The Good Place Has Been Renewed For Season Four, Probably Thanks To The Episode With Buff Chidi

Also because it's the best show on TV, but mainly, yeah, abs.

Great forkin’ news, ya fat dinks: The Good Place has been renewed for a fourth season.

It’s the second best move NBC has made this year, after saving Brooklyn 99 when it was cancelled by Fox.

There has been no confirmation that the primary reason for The Good Place‘s renewal was that thirsty NBC execs are hoping for more shirtless Chidi, but there’s been no confirmation that it’s not that, either.

The 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for the two most recent seasons might also have something to do with it – but then that 100% might also be for thirst reasons. Who can really say?

The third will go to a break after airing an episode this week, and is returning to Netflix Australia for three more episode starting from January 11.

The Good Place's Jameela Jamil Is Fighting Instagram Influencers' Skinny-Tea BS With Poop Jokes

"It burns."

On The Good Place, Jameela Jamil plays “a hot, rich fraud with legs for days” and more famous “friends” than Anna Wintour.

In real life, Jamil is a former TV presenter, in recovery from an eating disorder, and currently the world’s premier ranter about unhealthy body image and the celebrities who fuel it.

She went viral with an on-point rant about the Kardashian-Jenners and their paid fondness for appetite-suppressing lollipops earlier this year, and again this week for railing against the “flat tummy” teas and shakes constantly being flogged on Instagram by famous women.

Specifically, she said she hopes those women “shit their pants in public”.

And now she’s recorded her own #ad for a deliciously “chunky” diet drink with one major side effect:

The incredibly graphic diarrhoea noises really make it.

The poop jokes really are the best way to get her point across – not only is she basically correct that that’s how these products “de-bloat”, but it really helps to de-glamourise the neat advertorials that clog up your feed.

She’s backing it all up with her “I WEIGH” campaign on Instagram, which encourages women to value themselves for anything but the numbers on the scale.

I am very tired of irresponsible diet product marketing, but I will never get tired of watching our favourite “hot, mean giraffe” talk about poo.


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