The Brutal Way COVID-19 Ravaged This Fit Guy's Bod Is A Grim Reality Check

A wake up call to those who thought COVID-19 only hits old people.

Despite the well-documented symptoms and potentially fatal consequences of catching COVID-19, there’s still young people who think it is only really bad for old people and that their age will help them get over the coronavirus should they get it.

This is clearly a dangerous way of thinking and now a young man who suffered from COVID-19 has shown the grim reality of how the coronavirus doesn’t give a crap about your age or how fit you are.

Speaking of COVID-19, the GOAT team talk about how iso baking is the new thing to do on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

43-year-old Mike Schultz is one of the many people in America who caught COVID-19 and thought that he was young and fit enough to get over it with little trouble. As per Buzzfeed News, he worked out six or seven times a week, weighed a healthy 86 kg and had no underlying health conditions.

But as Mike recounted to Buzzfeed News, his assumption was far from the brutal truth and he ended up going through a 6-week ordeal in which he lost 20 kg, lost a good chunk of his lung capacity due to pneumonia, and was sedated and hooked up to a ventilator for almost the entire time.

Just to really hammer home the horrible reality of how COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate between the young and old or fit and unfit, Mike shared an eye-opening before and after photo of himself that shows how much of a toll the coronavirus took on his health.

Mike tells Buzzfeed News that he caught COVID-19 at a festival in March and went to hospital just days after. After being intubated and sedated, he later awoke and “thought only a week had gone by” only to be told by his nurse that he had in fact been in the hospital ward for six weeks. Even taking that photo of himself post-COVID-19 was physically difficult because he just holding the phone was like climbing a mountain.

The horrible experience with COVID-19 prompted Mike to share his story as a way to tell people not to be complacent about the coronavirus and how it can happen to anyone indiscriminately.

“I knew what I thought going in [about the coronavirus]. I didn’t think it was as serious as it was until after things started happening. I thought I was young enough for it not to affect me, and I know a lot of people think that.

“I wanted to show it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, have preexisting conditions or not. It can affect you.”

Mike is on the road to recovery now and received a lot of financial and moral support through a GoFundMe campaign, which also highlighted the awful financial burden some people may find themselves under due to COVID-19.

It’s an extreme way to get young people to understand the horrible reality of COVID-19 but here’s hoping that Mike’s story will get through to those who still aren’t taking things seriously or are buying into all the misinformation out there.

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Aussie COVID-19 Protesters Are Smashing TVs, And It's No Laughing Matter

Do better, Australia.

We’ve been taking the absolute piss out of people when it comes to coronavirus stupidity, like those dumb gym protesters in Florida. So something like that happens in Australia, it becomes less funny and more serious as it hits way closer to home, literally. Case in point: A bunch of misinformed Aussie COVID-19 protesters rallied against lockdown rules and the media by smashing their TVs before gathering by the dozens in Melbourne to sprout ridiculous 5G and vaccine conspiracy theories.

Speaking of COVID-19 conspiracy theories, the GOAT team debunk the coronavirus nonsense going around on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Okay, so how did this wave of coronavirus stupidity start in Australia? Well according to The Guardian, it all began when some former reality TV star – no, not Pete Evans, it’s actually some bloke named Fanos Panayides – started a Facebook group called “99% unite Main Group ‘it’s us or them'”, which has grown to nearly 40,000 members in a short amount of time.

Like most dubious protester pages, this one by Fanos didn’t really have any unifying message other than loudly screaming how everyone isn’t being told the “whole story” on a bunch of things ranging from wild COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories, the alleged microchipping of people, and ridiculous 5G conspiracies.

As for the smashing TVs part, well Fanos told these idiots to do it as a form of protest against the media for “telling us what to think.” Seriously.

We’ve covered how ridiculous these COVID-19 conspiracy theories relating to 5G and vaccines are on GOAT so we won’t do it again. All you need to know is that these theories are bullcrap, 5G won’t hurt anyone, and vaccines are good.

But smashing TVs was just the start as Fanos then rallied up these dumb Aussie COVID-19 protesters for a protest in Melbourne on May 10, which resulted the arrest of 10 people (including Fanos) for breaching social distancing rules. Yes, the irony is off the scale here.

So what exactly are our leaders doing to quell these stupid Aussie COVID-19 protesters?

Chief health officer Brendan Murphy went straight for the jugular in calling out people spruiking these ridiculous 5G COVID-19 theories, calling it “silly misinformation,” “complete nonsense” and reiterating that “5G has got nothing at all to do with coronavirus.”

As for Scott Morrison, well he “both sides-ed” it frustrating fashion.

“It’s a free country, people will make their protest and make their voices heard. But equally, that needs to be done in an appropriate way and it needs to respect the law enforcement authorities who are just simply trying to do their job. So we understand it’s a difficult time and those issues will be dealt with in the normal way.”

Ladies and gentlemen, our PM.

Unlike the protests in America, the COVID-19 demonstrations in Australia have thankfully been laughably small so there’s ultimately nothing to really worry about.

Here’s hoping they’ll eventually go away if we ignore them long enough or they get tired of smashing their TVs in the name of COVID-19 freedom or whatever they’re whinging about this week.

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Please Enjoy These COVID-19 Gym Protesters Getting Their Arses Handed To Them

They really didn't think this one through at all.

We’ve had some seriously ridiculous things happen during this coronavirus pandemic, but we may have hit peak COVID-19 stupidity courtesy of the dumbest ever demonstration put on by a group of short-sighted gym protesters.

Speaking of coronavirus stupidty, the GOAT team talk about how people are falling for COVID-19 hoaxes and misinformation on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

30 or so protesters in Florida weren’t too happy that their gym was closed due to COVID-19 and decided to put on a demonstration (which was live-streamed) expressing their displeasure at being unable to workout while the coronavirus pandamic is wrecking havoc across their country.

This level of COVID-19 stupidity is pretty par for the course in America and this dumb little gym protest wouldn’t have gotten much attention had they not shown just how little thought they put into this whole anti-coronavirus lockdown demonstration.

You see, when a news helicopter flew past this little COVID-19 lockdown protest, the gym protesters thought it would be a great idea to start doing push-ups and squats to really hammer home their complaints.

That’s right, these COVID-19 protesters are protesting over their closed gym by *checks notes* working out and proving to the world that they actually don’t need the gym to be open during the coronavirus pandemic in order to exercise.

Jesus Christ.

With that kind of COVID-19 logic being thrown around by protesters, it’s no wonder why Florida is one of the U.S. states where the coronavirus pandemic has hit the hardest.

To the absolute surprise of no one, the internet came down hard on this group of protesters and gave them a roasting that would have turkeys wincing in sympathy.

Unsurprisingly, the organiser of this gym protest later admitted to Buzzfeed News that working out for the camera was not a good idea and sheepishly concedes that all those comments about not needing a gym to exercise are valid.

However, he tries to dig himself out of his hole by claiming that the point of this protest was to highlight the struggle of local businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown and not the first world problem of being unable to take gym selfies in front of those big mirrors after a set of bicep curls.

With an incompetent Cheeto-in-Chief as a leader, politicians who are more concerned with earning a buck than saving lives, and clueless protesters putting on stupid COVID-19 demonstrations that defeat their very point, it’s no wonder why America has royally dropped the ball during this coronavirus pandemic.

Well done, America. You’ve become the prime example of what not to do during a pandemic.

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