The Stranger Things Season Three Trailer Hints That The Exceptionally Gross New Monster Is Actually Someone We Know

It's like the angry lovechild of a demogorgon and a tarantula.

The first full trailer for Stranger Things upcoming season three has finally dropped, and the kids are all growing up so fast!

Set in the summer of 1985, the music, fashion and overall aesthetic is so excellent that you forget for the first half of this trailer that this is a sci-fi show with some kind of monster-based horror on the horizon.

As happy as I am to see the whole gang back in action, this gross new monster really spoiled my Sultana Bran this morning.

Billy Hargrove (Max’s douchebag stepbrother) is definitely one to watch out for this season. And not just because his jerky-ness is hidden well behind this handsome aesthetic.

There’s a quick flash showing Billy in the shower (ooft), and seemingly infected by something from The Upside Down. Maybe he was bitten by one of the many rats that featured in the Stranger Things teaser in what they’re calling ‘the feeding’.

Something is growing inside Billy and it doesn’t look good.

We see the gross new monster in what looks like a hospital, which could mean that someone (Billy) was admitted when he transformed into the tarantula demogorgon thing. Just a theory!

But the real highlight of this whole trailer, is Eleven discovering the mall. Shop in peace sweet girl because there are some nosebleeds coming your way soon.

Stranger Things season three drops on Netflix on July 4.

The New Ghostbusters Movie Is Pretty Much Stranger Things And We're Down For That

Demogorgons would fit quite nicely into this new teaser.

Just yesterday the news dropped that another Ghostbusters movie is on the way next year, directed by Jason Reitman, AKA the original filmmaker’s son.

Now we’ve just copped the first teaser trailer for what has been working title-d Ghostbusters 3, as well as the announcement that the film will be released in 2020 during the US summer, AKA our winter.

The teaser is giving off serious Stranger Things vibes, and you know what? We don’t hate it.

The ‘threequel’ is said to reunite the OG stars Dan Aykroyd and Bill murray, but according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit,  the main characters will be four teenagers: two boys and two girls. Hence the very potent Stranger Things feels.

Teens fighting supernatural dark forces resonated so well with the ever-growing Stranger Things fandom, so maybe Ghostbusters is trying to get a piece of the pie. Not a terrible idea to be honest, if they find kids as talented as the Stranger Things cast.

While the original Ghostbusters is innately oldschool, Reitman made clear that the new movie will be something different.

“This is the next chapter in the original franchise.” He said to Entertainment Weekly. “It is not a reboot,” he said. “What happened in the ’80s happened in the ’80s, and this is set in the present day.”

We’re keen to see what the Juno director brings to the table and just praying he can capture that same spirit that Stranger Things absolutely nailed.

Hold Up: It Looks Like Stranger Things Accidentally Spilled Details On Season Three's Villain Online

We'll take all the vague spoilers we can get.

Waiting patiently for the next season of Netflix’s cult hit Stranger Things was never going to be anything other than desperately feeding off every scrap of information drip fed to us or clues left carelessly behind for us to find. We have no shame, and that’s OK. It’s a good show.

So that brings us to what looks like a slip-up on the part of some one or some ones involved with the show, which reveals something about what to expect next season.

Are the Russians coming to Hawkins Indiana?

Last month, a Reddit post highlighted that IMDb listed several Stranger Things season three cast members as ‘Russian Guard, Russian Soldier’ etc.

It didn’t take long for all those ‘Russian’ descriptors to be deleted from IMDb. although the Inverse spotted one left behind – Ryan Mari is listed on the show as a stunt performer playing a Russian Guard.

Now, seeing as editing IMDb is open to anyone (like Wikipedia), there’s obviously a chance that this is a red herring put in place by some oddly subtle randoms. But it’s actually not uncommon for this kind of accidental IMDb spoiler to go live when people with minor roles update their own IMDb page.

So my money is on Russians making an appearance next season.

Of course, now the theories are running rampant. Will next season’s antagonists be Soviet Russia? Slashfilm pointed out that that plotline would fit in with the shows aptitude for 80’s movie references, specifically echoing a trashy 1984 film Red Dawn in which Russians invade a small American town, forcing a crew of teens to fight back.

If the Russians do make an appearance, you can be pretty sure that they would only be the human element to the plot’s antagonist. Just like season one’s Demogorgon and season two’s Mind Flayer, we can expect there’s a scifi villain on the cards for next season.

Until we are blessed with new Stranger Things episodes, we’ll just have to take these scraps as they come and distract ourselves with the activity of rogue detective work.


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