost beneath the sea of toxic comments is that developers don’t owe fans anything, let alone a “perfect” game. It’s one thing for devs to fix things out of obligation to their fans but its another to demand them to change something simply because you don’t like it. Devs are not your bitch, gamers.

It is very difficult to make a video game these days, let alone a good video game. Gamers need to understand that devs are not out to scam them, they’re doing the best they can within the limitations set upon them. If you bought a game and it’s bad, that sucks but it’s part of life. And besides, it’s not like devs are forcing you to buy their games. You can say no.

With costs continually rising and development times getting longer, games are forced to implement various mechanics in order to earn money. For a free-to-play game like Apex Legends, this means implementing cosmetic items that cost real money.

So when fans whinge about getting ripped off or how EA/Respawn are not listening or making it tough to be an Apex Legends fan, it’s mindboggling. It’s actually quite easy to be a fan. No one is being forced to make continuous payments nor is anyone obliged to support the game.

We’re at a touchy point when it comes to developer/gamer relationships and there needs to be a rethink on how to make it less toxic. Besides, video games are meant to be fun and not something that devolves into a pool of petty back and forth exchanges.

And if you don’t like this take, I’m not obliged to change it since I don’t owe you anything or vice versa.

Protesters Aren't Only Getting Oppressed in Hong Kong, It's Happening In Australia Too

Australia isn't free from China's pro-Beijing propaganda play but we shouldn't be surprised.

The Hong Kong protests have escalated dramatically since June and things won’t be calming down any time soon given the stalemate between lawmakers and the pro-democracy protesters, as well as China’s influence on events.

The conflict has since spilled out into countries around the world, particularly in Australia. Demonstrations by Chinese communities and uni students in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne have become regular sights.

Much like what’s happening in Hong Kong, some of these demonstrations in Australia have occasionally gone a bit unruly due to tensions between pro-Beijing and pro-democracy crowds, though no tear gas cannisters have been shot at people yet, thankfully.

The reasons for this conflict isn’t as simple one side versus another, but a major factor for why this is happening in Australia can at least be partially attributed to China.

China has attempted to silence the pro-democracy protesters by spreading pro-Beijing propaganda and essentially stirring up conflict between among the Chinese community. But this tactic isn’t just confined to Hong Kong and China as propaganda has also spread to Australia and is having a similar effect.

Speaking to an international uni student from China, Crystal, they reveal that not only is there constant discussion about what’s happening in Hong Kong among Chinese students on a daily basis, there is a considerable amount of pro-Beijing material and Chinese media reports being spread around on online platforms like Weibo and WeChat.

Within Crystal’s friend groups, which comprises of people from both Hong Kong and China, material from both sides is rife but pro-Beijing propaganda makes up a much larger proportion of the stuff that’s being spread around.

While many demonstrations across Australia have been reported as peaceful, Chinese media reports have exaggerated them as being “violent”, mischaracterised protesters as being unruly and toxic, and have spread misinformation about alleged conflicts that never actually happened.

When I asked about how her Hong Kong friends and other international Hong Kongers are reacting to the protests, Crystal says while they’re understandably on the pro-democracy side, they are also unwilling to speak out due to the increasing number of pro-Beijing people opposing them, which is progressively getting worse due to the discord being sowed by China’s dissemination of fake news and propaganda.

There’s certainly numbers to back up why they’re afraid to speak their thoughts. There are 1.2 million Chinese people living in Australia and Hong Kongers only make up about 100,000 of that total.

It’s difficult to peacefully protest when not only are you largely outnumbered but the opposing side has been fed on a diet of misinformation that paints you as the spawn of Satan.

Everything that’s going down in Hong Kong right now is also happening in Australia, albeit on a smaller scale. And just like how tensions over there aren’t going to ease up any time soon, there’s conflict simmering underneath the surface here Down Under that won’t be going away just yet.

Death Stranding Will Let You Pee On Anything And That's All You Really Need To Know

Just give it all the Game of the Year accolades right now.

Ever since video game auteur Hideo Kojima pulled the curtains back on his new game, Death Stranding, we’ve all been wondering one thing: what in the name of all things holy is it about?

With the release of a new trailer at 2019 Gamescom, we’re no closer to getting a clear answer from Kojima but we did get a glimpse of an intriguing new Death Stranding mechanic: the ability to have the protagonist Sam (Norman Reedus) piss on anything.

(Starts at around the 2:16:00 mark)

As for how peeing fits into the grand scheme of Death Stranding, Kojima says it can be used as a weapon. Somehow.

So in summary, Kojima has weaponised piss. That’s a sentence I didn’t think I would ever write.

While the trailer doesn’t show how deadly Sam’s pee is, it is apparently potent enough to make mushrooms grow abnormally fast. Maybe something magical will happen when you pee on enemies. Or maybe you’ll just piss them off.

Kojima has put some seriously weird stuff in his previous games but he’s just taking the piss now with Death Stranding.

More like Norman Peedus.

Besides showing off Sam’s ability to piss on anything and make mushrooms grow, the new footage also featured some looks at the gorgeous environments, some ladder climbing and the introduction of a new character, Mama, who is played by Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘s Margaret Qualley.

Now despite everything we’ve seen so far from Death Stranding – and there’s been a decent amount of footage – we still don’t have a clear idea what Kojima’s latest game entails.

It’s an open world game set in a weird future that focuses on the idea of connection, death, and the “stands” between those two concepts; babies are also super important for some reason; and a heap of Kojima’s celebrity mates are in it because why the hell not at this point.

I don’t get it but I love it anyway.

But look, let’s just give it all the game of the year accolades right now solely for this peeing mechanic because the developers have put an insane amount of thought into it, like having Sam turn away from the camera any time you try to get a glimpse of his junk (you would’ve tried to look, don’t lie) and having a meter telling you how much pee Sam has left in his bladder.

If they put that much effort into getting the pissing mechanics right in Death Stranding, you can only imagine all other crazy stuff Hideo Kojima has in store for us when the game drops on November 8.


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