The Bachelor’s Daggy Wardrobe Shows He’s Been Out Of The Game For Too Long

The 2000s called, they want their tie back.

This years’ Australian Bachelor is handsome and smart – he has a jawline that could cut glass and is an astrophysicist. 

Complete with cute, nerdy glasses. Source: Giphy

Although Dr. Matt Agnew is a certified scientific genius, he’s clearly got a lot to learn in the way of dating. You don’t go on national TV to find a girlfriend if you’re not struggling. 

But there’s another thing he needs to learn a lot about: the world of fashion. His wardrobe screams “I don’t know what I’m doing” and is a dead giveaway for his lack of (recent) experience in the dating world. 

He doesn’t look messy, by any means. He scrubs up quite well. It’s just that most of his clothes look like they belong in circa. 2010. 

Red velvet blazers, big floral prints on shirts and blue pants are all past their wear-by date. 

Here he looks like he’s going to a year 12 formal in 2009: 

And here he looks like he’s attending a friend’s 21st any time between the 1970 and 2010: 

I’m all for a floral print, but anything too big and too bold in colour just screams “daggy dad” to me. Maybe it’s because it triggers my PTSD from fashion mistakes of years past, or maybe it’s because Matt reminds me of a useless ex-boyfriend of mine. Either way, I hate this look. 

I am also not a fan of whatever this looks is: 

The shirt is a big yes, but blue pants??? And those horrendous boat shoes?? 

Make it stop. Source: Giphy

Fat stripy ties are also a HUGE no. Especially when paired with a shiny suit. 

Also, black on black on black is only cool when, well, it’s black on black. Wearing a weird charcoal printed shirt makes the outfit look gross. 

He looks like a ken doll that’s been dressed entirely in outdated clothes. 

But not all of Matt’s fashion choices suck. When he dresses down for single and group dates his clothes are a lot less outdated. Mainly because his outfits are a simple neat shirt and jeans which can do no wrong. 

Still, the outfit wins are few and far between when compared to the fails. 

Let’s just hope whoever wins The Bachelor is a patient woman willing to work some magic. Because at the moment Matt Agnew is a handsome, smart, charming 30-something year old who dresses like a nerdy, slightly daggy 18-year-old. 

We need more of this: 

Please and thank you. 

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