Sophie Turner Goes Full Karen From Mean Girls With Her Leg-Behind-Head Circus Trick Demonstration

Ladies and gentleman, Sophie Turner.

In case you missed it, we love Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Like, a lot.

We love it when she chugs wine on the stadium big screen, we love it when she shares the definitive reaction to Arya Stark moments, we love it when she wears fake bangs, we love it all.

She is a woman of many skills. But when asked about her special skills in a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, she volunteered some unexpected demonstrations.

It was a moment only paralleled by Karen from Mean Girls, who can put her whole fist in her mouth – wanna see?

Turner first suggested her skill might be sleeping. According to Turner and her co-stars she has the ability to sleep anywhere, any time, and in any position. But Graham Norton provoked a very different answer by suggesting her sleep ability might be because she’s “very bendy”. That is apparently a fun fact about Sophie Turner that we totally missed.

But of course, being Sophie Turner, when she claimed she can still put her leg behind her head, she proved it.

Sophie Turner, Queen of the North, followed up with a cheeky comment that she immediately heard back as more dirty than intended and tried to take back. But “Imagine what I can do when I’m warmed up” is now immortalised on the Graham Norton Show.

This is by far one of the best Sophie Turner interview moments we’ve had to date.

What’s amazing about the whole situation is that putting her leg over her head successfully outshined her encounter with Taylor Swift, her husband Joe Jonas’ ex.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate these two mature young women (with boss blonde fringes) embracing each other and being adorable.

In conclusion, Sophie Turner, you keep doing you.

Sophie Turner GoT Bangs And I Can't Pretend I Don't Care

Now is the time for self-reflection, and self-acceptance.

Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones legend and celebrity couple royalty, has quickly become a celebrity so beloved that I’ve lost sight of rationality.

Between chugging wine on mega screens in stadiums, speaking with bold honesty about her mental health struggles, marrying Joe Jonas in Vegas, changing tires in couture, and pretty much everything else she does, she has stolen my heart.

So now, out of nowhere, I have become someone who cares that a celebrity who is technically an absolute stranger, got bangs.


I’m not even ashamed! I embrace this new world in which I feel a closeness to Sophie Turner to the point where I care about her hair cut. I mean, LOOK at her.

This is me when I saw Sophie Turner with BANGS:

It’s hard to decipher the exact point you tip over the edge of fandom into semi-obsession, or even love. But caring about when someone gets bangs is definitely an indicator on that scale.

And I love this whole look.

In conclusion, Sophie Turner is amazing and celebrity culture is scary and I hope we can be friends some day xoxo.

The Role Joe Jonas Played In Sophie Turner’s Battle With Her Mental Health Is So Important

It's all about support.

Sophie Turner has recently been very open about the struggles she faced growing up in the extreme spotlight that came along with her Game of Thrones fame.

Turner has admitted that she dealt with depression for the majority of the time she has been on the show, including suicidal thoughts and an eating disorder. She has openly celebrated therapy as a saving grace for her and encouraged others to seek professional help (a necessity that’s unfortunately not accessible to everyone financially or time-wise, but important to encourage to help destigmatise).

Now in an interview with The Sunday Times, Turner highlighted how important the actions of your support network can be when you’re facing these kinds of mental health struggles.

Specifically, she called out the role of her now-husband Joe Jonas played in her recovery. Speaking about when she met Joe back when she was 20 years old, the now-23-year-old said,

“I was going through this phase of being very mentally unwell.

“He was like, ‘I can’t be with you until you love yourself, I can’t see you love me more than you love yourself.’

“That was something, him doing that. I think he kind of saved my life, in a way.”

Supporting a loved one who is struggling with their mental health can look like a lot of different things. Sometimes it takes just ‘being there’ for them, and sometimes true support requires a stronger approach, like the one Joe Jonas seems to have used to support Sophie Turner.

It’s a good example of how selflessness and not always opting for the ‘easy’ route is so crucial in relationships.

Like her co-star and best friend Maisie Williams’ recent admission, Sophie Turner also indicated that the cost of the Game of Thrones fame may not be worth it.

“Having your adolescence being displayed in public, that’s something I really wish hadn’t happened.” she said.

“Being in the age of social media when that’s happening, I think I would be a much saner person if I hadn’t been documented from 13 – your most awkward, uncomfortable, unsure-of-yourself years.”

Both Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams being honest about the intimate details of their experience with mental health difficulties helps to dismantle the stigma around talking about it, and it’s part of what makes them such amazing public figures.

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