Your Many DIY Face Mask Options, Ranked By Effectiveness

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact life on a global scale, the introduction of protective face masks, and questions around wearing them, have caused heated debate.

There’s mounting evidence that face masks can help prevent coronavirus transmission and ultimately save lives, however, not all masks provide the same level of protection. 

Whether you’re rocking medical-grade, an at-home sewing project, or a humble face scarf – here are all the different face masks, ranked by effectiveness. Hear all about the face masks debate below:

Medical Masks

According to Business Insider, the World Health Organisation recommends medical masks for healthcare workers, elderly people, people with underlying health conditions or those who have tested positive for the virus or show symptoms. 

Researchers found that the N99 mask can reduce a person’s risk of infection by 94-99% after 20 minutes in a highly contaminated environment. N95 masks offers a similar level of protection, however it’s important to note that masks with valves have been criticised as they do not protect those around you. 

Disposable surgical masks – made from non-woven fabric – can reduce the transmission of respiratory droplets and smaller aerosols and are reportedly about three times more effective than homemade face masks.

Homemade Masks

Apparently, combining two layers of 600-thread-count cotton with a material like silk, chiffon or flannel is effective in filtering particles. 

The World Health Organisation have stated that for homemade masks to be effective, they need three layers – an inner layer to absorb, a middle layer that filters and an outer layer that is non-absorbent.

Scarves and T-Shirt Masks

In an interview with Business Insider, infectious-disease physician Dr. Ramzi Asfour said, “if you’re making a cloth mask from 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, that’s different than making it from a cheap t-shirt that’s not very finely woven.”

UK Researchers have found that a single layer of cotton is among one of the least effective materials at blocking COVID-19 particles. 

Scarves and t-shirts can reportedly reduce infection risk by 44% after 30 seconds exposed to the virus. After 20 minutes, the risk reduction drops to 24%. 

Speaking to University of California San Francisco, infectious disease specialist Peter Chin-Hong, MD, said, “The concept is risk reduction rather than absolute prevention.”

“You don’t throw up your hands if you think a mask is not 100 percent effective. That’s silly. Nobody’s taking a cholesterol medicine because they’re going to prevent a heart attack 100 percent of the time, but you’re reducing your risk substantially.”

As masks become mandatory in Victoria and have already been enforced in other parts of the world, it’s important we understand the efficacy of the different kinds, but also how they help to protect others as we fight to control outbreaks of COVID-19.

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Yep, This Maskless TikToker Bragged About Having COVID-19 At An Airport

"Wow risking people's lives is so cool."

Despite growing numbers of COVID-19 cases and mask mandates being enforced in countries all over the world, there’s still a group of people who think it’s all a joke. Case in point: this maskless TikToker who bragged about having COVID-19 whilst sitting around people at an airport.

TikTok user @420Charlise69 recently took to the video sharing platform to post a video of herself waiting in a reasonably busy airport gate without wearing a mask. “Little do all these people know I have COVID-19,” she captioned the shocking clip.

@420Charlise69 filmed her Louis Vuitton luggage, strangers around her wearing masks and some of her family members who – like her – weren’t wearing masks.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok users quickly took to the comments section of her video to express their outrage. One wrote, “don’t joked about this, TONS of people have died and are getting their lives impacted by this,” and another added, “wow risking people’s lives is so cool.” Some users even threatened to contact her alleged high school and principal.

Speaking of cooked behaviour, hear about Ken and Karen below:

Despite the backlash, @420Charlise69 posted a follow up video in which she explained, “you guys are making it a big deal…I get it people are dying and it’s so sad and not funny…I don’t know why you guys keep saying I think it’s funny.”

“It’s a TikTok so calm down. I’m not sick, so get off my ass. The flu is worse than COVID, so no need to flip out on me and saying I’m the only reason people are getting sick when there’s SOOO much more people are flying and doing things,” she wrote. “Also I didn’t have to wear my mask cos I was only around my family at the time.”

Credit: @420Charlise69 TikTok

Once again, TikTok users flooded the comments section to let her know how selfish and misguided her comments are.

According to the CDC, the United States has over 3.6M confirmed cases of COVID-19 and reported over 67,000 in the last 24 hours. Knowing this, it’s utterly baffling to see someone post a video like this.

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Give This Guy The Award For Most Toxic Tinder Bio Of All Time

"He doesn’t have much but he does have the audacity."

Dating apps are a real mixed bag. Sometimes they result in friendships, hookups and are even responsible for genuine relationships that have even turned into marriages and families. However, dating apps are also home to people like James – a romantic hopeful whose Tinder bio has landed on TikTok for all the wrong reasons.

TikTok user @claramelapple recently took to the video sharing platform to recite James’ Tinder bio, and word of warning, it’s not an easy listen.

“Yeah so some of you Tinder girls really gotta hear this,” his bio begins, before launching into a list of lessons women who come across his profile (apparently) need to learn.

“You’re not that hot and even if you are your immaturity makes you pathetic and gross, get over yourself,” James begins – adding insult to injury by incorrectly spelling ‘you’re’ as ‘your’.

“Number two, if you really care about something other than looks then quit being stupid and drop your standards, you ain’t special,” he continues. Thanks for that, James.

“Number three, if you’re fat, a feminist, or a bitch, swipe left,” he writes. “I want a woman not a little girl.” 

Wait, it gets worse. 

“Lastly, even if I like or match with you doesn’t mean I’m interested in you, it merely means I’m willing to give you a chance,” he ends his 4-point list.

Speaking of unbelievable videos, hear about Carole Baskin’s stitch up on Cameo below: 

@claramelapple finished her TikTok video by sharing an image of James and saying, “alright ladies, here’s the man of the hour – James.”

Wow – there really are no words for this bio. You have to sincerely hope this is a really bad joke,  or James deserves the award for most toxic and sexist Tinder bio of all time.

Judging by the thousands of comments left of @claramelapple’s TikTok video, most people agree with the latter. Yikes.

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