There's A Quiz To Spot Fake And Real Faces And You're Probably Going To Fail

We're officially one step closer towards Skynet's takeover of the world.

Here’s a challenge for all of you: do you think you can tell a fake face from a real one?

If your answer is yes then be prepared to have your confidence in face-spotting shattered.

Researchers over at the University of Washington have built a website called in which people can try a quiz on whether they can tell a computer-generated face from a real person’s face.

It sounds simple on paper but the reality is much more difficult because the computer-generated fakes are so realistic that you honestly can’t tell the difference.

“You’re fake!” “No, you’re fake!”

Besides being a good little time-waster and people troller, the site’s creators, Jevin West and Carl Bergstrom, told Buzzfeed News that their goal is to help educate people on how to spot computer-created fakes.

Perhaps the bigger topic this fun little website highlights is the issue of harassment (especially towards women) and the spreading of disinformation using computer-generated images and videos.

Combine those convincing deepfakes of people with throwaway email addresses and you’ve got yourself a new online persona for terrible things like catfishing and counterfeiting opinions on important topics.

Bergstrom says this stuff is already happening, citing examples like the slew of fake comments regarding the net neutrality consultation process and Facebook recently removing over 1 billion fake profiles.

Yes. Yes it is.

If you’re worried that your skill in spotting deepfakes is lacking, don’t worry because West and Bergstrom have some tips for you all.

The big indicators of a fake are imperfections like water splotches and asymmetries. Things like glass, teeth, backgrounds, and intricately detailed jewellery are difficult to render, so if the person in the image is wearing some fancy identical earrings, chances are that the person is real.

The second option is to practise by taking the quiz a few times, which you can do here and here.

But worryingly, this deepfake detecting skill may be useless in a few years time when AI gets smart enough to smooth over all these imperfections.

Welp, time to get that bunker ready because it appears that Skynet’s plan for a global takeover is progressing faster than we thought.

2018's Most Popular Passwords Are So Bad They Will Make You Feel Like A Hacking Mastermind

Lift your password game, y'all.

It’s been drilled into us that we really need to put some thought into making really good passwords since it’s getting increasingly easy for unsavoury people to find their way into our various email/bank/Netflix accounts. Looking at you, Steve.

But it appears that despite all these warnings to make 20 character passwords with at least four symbols, three capital letters, and two numbers, (with a partridge in a pear tree), we still have some serious work to do.


SplashData (via Gizmodo) has just released its 2018 list of the most popular passwords of the year, and coming in at No.1 and No.2 for a fifth year in a row is, worryingly. “123456” and “password” respectively.

The rest of the list doesn’t get any better, with several terrible passwords (like “1234567” and “qwerty”) carrying over from previous years.

However, there were some new entries that were an unsubtle reflection of the fustercluck that is 2018, such as “!@#$%^&*” and “donald“.

After all these years of warnings, lessons, and the evaluation of over 5 million passwords that have leaked over the last year, it appears that we have gotten no better at the password game.

Hear, hear.

For those curious, here’s the entire list of passwords for 2018:

  1. 123456 (Unchanged)
  2. password (Unchanged)
  3. 123456789 (Up 3)
  4. 12345678 (Down 1)
  5. 12345 (Unchanged)
  6. 111111 (New)
  7. 1234567 (Up 1)
  8. sunshine (New)
  9. qwerty (Down 5)
  10. iloveyou (Unchanged)
  11. princess (New)
  12. admin (Down 1)
  13. welcome (Down 1)
  14. 666666 (New)
  15. abc123 (Unchanged)
  16. football (Down 7)
  17. 123123 (Unchanged)
  18. monkey (Down 5)
  19. 654321 (New)
  20. !@#$%^&* (New)
  21. charlie (New)
  22. aa123456 (New)
  23. donald (New)
  24. password1 (New)
  25. qwerty123 (New)

The lesson learned from all of this? Stop using “password” as your password, it’s not as clever as you think it is.

Stay Away Aliens And Evil Angels Because Some Crazy Geniuses In Japan Are Building A Giant Moving Robot Statue

The scientists stopped to think if they should and decided "hell yes".

The Japanese are an amazing bunch of people, and I’m not saying that just because I love Japan.

Everyone is so nice that you’ll feel like trash by comparison, their trains are super efficient (and occasionally decked in Pokemon decor), they go all-out for anniversaries and celebrations, they LOVE giant robots (everyone does to be fair), and it is home to some of the brightest minds on this green(ish) earth.

Those last three points are particularly relevant for this story because the 40th anniversary of the Gundam franchise is coming up and some crazy geniuses have decided to celebrate by building a giant moving robot statue.

Yep, they’re building a life-sized version of this:

This giant Gundam statue was announced at a recent press conference and is scheduled to be completed by 2020 – just in time to coincide with the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.

Anime News Network reports that the city of Yokohama (where the statue will be erected) are bringing in extra technical supervisors and designers to help make this giant robot a reality.

Having extra hands on deck for the project is probably a good idea because not only will it stand at 18 metres tall, the statue will actually move around rather than just being an inanimate object with flashy lights.

Having said all that, don’t expect the statue to fly around or wield crazy large swords into battle. We may have gotten to the point where alcoholic Coca-Cola is a thing, but the technology to take down giant invading aliens with fully-moving giant robots doesn’t quite exist yet.

It’s a shame, I know.

But look, the bottom line is we’re getting a giant Gundam statue that moves and nothing else really matters beyond that.

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