How We Can All Support Teachers, Even If You Don’t Have Kids

Schools across the country are staying open.

As Australia and most other parts of the world start locking down to try and flatten the coronavirus curve, there is one glaringly obvious omission from the shutdown. Schools are officially remaining open for the time being, meaning that teachers need support now more than ever.

It’s worth pointing out though, that despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison insisting that schools remain open, States have taken matters into their own hands. New South Wales schools are open for people who don’t have any other option, but parents are urged to keep their kids home. Victorian school holidays are being brought forward. Tasmanian schools are open but parents are being told that they can keep their kids home from Wednesday. Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory are in a similar boat.

The reason given for schools staying open is that kids are less affected by the virus, and cancelling school will just mean more kids out in public. But teachers are reporting feeling “expendable” and like “a glorified babysitter” whose “health and wellbeing is no longer important.”

It’s a tough time right now, but there are a few things you can do to support the teachers in your life.

Michelle Obama has suggested things like signing up to volunteer at your local school, or just something as simple as calling up a teacher and asking what you can do to help. 

Even if you can’t offer anything to help, just call your teacher mate and let them rant to you for a bit. We all know how much a good rant can help, so if you’ve got the time to listen, then emotional support is always appreciated.

Let’s be real, they’ve probably spent the last few weeks being yelled at by parents, so just having someone to tell them that they’re doing well would mean a lot.

When we come out the other side of this mess – and we will – it would also be good to remember the responsibility put on Australia’s teachers. They kept showing up to work during the pandemic and making sure that our kids were taken care of, despite the fact that doing so has been putting them and their families at risk. 

For now, anything helps. Call up a teacher, ask how they’re doing, and most of all be kind to one another.

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Who Is Criticizing Lizzo For Wearing A Mask In A Pandemic?

Sips juice.

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re getting what feels like roughly a million messages a day about what we should be doing and how we should be keeping safe. We have celebs like Evangeline Lilly saying that she values her freedom too much to take preventative measures, and other celebs like Lizzo have been criticized for wearing face masks during the outbreak.

Lizzo was spotted wearing a medical mask despite the fact that (as far as we know) she doesn’t have coronavirus. Because medical supplies like face masks are running low at the moment due to a combination of increased need and people hoarding supplies, people were quick to jump at her for using equipment that they thought could have been better used elsewhere. 

In a now deleted Insta post, Lizzo wrote:

“Got strep throat at the worst time ever. It’s nobody’s business but I’d prefer y’all not criticize me for wearing a face mask and doing what I was supposed to do to protect the people in my home.” 

“Please check yourself before you become an internet bully because you’re bored. Get your facts straight. The world needs less trolls and more compassion.”

We don’t know everything about COVID-19 yet, but we do know that it’s incredibly contagious and that some of the contagious people don’t have any symptoms. A lot of contagious people don’t even realise they have it. 

We don’t know Lizzo’s situation, whether or not she’s been in contact with a person who tested positive, or how she’s feeling right now. She said she had strep throat – can you imagine waking up with a really sore throat right now? You’d probably make one assumption and one assumption only. 

At the end of the day we’re all trying to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Of all the things in the world to be mad a t a celebrity about right now, wearing a mask is not one of them.

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How To Cope When Isolation Brings Out Your Worst Habits

Anyone else drinking way more than usual?

Let’s be real here, long periods of isolation aren’t exactly fun. Working in your pyjamas is a great novelty on day one, but after a couple of days it can really start to get to your head. Isolation can really bring out out your worst habits, so here’s how to avoid letting them get the best of you.

A really common quarantine problem is drinking more than you normally would. The GOAT Team has been working from home this week, and I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve been replacing my cup of tea with a glass of wine by 4pm. Or 3:30pm. Or 3pm. We’re all stressed and living in uncertain times with a lot of spare hours in the day, drinking makes sense.

When it comes to drinking less, there are two options you have to choose from really. One if that you can be incredibly strict with yourself and limit yourself to one or two glasses a day. If you’re like me though and find that any resolve is immediately gone after one glass, then it’s probably best to make sure you don’t have any in the house. Put your wine stockpile in another room and try not to touch it. You can’t drink what isn’t there.

This is the same way to deal with eating every single chocolate in the house as well.

Other habits are harder to break. Things like skin picking, hair pulling, nail biting, and teeth grinding an all spike when you’re stuck at home. Trust me, my arms and face are covered in red dots at the moment because I find myself absent mindedly picking away.

In cases like these we all just have to battle on by being conscious of the fact that we’re doing these things more often. I know how hard it is to just stop something like skin picking (damn near impossible, really) but by being aware and telling ourselves not to pick, or bite, or grind we an hopefully cut down on at least some of the damage. If you’ve got gloves that you use, bad tasting nail polish, or any other tools to help you kick it in regular life, be prepared to use those twice as much.

Things like learning a new skill or doing some home workouts can give our brains something else to focus on, and if we can minimise our bad habits getting to us during isolation, then that’s a win in my books. Stay safe out (in?) there.

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