Victorians Are Refusing COVID-19 Tests Because They Think It's A Conspiracy

Good frigging grief.

Seems like all that laughing at America for royally botching their COVID-19 has been a bit premature because not only have we seen a spike in confirmed cases across Victoria, there are several thousand Victorians who are straight up refusing to participate in testing for several dumb reasons, including the belief that the coronavirus is a conspiracy.

Speaking of COVID-19 in Victoria, the GOAT team talk about life after lockdown in ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to ABC News, Victoria Health Minister Jenny Mikakos says authorities are “smashing targets for testing” since the recent spike in confirmed COVID-19 cases with over 164,000 Victorians getting swabbed.

That being said, over 10,000 Victorians living in Melbourne’s COVID-19 hotspots are refusing to get the all-important cotton swab up their nose during Victoria’s testing blitz.

There were a bunch of reasons why these people refused to get tested, such as they may have already been previously swabbed or the misguided belief the coronavirus won’t affect them – which is completely wrong. But the most infuriating reason is that some of these idiots actually believe COVID-19 is a conspiracy.

After several months, millions of confirmed cases, and hundreds of thousands of deaths, how can people honestly believe COVID-19 is a conspiracy theory? The fact that Mikakos had to even mention it in her presser suggests that the number is worryingly high enough to take seriously.

Either there’s something in the Victorian water or all the people who refused to get tested are Pete Evans because there’s just no explanation for believing in dumb COVID-19 conspiracy theories, especially when they’ve been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked.

At the time of writing, Victoria has 442 confirmed active COVID-19 cases and that number is likely to increase over the coming days due to the amount of tests being administered and the botched hotel quarantine incident.

Mikakos has stated that they’re investigating the source of the new COVID-19 spike including “super spreader” theory, which is a suggestion that the cause is due to a single source of infection. She also stated that authorities are not ruling out further lockdowns of additional suburbs in Melbourne.

So for those people who aren’t getting tested because they believe COVID-19 is a conspiracy (or just people refusing to get testing for any reason), please wake the hell up and take this seriously because you’re only extending the lockdown period by being selfish.

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Burn 2020 To The Ground Already Cos A New Type Of Swine Flu Is Brewing

Here we go (again)...

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a complete write off and now there’s an even stronger case to just cancel the year outright because scientists have discovered a worrying strain of swine flu, one that has the potential to bring upon a COVID-19-esque pandemic upon us.

Speaking of living with a pandemic, the GOAT team talk about how its changed the way we film and have sex on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (via the BBC), scientists have discovered a new strain of swine flu in China.

Findings show that this new swine flu strain – dubbed G4 EA H1N1 – is only carried by pigs, but there’s genuine concern it can infect humans due to its similarity to the H1N1 swine flu variant that caused the 2009 pandemic.

Most worryingly, there’s evidence that this new strain of swine flu could potentially give us another pandemic to worry about on top of the COVID-19 mess as scientists are concerned the virus could mutate into a disease that’s easily spread and current vaccines don’t appear to protect against it (though it can be adapted).

That being said, there’s no need to panic just yet. Prof Kin-Chow Chang, who works at Nottingham University and is studying the virus, tells the BBC that it hasn’t posed a big threat and isn’t an immediate problem but says “we should not ignore it” even though we’re busy fighting the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Good grief, we’re not even halfway through the year and we’ve had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, a global recession we haven’t experienced since the Great Depression, a long overdue reckoning on police brutality and the systemic racism permeating through every aspect of life, and now w have to worry about a new kind of swine flu with the potential to spread like wildfire.

Can we just cancel 2020 already and start afresh?

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You Risk Inhaling COVID-19 Poop When You Use A Toilet, Be Careful

Hitting the fan.

Life is finally slowly inching back towards some semblance as COVID-19 lockdown rules are easing up and venturing out in public is no longer as terrifying as it once was. Having said that, we have an important COVID-19 bathroom PSA for you before you let loose: there’s a risk you’re inhaling coronavirus poop droplets every time you use a toilet, bumping up the spread risk of the disease.

Speaking of COVID-19 (that’s unrelated to the spread of poop), the GOAT team talk about life after lockdown on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to the study published by researchers at the Yangzhou University in China (via The Washington Post), just flushing a toilet can shoot poop particles up to nearly a metre into the air. Specifically, the poop swishes around in a toilet so violent that it gets propelled into the air and this
“toilet plume” will then settle on nearby surfaces.

Yes, it’s pretty disgusting, especially if you’re a germaphobe.

What makes this gross “toilet plume” finding especially bad is if the poop came from came from someone who has COVID-19 as there are worries over the potential for poop to spread the coronavirus around.

We’ve known for a while that COVID-19 has been found in the poop of coronavirus patients, but it is still not known where it is possible for the disease to spread via poop droplet inhalation since it’s unclear whether the amount of COVID-19 present in these “toilet plumes” is enough to infect people.

“The risk is not zero, but how great a risk it is, we don’t know,” Charles P. Gerba, microbiologist at the University of Arizona, tells The Washington Post. “The big unknown is how much virus is infectious in the toilet when you flush it … and how much virus does it take to cause an infection.”

Keep in mind that this is for all toilets not just public ones so don’t think you’re free from the getting out of this COVID-19 crapshoot if you stick to just pooping at home.

So how do you minimise the risk of spreading or catching COVID-19 via poop droplet inhalation? Clean your toilet regularly, always wash your hands after using it, don’t lick it (seriously), and most importantly, close the lid before flushing as that’ll keep the coronavirus-riddled “toilet plume” from splashing everywhere.

So if you don’t want shit to literally hit the fan close the toilet lid whenever you flush or you risk shit hitting the fan, literally and metaphorically.

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