Of Course Isabel Lucas And Pete Evans Are Preaching About COVID Vaccines

And those baseless 5G conspiracy theories...

While the Internet has helped us connect and share important information during the global pandemic, it has also given a platform to people who insist on sharing harmful misinformation – like former Home and Away actress, Isabel Lucas and celebrity chef, Pete Evans. 

Earlier this week, Evans claimed that a $15,000 lamp could help stop coronavirus. It wasn’t long before the Australian Medical Association slammed Evans’ claims as complete bullsh*t, but despite the backlash, there were some who ran to the controversial chef’s defense.

Isabel Lucas responded to Evans’ video, “Freedom of choice is every human’s right. I don’t trust the path of vaccination.”


It’s not the first time Lucas has copped criticism for her bold statements. The actress’s Instagram has a whole highlight dedicated to the conspiracy theory that 5G is to blame for COVID-19. 

Speaking of crazy COVID claims, hear about all the misguided cures and causes below:

In a series of stories, Lucas wrote, “If we know that electro microwave radiation is an immune suppressant…Do you also feel it would be wiser to at least put a pause on the installation of the prolific amount of 5G towers that are being installed whilst we are in lockdown?”


In a later post, Lucas shared a screenshot of a YouTube link Pete Evans posted to Facebook about 5G posing potential health risks. She added a quote from US Senator Richard Blumenthal, which read, “So there really is no research ongoing. We’re kind of flying blind here, as far as health and safety is concerned.”


Lucas is only adding to a growing number of anti-vaccination groups who – according to ABC – are spreading “incorrect and often contradictory theories about 5G and vitamin cures to capture attention and advance their own narrative.”

Speaking to ABC, Harvard University’s Dr Joan Donovan said the danger of these theories is that “people who believe them may not take proper steps to protect themselves,” from COVID-19.

Dr Donovan said, “it can be attractive…to blame an outside force such as super-fast Internet technology for the body’s innate susceptibility to new viruses.” She also made the point that if you were to buy the 5G argument it means “eventually that a vaccine wouldn’t matter because 5G is the explanation.”

Sounds like Isabel Lucas and Pete Evans need to understand the responsibility that comes with having a privileged platform and a captive audience who will take your ideas as gospel, whether they’re backed by evidence, or not. 

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2020 Is A Write-Off, Life Won't Return To Normal Until 2021 Now

Fast-forward me to January 2021.

We’re barely halfway through April and 2020 is already one big dumpster fire. Australia spent the first few months of the year battling devastating bushfires, and moments later we were thrown into the grips of a global pandemic, resulting in a growing number of fatalities.

As we try our hardest to follow government restrictions and social distancing rules in an attempt to flatten the curve, speculations around when life will return to ‘normal’ remain the talking point of everyone’s virtual catch-ups.

Over the weekend, Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham appeared on ABC News Breakfast where he suggested that international borders would be closed for some time yet – and may remain so well into 2021. 

As far as end-of-year travel plans go, Birmingham said “December is a long time away and it’s very hard to make predictions about what will happen then, but we could be in this circumstance for quite some period of time.”

A recent report from the New York Times sung a similar tune when it comes to mass gatherings in the States. Zeke Emmanuel, a bioethicist and director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute said that “larger gatherings” including conferences, concerts and sporting events won’t return until 2021 “at the earliest.” 

It’s worth noting that as of April 13th, there are 6,359 known cases in Australia while there are over 524,000 in the United States – so, we are at very different stages of the pandemic.

Hear about all the crazy things that definitely will not cure COVID-19 below:

The Guardian reports that Australia has not yet reached the COVID-19 “peak” and currently, the risk of relaxing on current rules and restrictions is simply too high. The report also suggests that asking ‘when’ life will return to normal isn’t as helpful as asking ‘what?’

“What needs to be in place, what needs to have been achieved, before restrictions can be lifted?” Ben Doherty writes.

Dr Raine MacIntyre, a professor of global biosecurity at UNSW’s Kirby Institute has argued that a “short, sharp lockdown…followed by a phased listing of restrictions,” is what’s needed in Australia, according to The Guardian.

One thing is for certain, as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said, “it is not going to be over in weeks, it is going to be months and months.” We’re in it for the long haul, but if following the rules and restrictions for months is what helps us finally flatten the curve and find normality come 2021, it’s what we need to work together to do.

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This One Cheap DIY Hack Will Blow Your Mind And WFH Life

Game changer.

Sadly, not everyone has the luxury of isolating in a 10-bed, 6-bath, $10M mansion like the Kardashians. In fact, there are plenty of us who have been forced to quarantine inside shoebox apartments and share houses. With so much time spent indoors, how do we DIY and hack our surroundings to make working from home as comfortable possible, without having to stage a mini series of The Block?

To answer that question, we spoke to Jessica Holsman, the best-selling author behind YouTube channel Study With Jess, on the most recent episode of It’s Been A Big Day For… LISTEN BELOW:

Not only has Jess appeared on recent eps of Bunnings’ new IG live stream DIY Live, but she’s a bit of an expert when it comes to giving your interiors a bit of love, without a helping hand.

When it comes to making the most of small spaces, Jess spoke about the importance of ‘dead space,’ which is, for example, “the space between clothing hanging off a pole, then there’s nothing in between.”

“In all your cupboards, in the kitchen as well, there’s a lot of that ‘dead space,'” she explained. “There are ways we can utilise that space…there are drawer organisers and storage solutions that I picked up at Bunnings.”

As for working from home, Jess emphasised the importance of good lighting – and that doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive new lamps and light fittings. According to Jess, it’s all in the bulbs.

“My environment plays a big role in my motivation and my sense of calm,” Jess explains. “You need good lighting. We bought boxes of cold, white light globes and changed all the globes in the apartment – it was literally night day.”

“Even just having a good desk lamp available is so important.”

Who would’ve thought something as simple as changing your light bulbs could shake up your makeshift office so much?

According to research conducted by Bunnings, 65% of Australians have at least one unfinished DIY job to do. While that might seem daunting, research has also found that 1 in 5 Australians will undertake a DIY project at home this Easter long weekend, with general gardening, decluttering, painting and landscaping topping the list of activities planned.

Before you start planning a mass renovation in your head, beware of biting off more than you can chew. “Start small – start with a little project and see how you go with your confidence,” Jess says. “Don’t expect perfection.”

With so much time on our hands and all of it spent inside, there’s every reason to turn lemons into lemonade and flex some DIY skills to make your working and living environment as comfortable as it can be.

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