Who In Their Right Mind Is Dropping $110M On Jeffrey Epstein's Houses?

If those walls could talk.

If you’ve been following the Jeffrey Epstein case and recent arrest of his former girlfriend and longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell, you’ll be well aware of the utterly horrifying sex trafficking allegations made against the pair. Knowing this, would you be keen to drop over $100M on Jeffrey Epstein’s luxury houses?

According to CNN, two homes owned by the late financier are now for sale for a combined total of roughly $110M USD. 

Speaking of Ghislaine Maxwell, hear all about the mysterious conspiracy theories surrounding her below:

The listing for Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion describes the sale as a “once in a life-time opportunity to own the largest single-family home in New York City.” 

CNN reports that the seven-story home has 40 rooms, including 10 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. It features unobstructed views of Central Park and according to the listing “could easily present itself as a palatial consulate, embassy, foundation or once again house some of the world’s greatest works of art.”

Sounds appealing, but there’s one massive catch – court documents cite the property as one of the locations where Epstein allegedly sexually abused countless young women.

The same goes for Epstein’s Palm Beach property, which is currently priced at $21.9M USD. According to the listing, his Florida home has six bedrooms and seven-and-a-half bathrooms, a pool and pool house as well as a staff house and three-car garage.

In the Netflix documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, victims explain their encounters with Epstein at his properties including specific details about the decor and explicit artworks.

A video from a 2005 police raid of Epstein’s Palm Beach home showed the contents in closer detail, including “what appeared to be a dentist’s chair and cart or a multifunction facial machine, stocked with drills and other instruments, as well as a lamp,” according to Fox News.

Fox News reports that at his Upper East side mansion, investigators reportedly found “a locked safe [featuring a] trove of pornographic material apparently featuring young girls.”

It’s difficult to understand who would be interested in purchasing Jeffrey Epstein’s houses knowing the disturbing secrets they hold, but they are on the market and available to buy, nonetheless.

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Fitness Writer Who 'Won't Work With Fat People' Reckons She's Not Judgemental

"It demonstrates a troubled mind."

When it comes to health, fitness and wellbeing there is a lot of BS floating around social media. Sadly, social media also tends to perpetuate the idea that you can’t possibly lead a happy life if you’re larger than a size six. However, no one is peddling these harmful ideas more than Samantha Yardley, a UK-based fitness writer who has proclaimed she “won’t work with fat people.”

In a recent blog post, Yardley wrote, “as a businessperson myself and former employer; would I work with (extremely) fat people? No, I wouldn’t. Harsh but true (I’m sorry).”

“For me, at best it demonstrates a troubled mind, lacking self-control and at worst it shows a severely disturbed individual who is likely to be lacking energy and suffering poor health,” she continued. “No, we shouldn’t judge people based on beauty, however as humans we can’t hide extreme, debilitating gluttony because we wear it as layers of fat. That’s biology not bigotry.”

Yardley’s blog post landed her a spot on This Morning, where she attempted to clarify her controversial comments.

When asked if she would decide not to employ someone based on their appearance – before even speaking to them, Yardley said, “I think we’re all judged a little bit on how we look. I certainly wouldn’t judge someone for being a little overweight…but if someone was extremely obese, I’d probably make the assumption they were lacking in self-esteem, maybe they have the wrong lifestyle. I would say there’s an underlying problem.”

It’s interesting to note that in both her blog post and This Morning interview, Samantha Yardley says “I wouldn’t judge” and “we shouldn’t judge” however the way in which she is suggesting all obese people are unemployable seems like the pure definition of judgemental.

And there’s also the fact that people who aren’t obese can also lack in self-esteem, have the ‘wrong’ lifestyle or ‘underlying problems.’

Needless to say, Yardley’s comments did not go down well with social media users who slammed the fitness writer for her shallow attitude and for ignoring the many factors that play into fitness, weight and health. 

One Twitter user made the point, “#ThisMorning could you ask Samantha Yardley if she would refuse an overweight doctor saving her life? Or would refuse an overweight surgeon carrying out a life saving operation on her? Just curious.”

It appears that Samantha Yardley knew exactly what she was doing when broadcasting her controversial opinions to the world, but will it help or hinder her business going forward? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Who Thought Recruiting Quarantine Guards Via WhatsApp Would End Badly?

"I just knew something would happen."

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in Victoria, an investigation into the hotel quarantine guards is uncovering some pretty shocking revelations – including reports guards were hired via messaging service WhatsApp.

Speaking of coronavirus in Australia, hear about face mask mandates below:

“They actually contacted me and they’re like ‘Would you like to work at this place?’” guard Shayla Shakshi told 7.30. “And I’m like, I don’t know what you guys are, what company, nothing.”

“I just got told that you need to be here at a certain time and you’re going to dress in a certain way and this is your pay rate. That’s it,” she said.

A series of WhatsApp messages obtained by 7.30 show a call-out for 40 hotel quarantine guards at the Rydges Hotel on Swanston Street just three days after the hotel experienced its first COVID-19 outbreak. Messages show that someone replied, “Recently 6 corona positive guards in Carlton. So please be careful,” but was met with no response.

Two days after a worker at Stamford Plaza tested positive for COVID-19, another WhatsApp message shows a request for 10 hotel quarantine guards. According to the ABC, when someone asked about the rate of pay, they were asked for an ABN which means they weren’t expected to be directly employed by the company.

These troubling text messages come just weeks after reports Victoria’s hotel quarantine guards only received five minutes of training for the job and were either given only one mask and set of gloves for their shift, or had to bring their own personal protective equipment.

To make matters worse, The Herald Sun recently reported that private security firms in Victoria have been charging taxpayers for hotel quarantine shifts that were never worked – and even claimed that guards were sleeping with guests, shaking hands and sharing lifts to move between rooms and play cards.

Shakshi told 7.30, “I just knew something would happen…guards were hitting each other. They’re hugging each other. They were touching each other. They weren’t actually serious about how serious this COVID is.”

Given the knock-on effect Victoria’s botched hotel quarantine program is having on the rest of Australia including a rise in cases in NSW, the current inquiry into it is going to reveal some pretty serious consequences.

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