Comedian Harley Breen Tells Us A Joke - And Explains Why You'll Pretend To Be Offended By It

Better twist than Shyamalan.

Harley Breen is without a doubt one of Australia’s most underrated comedians. But hopefully with the premiere of Taboo on Network Ten, that’ll all change.

Taboo was a particular highlight of Ten’s Pilot Week in 2018. Focusing on marginalised groups like the terminally ill, people who live with mental illness and people living with a physical disability. Breen goes on holiday with each group, talking to them individually and as a collective to learn about their trials, tribulations and experiences.

After the time away, Breen writes a stand-up set with material that he developed alongside the guests and performs it in front of their friends and families in a performance that is nothing short of heartwarming.

And that’s why Breen was the perfect person to tell us not only a great joke but breakdown why some may find it “offensive” and explain that on the contrary, the joke isn’t actually bad… all while referencing an M. Night Shyamalan movie that came out 20 years ago.


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