We Need To Talk About Star Wars Episode IX's Strange Title And What It Means

There's so much to unpack here.

Star Wars fans, it’s here. The long-awaited trailer for Episode IX is finally here and we have a lot of things to discuss about it.

We’re reintroduced to Rey on a sandy desert planet (we’re guessing Tatooine because that would be cool and no one goes to Jakku, come on) and gathering her thoughts before she activates her (repaired?) lightsaber in order to take on an updated TIE Fighter of some kind head on. Great opening.

Next we see Kylo Ren beating down some poor chap in a forest before seeing someone’s hands (possibly his) repair his broken helmet, followed by a glimpse at Finn and Poe Dameron who – wait a sec, Poe is wearing a Nathan Drake get up and is absolutely killing it. Holy hell, good job Oscar Isaac.

Anyway, we see BB-8 and his new droid buddy, and next we get – holy crap it’s OG LANDO! And he’s in the Millennium Falcon with Chewie!

Things then take on a more emotional mood as we see the late Carrie Fisher make an appearance before everything immediately swerves wildly to the right with the main characters seemingly visiting the ruins of the second Death Star.

The trailer ends on the biggest bombshell yet: Emperor Palpatine’s creepy laugh and the reveal of the movie’s title, The Rise of Skywalker.

But enough of me talking about the trailer, here’s the entire thing so watch it before we continue.

Okay, let’s get into the biggest thing about this trailer: what does The Rise of Skywalker even mean?

Is it referencing Anakin? Luke? Leia? Another Skywalker? Could J.J. actually be retconning Rey’s parentage from The Last Jedi by making her an official Skywalker? Does it have anything to do with Kylo Ren’s blood ties to the family? Is there a secret illegitimate Skywalker floating about the galaxy somewhere? Is it all just a big misdirection?

Unsurprisingly, the movie’s director, J. J. Abrams, kept his cards close to his chest and revealed basically nothing at all. However, he did mention that Episode IX will not only wrap up the sequel trilogy that began with The Force Awakens but it will also conclude the Skywalker story that started eight movies ago in a sort of completing the circle kind of way.

Interesting. It certainly explains why the characters are visiting the ruins of the second Death Star. Perhaps that’s where they find Palpatine’s body or spirit or whatever, hence his surprise return.

So many questions with no answers, as is the norm when it comes to Star Wars I suppose.

Look, the movie comes on in December so it won’t be that long of a wait before we finally get all the answers so until then, let the wild theories and countless Episode IX-related YouTube videos featuring an excessive amount of red circles and arrows commence!

Rian Johnson Doesn't Give A Damn If Star Wars Episode 9 Undoes Everything He Did In The Last Jedi

And besides, Rian Johnson has other things to worry about, like the new Star Wars trilogy he's working on.

Remember when Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out? Of course you do, you were either one of the many millions who watched it over and over again, or you probably caught wind of the vocal minority on the internet who thought Rian Johnson’s direction for the film was an affront to everything they stand for.

Now that J.J. Abrams is back in the director’s chair for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX, Rian is more than happy to sit back, relax, and be just a fan once again.

In fact, the guy is so chilled about everything that he’s more than happy with J.J. ripping up everything he did on The Last Jedi and going in yet another new direction.

This’ll go down well with the trolls.

In an interview with MTV while promoting his new film Knives Out, Rian was asked if he’s seen anything from Episode IX. With tone of someone who doesn’t give a damn anymore, the director said he hasn’t seen a thing from the movie and doesn’t really want to until opening day.

When asked whether he would be cool with J.J. undoing all the twists and turns he introduced in The Last Jedi, Rian is totally down with J.J. doing whatever, saying, “I want to let go of all my expectations, I want to sit back, I want to be entertained, I want to be surprised, I want him to be thrilled, I want him to do stuff that I wasn’t expecting him to do.

For a guy who weathered some pretty horrible trolling from the cesspool of the internet, Rian is pretty damn chill about all this and good on him for not really giving a crap about what is going on.

There’s no doubt that all this will be music to all the troll’s ears. After all, they kicked up a stink over the stupidest things in The Last Jedi, like the reveal that Rey’s parents actually being nobodies rather than superpowered Jedi masters.

But hey, they’re free to complain about the film just like how I’m free to say The Last Jedi is brilliant and that vocal minority are nothing but a bunch of blithering idiots.

In fact, there’s a bunch of idiots still trying to get that Last Jedi remake happening as I write this. It’s really happening, guys, just you wait, and it’ll be the bestest remake ever made!

Awww, look how cute those trolls are with their whinging and attempts at remaking a $200 million film.

Anyway, Rian has better things to worry about than The Last Jedi these days, like his aforementioned new film or the new Star Wars trilogy he’s working on, which is chugging along slowly.

As for Episode IX, we’ll see if J.J. actually does retcon all of Rian’s work when the movie comes out on December 20. Here’s hoping J.J. leans even more into the plot threads of The Last Jedi because the sight of all the trolls and fanboys squirming over some more inconsequential Star Wars stuff will be absolutely delightful.

The First Poster For Star Wars: Episode IX Has Leaked And There's A Lot To Unpack

It reveals very little and yet it is still packed with new details.

Star Wars: Episode IX has been in production for a while now and Disney has gone over and beyond to ensure that leaks have been as scarce as water in a desert.

But despite security measures that includes having the super-secret script being accompanied by security guards at all times, a leaked promo poster for Episode IX has managed to make its way through the cracks.

And folks, it is a doozy for a heap of reasons.

This leaked image doesn’t really have the final polish of what we normally see in a Star Wars poster (there’s no subtitle at all) and is most likely something for marketing purposes for the inevitable cascade of branded products that’ll be made when the movie is released.

Having said that, there’s still quite a bit of info to unpack from our first look at Episode IX, some of which is interesting and some that is slightly worrying.

First there’s Rey wielding a lightsaber, suggesting that she’s at least up to the chapter on how to make and repair lightsabers in those stolen Jedi texts of hers. Next to her is a strange-looking alien creature that looks like something straight out of Men In Black and is there because of reasons I haven’t worked out just yet.

Here’s my wild guess, the alien is the new milk supplier for the Resistance.

Good ol’ Chewbacca is back and next to him are two new characters, Jannah and a mask-wearing person named Zorii who may or may not be the Boba Fett of the sequel trilogy.

Kylo Ren appears to have gotten a replacement helmet, suggesting he’s still not over his granddaddy issues, as well as a heap of red Stormtroopers and some cult-looking goons who I presume are the Knights of Ren.

BB-8 is back and it looks like he’s got his own cute little robot sidekick. The probability of a side adventure with BB-8 and friends just skyrocketed.

And last but not least we have C-3PO there and he’s wielding a Wookie bowcaster, presumably Chewie’s. Holy crap. After eight movies of being nothing more than a whiny exposition device, 3PO is finally going to break bad and actually be useful.

Now since this is a leaked image, it’s perhaps best to take this with a few grains of salt and wash it down with some of Luke’s alien milk.

But with the Episode IX marketing machine about to fire up in the lead up to the film’s December release, it won’t be long before we finally get some concrete details about what JJ Abrams has in store to close out this latest Star Wars trilogy.

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