Stranger Things Drops First Teaser For New Season Starring Your Favourite Dad Steve Harrington Bringing Home The Bacon

It's like Stranger Things meets Robin Sparkle's Let's Go To The Mall and it's excellent.

Stranger Things fans rejoice – we’ve got our first peak back into the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana since October last year.

The time between Stranger Things seasons can feel a bit like being stuck in the Upside Down, so while this teaser is less-than informative, it’s got Steve damn Harrington in it so it’s not nothing.

It looks like after all of the missing kids and a corrupt government science lab drama that Hawkins has suffered, they’re getting what they truly need – a new mall!

By far the best part of this totally tubular nostalgia bomb of an 80s mall commercial is when we come to Steve Harrington scooping ice cream in the food court.

Either Steve got a job at the mall or as an actor, but either way we’re proud of him for being such a hard-working parent for all his Hawkins kids.

Along with the new location we’re also saying ahoy to new character Robin, played by Maya Hawke.

Between the new girl being named Robin and the general vibes of the retro commercial, the whole teaser is very much channeling the iconic How I Met Your Mother video clip for Robin Sparkles’ hit single ‘Let’s Go To The Mall’.

It’s a welcomed mash-up.

The only thing that’s a bit worrying about the teaser is when it signals that Starcourt Mall is “coming next Summer.” In American terms that’s a whole year away and that is a pretty distressing timeline to be working with.

Let’s just pray there are more clips of Steve being a cutie to keep us satiated until then.

The First Teaser For The New Season Of Doctor Who Is Here And Jodie Whittaker Is The Official Queen Of The Universe

The Doctor is giving out pizza like a true hero.

Doctor Who just dropped the first teaser for the upcoming 11th season and it’s an absolute tease, but just enough to drive fans mad with excitement.

It’s our first look at Jodie Whittaker as the first-ever female Time Lord in the new season and honestly, she looks so radiant that anyone who questions her being an almighty and powerful being is straight up wrong.

We also get a peak at the trio of companions played by Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh. It looks like the Doctor is calling the team to action via surprise gifts like Beano mag and pizza. What a good and generous Time Lord she is.

The upcoming Doctor Who season by brand new showrunner Chris Chibnall is set to come out later this year so prepare yourself for the action.

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