The First Coronavirus Doctor's Fate Is Even More Terrifying Than The Outbreak

Vale, Dr. Li Wenliang.

The coronavirus outbreak is terrifying, and at this point we’ve lost track of the exact amount of people infected. We’re up to at least 560 deaths from coronavirus, and this morning a Chinese man named Dr. Li Wenliang was one of them.

Dr. Li Wenliang is credited as being one of the coronavirus whistleblowers. He sent out a warning about patients in his Wuhan hospital with a potential “SARS-like” disease back in December 2019, before the rest of the world had ever heard of coronavirus. At the time he was told by police to stop “this illegal activity” or he’d “be brought to justice”.

He was hospitalised himself in mid January, and on February 1st he tested positive for the disease. His death was first reported overnight, but here is where things start to get weird.

When the news of Dr. Li Wenliang’s death from coronavirus broke, the anger on Chinese social media was instant. The topics “Wuhan government owes Dr. Li Wenliang an apology,” and “I want freedom of speech,” and “We want freedom of speech,” started trending on Weibo before being censored and taken down. 

Once everybody realised how angry people were that the man who had been prevented from getting the word out about coronavirus had died of it, the reporting changed. An update was sent out saying that he was actually alive, just in critical condition.

People who were at the hospital have told the BBC that that’s not quite what happened. According to them, officials came in and ordered that Dr. Li Wenliang’s body was put on life support before sending out an official report that he was alive.

This attempt to control the narrative didn’t last very long, because a couple of hours later the reporting changed once again to say that he had died. 

The death of Dr. Li Wenliang is one of the defining moments of the coronavirus emergency, and he deserved a far better end than he got.

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Game Day Guac Prep Is More Dangerous Than The Actual Super Bowl

Turns out the most stressful part of the day isn't the game.

It’s Super Bowl day, the biggest day in the American sporting calendar. Today’s game is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, but more importantly the halftime show will be put on by J-Lo and Shakira. Aside from all the sports, today I learned that all the stress of the Super Bowl isn’t actually in the game itself, but in the avocado prep before hand.

Avocado might be dangerous, but it’s better than what’s being served up at Trump’s impeachment hearings. Listen to the GOAT team chat about the menu…

Guacamole is delicious, and a staple Super Bowl snack. Avocado consumption spikes around the Super Bowl, and last year alone, 162 million pounds of avocado were eaten on game day. Most of that was turned in to guac.

If you don’t eat avocados that often, or just generally lack knife skills, then this presents a problem. ‘Avocado hand’ is the name given to the injury that comes from stabbing yourself in the hand while trying to get the pit out, and the fact that it’s common enough to have its own name is giving me shivers.

Some of these cases of Avocado Hand happen when someone holding an avocado whacks the edge of the knife down on to the pit to get it out and the knife slips. Other cases happen when people, for some unknown reason, decide to hold the avocado in one hand and stab down with the pointy tip of the knife with the other hand to try and dig it out. This technique was never, ever going to end well.

Antoni would not be proud of us

A mild case of avocado hand is going to suck, but will probably be fixable with a tissue and a bandaid. A serious case however, can damage muscles, nerves, or tendons in the hand, and may even need surgery to fix.

So if you’re in charge of the guac at this year’s Super Bowl viewing party, or just the next time you feel like nachos, please make sure to keep the knife away from your fingers.

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