You Don’t Have To Choose Between Study And Travel – You Can Actually Do Both At The Same Time

Your gap year could be your whole life.

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Graduation day is way more stressful than anyone ever tells you. You’re standing there, getting the degree on stage and fake smiling when your internal monologue is like, “well, what now?”

Oh no.

Your mind wanders to the beaches of Santorini, the neon of Tokyo and the stage shows of New York and you have to stop yourself, be practical. You could never go ‘galavanting around the world’ like your parents had scolded you for dreaming about.

You couldn’t possibly take a gap year because it ‘pushes your career back a year’. Right?

No gap years.

What people DON’T tell you is that it is actually possible to be a responsible adult person, get an education AND see what this crazy world has to offer.

By studying online, you’re automatically getting a way more flexible study timetable with providers like Swinburne Online.

While they can’t get rid of submission deadlines, nobody will be barking at you to wake up at 6am for a lecture, because you’ll already be tanning in another timezone.

Let’s GO.

Picture this: waking up at midday in a luxe California King looking out at the ocean, a cute room service person just dropped off a complimentary brunch, you pull out your laptop while drinking a mimosa and you submit your essay – from the other side of the world.

I need this more than you.

Don’t compromise, study and travel at the same time – you deserve it.

Swinburne Online provides a new approach to learning in Australia, where the classroom comes to you.

With an interactive learning format, coupled with the flexibility of online study and 7-day support, Swinburne Online gives students all the best features of an on-campus degree in a digital environment no matter where in the world you are.

Applications for the next intake close June 28th. Apply today.