Lily Allen Is Now Selling Sex Toys Because Your Pleasure Is Important To Her

It makes Lily smile.

Lily Allen has a new business venture, and it involves your carnal pleasures. 

Lily’s got your back. Credit: Giphy

During a live discussion at Port Festival in Cornwall over the weekend, the 34-year-old revealed to a packed crowd that she is planning to release a line of sex toys, including a “clitoral stimulator.”

“I probably shouldn’t talk about,” Allen began. “I haven’t done a press release or anything like that. Orgasms are important, ladies, and I feel like the celeb sex toy market hasn’t been capitalised upon.”

Fun fact: Allen also revealed to fans that she was actually conceived at Port Festival, making it a fitting location to make her sex toy announcement. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how relevant Lily Allen’s song titles are to her upcoming sex toy venture? Here’s hoping she goes for names like ‘Hard Out There’ rather than ‘The Littlest Things.’

It’s not the first time Allen has spoken out about women having a right to pleasure. In 2014, she told Mail on Sunday, “I remember when I became sexually active thinking, ‘Where’s all that stuff that happens in the movies?’ The reality was a disappointment.”

Disappointing to say the least. Credit: Giphy

“I think the way sex is presented in modern media is not a fair representation of what it actually is. There’s too much emphasis on sex being almost an aesthetic thing – it’s rarely presented as an emotive experience.”

In her 2018 book My Thoughts Exactly, Lily got candid about her sexual experiences, including her early encounters, same-sex relationships, sex addiction, and even being sexually assaulted by a music industry executive.

Kudos to Lily Allen for telling her story, always keeping it real and prioritising pleasure for all women in all sexual experiences.

If you, or anyone you know is a victim of sexual assault, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or 1800 RESPECT, for support.

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