Be Careful, There's A Ridiculous Coronavirus 5G Conspiracy Going Around

Great, a bonkers health panic with no basis in scientific fact within an actual health panic.

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has resulted some truly weird happenings, such as a Ugandan MP dropping an unexpected banger and celebs doing all the wrong things to in an attempt to support people. But for all the funny, cringey things that the coronavirus has thrown up, there have also been some truly baseless and harmful things, like this ridiculous 5G conspiracy theory that’s going around.

Speaking of coronavirus, the GOAT team talk about the importance of maintaining connections during isolation on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

The paranoia over 5G as it slowly rolls out across the world isn’t new and there have been a select group of worryingly mis-informed people (trolls, right-wingers, New Agers, QAnon idiots, the usual group of suspects basically) who insist this telecommunications technology will give people cancer or be harmful somehow, even though it 100 percent isn’t.

Now these same folks are pushing the conspiracy theory that 5G is actually what’s causing the coronavirus to spread around the world. Given how 5G is seen as the source of what ails us by all those conspiracy nuts, it was perhaps inevitable that they would start blaming it for the coronavirus.

Let’s nip this in the bud right away: the conspiracy theory about 5G spreading coronavirus has no basis in scientific fact and is nothing but a baseless hoax. The disease is spread by close human contact, not radio waves.

Unfortunately, no amount of common sense or science will be able to convince the aforementioned group of mis-informed people to stop spreading a hoax like this ridiculous 5G conspiracy, especially when they have high-profile names like Woody Harrelson being a mouthpiece for them.

With coronavirus misinformation and conspiracy theories circulating around ever since January when the outbreak of the disease was first reported, the last thing we need is a baseless 5G health panic during an actual health panic.

So let us reiterate once again: 5G won’t harm you in anyway, it certainly isn’t the thing causing coronavirus to spread, and all those negative things you hear about it are just hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

What people should be focusing on right now is learning about the coronavirus, self- isolating at home, practicing social distancing, and regularly washing their hands. What we definitely don’t need right now is some baseless 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory.

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There Are Small But Key Differences Between Coronavirus, A Cold, And The Flu

Same, same, but very different.

With the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe, people have been asking a lot of very important questions about the disease, as well as some ridiculous ones. But perhaps the biggest thing people want to know is the difference in symptoms between coronavirus, a common cold and the flu, as well as how vaccines factor into it given how GPs are urging us to get flu vaccinations earlier than usual.

Since this is a very important thing for people to know, we’re going to try and explain the symptoms of coronavirus, a common cold, and the flu for everyone.

Since we’re all in iso due to the coronavirus, the GOAT team talk about the importance of staying connected during these tough times on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

The biggest source of confusion when it comes to coronavirus, common cold and flu symptoms is the sheer amount of overlap. Based on what we know about the common cold and flu, and our growing knowledge of the coronavirus, all three diseases can bring on a similar set of symptoms that includes fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, headaches, and/or a runny/stuffy nose.

So yeah, easy to see how people can get confused.

But there are a number of subtle differences in symptoms between the three. The most notable one is shortness of breath, which is a common symptom for coronavirus while being virtually non-existent in the common cold and flu. The same goes for sneezing, which is a thing for common colds but definitely not a thing for coronavirus and the flu.

One notable coronavirus symptom that’s been reported has been the loss of smell and taste, though this can also surface when you have a very bad cold and/or allergies.

The speed of how coronavirus spreads and the severity of the symptoms also differs compared to a common cold and flu. While the incubation period for coronavirus is about 14 days, the common cold and flu has a far shorter time frame, meaning it spreads much faster.

However, the severity of coronavirus symptoms is higher than that of the common cold and flu, and the number of reported serious and critical coronavirus cases exceed what we typically see from flu cases.

As for vaccines, definitely still get flu shots to protect yourself. However, don’t expect the flu vaccine to do anything for the coronavirus as they’re two different types of viruses. Having said that, scientists are working hard on a coronavirus vaccine and hopefully it’ll arrive sooner rather than later.

So what’s the best way to figure out whether you’ve got coronavirus, the common cold, or the flu? The only solid answer now is to get tested, but due to a shortage of testing kits, you can only get a test if you meet certain criteria.

In the meantime, stay updated on what’s going on with the coronavirus, stay isolated at home so we can continue to flatten the curve, follow responsible social distancing if you have to leave the house for something, and always remember to wash your hands frequently.

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Emma Watson Embraces Kink Culture And Stands By Her 'Self-Partnered' Line

"I've also kind of become slightly fascinated by kink culture."

The last few years has seen Emma Watson become quite outspoken on a number of feminism-related topics, such as marriage, gender roles, and boyfriends and relationship labels (which gave birth to her widely-covered “self-partnered” comment).

It’s actually great to see someone like Emma Watson talk about those issues so openly, which is why her chat with author Valerie Hudson about those very topics – on top of some new ones, like her interest in kink culture – is so damn good.

Speaking of being self-partnered like Emma Watson, the GOAT team talk about how to handle being in iso RN on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

The pair had initially gotten chatting about Valerie’s book, Sex And World Peace, and soon their convo covered a fascinating plethoria of topics. While there’s simply too much to cover here (head over to Teen Vogue for the whole convo, it’s brilliant), there were two very interesting things that were brought up: the fallout over Emma Watson’s “self-partnered” comment and her new-found love of kink culture.

Talking about the infamous Vogue interview where she talked about the anxiety of getting a boyfriend, being married and having kids as she turned 30, which led to her “self-partnered” line, Emma says it came about because she “needed to create a definition for something [she] didn’t feel there was a language for.”

As for the fallout from coining the “self-partnered” term, Emma says it “really riled some people up” but stands by it as it was “less for [her] about the word but more about what it meant — just this idea that we need to reclaim language and space in order to express ourselves, because sometimes it’s really not there.”

The other interesting topic that was brought up in this Emma Watson/Valerie Hudson chat was communication and consent in relationships. Noting how the healthiest relationships she’s seen have been between same-sex couples, Emma says she’s “become slightly fascinated by kink culture” as a result.

Now this isn’t because Emma’s into bondage and gags (which is what most people incorrectly associate kink culture with) but more because she loves how the culture has some of the “best communicators ever” and people “know all about consent.”

“They [smash] that stuff because they really have to get it — but we could all use those models; they’re actually really helpful [relationship] models.”

There’s a lot more happening in this Emma Watson/Valerie Hudson chat than just marriage, boyfriends, kink culture and being self-partnered, so check out the entire thing over here.

If there was anything missing from this awesome chat between Emma Watson and Valerie Hudson, it’s the lack of focus on Little Women (which was brilliant).

I want an Emma Watson deep dive into who left their hydro flask in the background of one of Little Women‘s scenes damn it.

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