The Good Place Is Mother-Forking Back, You Dinks, And It's Probably The Most Important Show On TV

Finally: everything is fine (again)!

This story assumes that you’ve already seen the first two seasons of The Good Place, so if for some reason you’ve been saving it then maybe opt out now, because trust us, it’s worth going in cold. You’ve been warned, spoiler-fearers.

Let’s be honest: most television is about terrible people doing terrible things. After all, there’s not a hell of a lot of drama in nice people being nice to one another nicely.

And then there’s The Good Place, a show which is literally about people trying (and often failing badly) to become better people – a premise which should by rights make for terrible viewing and is instead the funniest and most life-affirming thing in popular culture.

And sometime around 5pm-ish, Netflix has an entire double episode of The Good Place for you! Season 3! Ready to go! Why aren’t we watching it right now?

Yes, the show that’s as much a delight behind the scenes as it is to watch (as the relentlessly entertaining and almost sickeningly upbeat The Good Place: The Podcast make abundantly clear) is back with our four heroes and secret best friends returned to Earth to give their moral development a red hot second go.

And we ‘Straylians should be advised that the return episode is called ‘Everything Is Bonzer!’ because, as the end of season 2 told us, Eleanor is about to hunt down Chidi in his philosophy department in Brisbane.

And yes, that’s not how we spell bonza. Or bonsai. Or bronzer. In fact, it’s not how we spell any word in the English language. For example: Lunch. Angrily. Presumptuous. Squid. We could go on.

And look, we could go on about the endless quotability or the superb casting or the way that every third episode has a twist which lesser comedies would save for series finales.

But the most magical thing about the show is that it gently encourages you, the jaded viewer binge-watching content in this golden age of television, to ponder some of the deepest questions about how humans should treat one another.

After all, this is a show about life and death and ethics and moral philosophy, albeit one where the non-denominational afterlife is maintained by omnipotent Janets who are not people and also not robots.

These aren’t things that get talked about in mainstream entertainment. And as entertainment tends to the dark and gritty, there’s something to be said for getting a little shot of laugh-out-loud hilarious positivity in one’s cultural diet.

Think of it as a heaping tub of frozen yoghurt, flavoured like a fully recharged phone battery; or the spicy kick that is the concept of envy upon your televisual burrito.

Goddammit, The Good Place. We’ve missed you.

The Mighty Ron Swanson From Parks And Recreation Killed Jason From The Good Place, Sort Of

A character in the best show on TV was killed by one from the second best show. Friends, we live in a golden age.

If you’re still mourning the loss of Parks and Recreation, the glorious US sitcom which made the wider world aware that Amy Poehler is possibly the greatest person to ever live, then chances are you’re already obsessed with that show’s creator Michael Shur’s current show, The Good Place.

And your love for both should be enhanced with the news that Ron Swanson, played to gruff perfection by Nick Offerman, was responsible for the death of The Good Place‘s Jason Mendoza (Manny Jacinto).

There have been a couple of hints that Parks and Recreation and The Good Place exist in the same universe, albeit one on Earth and the other in a non-denominational afterlife, including that the awful champagne created by Jean-Ralphio Saperstein is advertised on both places.

And then another eagle eyed viewer noticed that the safe in which the gloriously stupid Mendoza met his end was made by the Swanson Safe Company.

And that was just a throwaway reference until an ad for Swanson Safe Company was read out on The Good Place: The Podcast, in which a series of disclaimers are read for folks that might choose to seal themselves in such a safe.

Over swift jazz vibes, Offerman intones the following:

Swanson Safe Company, making high quality safes for your valued foods since 1838. Due to a recent legal entanglement which is frankly absurd, we are now required to say the following: do not lock yourself inside a Swanson safe under any circumstances. In addition: do not lock yourself inside a Swanson safe with a snorkel thinking the snorkel will somehow let you breathe. It won’t. Furthermore, and I can’t believe that I the representative of the Swanson Safe Company even have to say this, but apparently I do: inhaling nitrous oxide inside a Swanson Safe is not a good idea, especially if you are already running out of oxygen. Swanson Safe Company: we make safes. You know, for things. Don’t get in our safes.

In other words: oh it’s absolutely canon now.

So yes, it is the dedication to craft of Ron Swanson and his quality safesmanship that leads to the passing of Mendoza and his passage to the titular Good Place.

And of course, the next obvious question is at what point Li’l Sebastian turns up. Come on: we know he’s no longer with us and there’s no way he went to the Bad Place…

The First Scene Of The New Season Of The Good Place Is Out And Ted Danson Is Better Than Humankind Deserves

The best comedy on television returns to Earth.

The Good Place is returning to Netflix at the end of the month because the world still contains wonders, even in these dark times.

If you’ve not watched the first two seasons, then now is the time for you to fake an asthma attack so you can go home and watch it all from the beginning and marvel that human beings can make something so howlingly funny and brilliantly clever and brilliantly performed and JUST WATCH IT.


And also don’t read on any further because never in the history in television has there been a more spoilable show, and the “leaked” first scene of the third series is just a delight to watch – and obviously it’s important to know where things were left at the end of season two in order for this to make any sense.

Seriously, stop reading. You have been warned.

Kidding! We’re not going to spoil it because a) we’re not monsters and b) there’s a convenient recap at the beginning of the video which Entertainment Tonight have exclusively published.

And Ted Danson’s Michael is in absolutely top form. Oh, how we’ve missed that Danson laugh. Everything’s going to be alright, everyone. And also, in the tradition of the show getting amazing comic actors to do cameo roles,  Mike O’Malley’s turn as the Doorman was perfect. PERFECT.

And once that fills you with an almost physical hunger for more, note that the entire hour long first episode of The Good Place season three hits Netflix on September 28 and dammit, it can’t come soon enough.



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