The Wildest Coronavirus Questions Authorities Have Been Asked So Far

“Can my husband spend the weekend with his mistress?"

We’ve all had questions about the coronavirus pandemic and what we can and can’t do under the restrictions that are being put in place to deal with it. Some of those answers are pretty straightforward, for example: can I go and hang out at the beach with thousands of others? No. No you can not. Other questions aren’t so obvious, and it turns out that people have been turning to the authorities to answer their more specific questions. 

French police have released some of the questions that people have been calling them up to ask, and I am in desperate need of more context for most of them.

“Can my husband spend the weekend with his mistress?”

“A stranger caressed my horse, is there a risk it is contaminated?

“After my divorce, I managed to find someone. But he lives 25kms from my home. How can we do it under lockdown?”

One man was pulled over by police 50kms away from where he lived, and told the police that he was out because he “needed to buy a casserole.”

That guy to the police, probably

Some of the questions actually made some sort of sense, like “I took out my dog out ​​this morning, can I do it this evening?” although the police are definitely not the people to call in that case.

There have also been major spikes in people calling up to dob in their neighbours for having people over or just generally not respecting confinement. 

France has been in lockdown since March 17th, and people are only meant to leave their house for grocery shopping, medical visits, or exercise if they stay close to home. No word yet on whether the rules will be changed to allow people to spend the weekend with their mistresses, or whether casseroles will be recognised as essential, but I for one will be keeping an eye on the developing answers to these coronavirus questions.

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What Are Your Rights If Coronavirus Has You Facing Eviction?

Scott Morrison announced some major changes last night.

Last night, Scott Morrison got up and gave yet another address to the nation about what we’re doing to keep coronavirus at bay. Public gatherings have now been taken down to a limit of two people, and elderly people have been urged to stay home. The biggest update to come out of that press conference was that Scott Morrison announced a major boost to renters rights – a six-month moratorium on evictions if tenants can’t pay their rent in the middle of the coronavirus shutdown.

We’ve seen lines snaking around city blocks made up of people trying to access Centrelink, and it’s no secret that thousands of people have lost their sources of income as the country bunkers down to flatten the curve. So what are your rights if the spread of coronavirus has you facing eviction?

First of all, rules are currently being put in place that will stop you being kicked out. “States and territories will be moving to put a moratorium on evictions of persons as a result of financial distress… for the next six months,” Scott Morrison said last night. 

He didn’t mention anything about rent freezes or bailouts at this point, because tenancy laws fall to the states and territories, but there will be another announcement with more details on Friday night.

If you’re struggling financially at the moment, getting in contact with your landlord or real estate agent now is better than getting in contact with them in a few weeks time when you can’t pay any rent whatsoever. 

All of us right now

At this stage, we don’t know when the coronavirus pandemic will be over. We don’t know if tenants will have to make back payments when things go back to normal or not, and we don’t know what will happen after this six month moratorium is over. 

As for right now, you have the right to housing and to not be evicted during this crisis because coronavirus cost you your job. It’s a good start.

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Here's Why Your Old Journal Might Be The Thing To Get You Through Isolation

Dear Diary.

Like most people, I’ve been looking for ways to keep myself sane during quarantine. It’s getting harder and harder though if I’m being honest, but buried underneath all the suggestions of learning to braid your hair properly (done that) and learning a new language (I will probably never manage that), one suggestion to get through isolation comes up over and over again – journaling.

Maybe it sounds lame, or like something we mostly left behind as teenagers, but it turns out the benefits we got from spilling all our teenage angst out on to the pages still applies in adulthood. 

According to Headspace, journaling can help you manage stress and anxiety by helping us understand what’s going on in our minds. Writing something down can be a healthy way to process and deal with our emotions, and boy howdy are there a lot of emotions to process when you’re locked down in the middle of a global pandemic. 

Tracking your day to day life in a time when it really feels like we’re living in Groundhog Day – wake up, work from home, read the latest coronavirus news, repeat – might not seem like it’s worth doing. It can help you notice patterns though. Maybe you feel a bit better about the world when you go for a socially distant walk around the block? Or when you cook yourself your favourite dinner? Or call a friend? Working out what cheers you up is going to be useful, because there’s a good chance we’ll be in quarantine for several weeks yet.

If you’re looking to kick one off, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as “Dear Diary” followed by everything you did throughout the day if you don’t want it to be. Bullet journaling is where you basically stick everything into dot points. Jot down a line about how you felt that day and what the best part of the day was. Boom. Done.

And if none of those reasons have you hooked? Imagine how cool it will be reading your coronavirus isolation journal to your grand kids one day.

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