Timothée Chalamet's Face Inserted Into Historic Paintings Is The Best Take On Art History You Will Ever See

Shout out to the dedicated fan who has photoshopped these masterpieces, you are a god among mere mortals.

Looking at Timothée Chalamet’s face is already kind of like looking at a work of art, but one heroic fan has put Timmy’s face into actual works of art, and it is beautiful.

The user @chalametinart has posted the photoshopped masterpieces of the young rising star of Call Me By Your Name and Ladybird fame on Twitter and Instagram accounts. The artworks are prefaced by the bio:

“turns out Timothée Chalamet has been an inspiration to artists as far back as da Vinci.”

It all started with a scream.

And from there, the pages of the art history books were boldly rewritten to feature the glorious visage of Timmy Chalamet.

Thanks to the iconic peach scene of Call Me By Your Name, Timmy holding this basket of fruit has an oddly erotic vibe. I’m ok with it.

I repeat: a vibe.

While the account heralds its work as “badly photoshopped timmy”, the editing skills really did take a step up over time. The reimagining of the statue of David is pretty impressive stuff.

This one is good, but not enough Timmy for my liking.

This collection of masterpieces belongs in the Louvre.

I would 100% recommend subscribing to this content and diving into the full collection of Timothée Chalamet artworks. It is a truly noble use of photoshop.

Timothée Chalamet Plays A Tortured Meth Addict In The First Trailer For 'Beautiful Boy' And It Will Break Your Heart

Steve Carrell and Timothée Chalamet are the father-son duo you didn't know you needed and they're here to make you cry.

Behold the glorious talent of your fave Hollywood rising star and certified it-boy Timothée Chalamet in the first full-length trailer for the aptly named Beautiful Boy. 

The Call Me By Your Name and Ladybird actor stars alongside Steve Carell in the harrowing drama about addiction and how it pulls families apart.

Heads up: the trailer is less than three minutes long and I’m already crying.

In the film, Chalamet plays a young meth addict struggling toward recovery, and Carrell plays his father, who is desperate to save his son.

It’s a true tale based on the memoirs of David and Nic Sheff, which makes the whole thing all the more heartbreaking.

The film is directed by Felix van Groeningen and judging by the trailer alone, it could put Timothée Chalamet up as a contender for the Best Actor Oscar for the second year running.

Timmy C playing a tortured drug addict is some of the most impressive acting we will ever be so lucky to see. All praise Chalamet.

Make sure you have some tissues on hand before you dive into this trailer – it’s very heavy but very worth your time.

Beautiful Boy is set to be released in cinemas from October 12.

The ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Vinyl Soundtrack Is Peach Scented, In Case That Scene Wasn’t Visceral Enough For You

For every fan who thought "this scene would be even better if I could smell it".

The only thing better than the epic Call Me By Your Name soundtrack is that soundtrack being released as a peach-coloured and peach-scented double vinyl.

To make it all the more perfect, the 7,777 copies of the special edition vinyl will be released this August during what is apparently ‘peach harvest season’.

For those who are unfamiliar or just want to indulge in a retelling, the movie’s now-infamous peach scene is where Timothée Chalamet’s character Elio masturbates with a peach, which his lover Oliver (Armie Hammer) later discovers and eats. Or at least he starts to – and that’s all the screen version could handle.

Meanwhile in the André Aciman book the film is based off Oliver goes full HAM on the peach.


Whether you found the scene hot, gross, or a confusing mix of the two that awakened a new facet of your sexuality, you can’t deny that peaches have become an emblematic part of the Call Me By Your Name experience.

And now, they’ve kindly peach-scented the soundtrack for you so that you can strengthen your visceral attachment to the film as you indulge in the tunes of Sufjan Stevens, the Psychedelic Furs, Ryuichi Sakamoto and then some more Sufjan Stevens. It’s the scratch ‘n’ sniff that dreams are made of. 

Just add the 80s Italian summer and Timmy Chalamet and you’ve got paradise.

Obviously this is going to be a valuable artefact for a long time coming so if you’re a true fan, get in quick to get your hands on the peachy record.

The Limited Peach Season Edition of the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack will be released by Music on Vinyl on August 3.

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