The One Big Problem With The Live Action Lion King That Proves The Original Is Better

This is what happens when it ain't broke but you still try to fix it.

It works well enough when Disney’s live action remakes replace cartoon people for real people, but the CGI animals present a different challenge.

The problem is suddenly loud and clear in the latest trailer for The Lion King. Basically, the animals look so realistic it could be a Sir David Attenborough documentary, but they have lost the ability to show emotion in the way that their cartoon counterparts had back in the 1994 original film.

Take a look:

The cinematography is beautiful, but with the CGI realism of the animals the film has lost the thing that makes Disney (and Pixar) films so special. We want to see non-human things, both animate and inanimate, conveying human emotions. Or any emotions for that matter.

It seems like The Lion King remake creators were shy when it came to giving the ‘live action’ animals an emotional spectrum.

If you go back through the frames, the monotony of the character’s facial expressions really jumps out.

Simba overwhelmed by the idea of walking in his father’s footsteps.

Simba excited to play with Zazu.

Simba after dad died

Scar looking either evil of very sleepy.

Simba…flirting? Sheepish? Anything?

Nala flirting back? Maybe? Anything?

Meanwhile, back in 1994, Simba, Mufasa and the whole crew got you emotionally attached by being highly expressive, adorable cartoons.

I’m not saying that the live action Lion King will be bad, because clearly the production value is huge and it will be amazing to watch. Plus: Beyoncé and Donald Glover.

But at the end of the day, the remake can’t achieve the emotional height that the original did, and that secures the 1994 film the spot as the superior film.

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