Australia Makes COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough, But Don't Get Too Excited Yet

Patience is a virtue.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still hanging around, Australia tripping over itself with a flawed COVID-19 tracing app, world leaders sprouting misinformation, and celebs going around touting their anti-vaccine views, we could all do with some positive coronavirus updates and developments..

Well it seems like the universe has finally decided to throw us a bone because the University of Queensland has managed to make a big breakthrough in their development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Speaking of COVID-19 vaccines, the GOAT team debunk a heap of dumb coronavirus conspiracies on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to SBS News, the University of Queensland has been developing a potential COVID-19 vaccine and early tests has shown promising results in fighting the coronavirus.

Results have demonstrated the in-development COVID-19 vaccine is capable of raising high levels of antibodies that can neutralise the coronavirus. The project’s co-leader, Professor Paul Young, said the test results were a great indication that the vaccine is working as intended.

“This is what we were hoping for, and it’s a great relief for the team given the tremendous faith placed in our technology by CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation), federal and Queensland governments and our philanthropic partners.

“We were particularly pleased that the strength of the antibody response was even better than those observed in samples from COVID-19 recovered patients.”

At a time when beloved celebrities are failing us and events that bring us joy are getting cancelled, it’s a welcome relief to know that Australia is making positive steps in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Having said that, we shouldn’t be too excited just yet. Yes Australia (and the world by extension) taken a big step in fighting against COVID-19 but we’ve still got a long way to go before a vaccine is ready. The reason is simply because vaccines take a lot of time and resources to properly develop.

Researchers need time to learn everything about the disease before even making a vaccine. Then there’s several phases of testing potential vaccines in order to ensure they’re effective and safe for humans. These heavily-tested vaccines then need to be reviewed and approved by government regulatory bodies to ensure they’re safe. All in all, it can easily take many years for a vaccine of any sort to arrive.

If development of a vaccine is rushed, that could put more healthy people at risk and it may not even work as intended. The estimated 18-month window for a COVID-19 vaccine may seem long, but compared to the usual time frame to develop a vaccine it’s lightning fast.

The hypothetical COVID-19 vaccine will come eventually, whether it’s from an Australian university or elsewhere, and we’ll be able to put this whole coronavirus saga behind us. We just have to be patient and let all the hard-working scientists everywhere do their thing at their own pace.

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Pete Evans' Spruiking Of COVID-19 Psuedoscience Has Finally Come Back To Bite Him Where It Hurts

About damn time.

After hearing the likes of Pete Evans going around shamelessly spruiking his COVID-19 pseudoscience and fake cures involving biochargers, one has to wonder how he’s been getting away with doing such a dangerous thing without any consequences. Well it seems like the universe has had enough of Pete Evans’ rubbish and decided to slap him in the face with some long-overdue karma and a big fine.

Speaking of COVID-19 pseudoscience, the GOAT team talk about some of the ridiculous claims and conspiracies going around on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Pete Evans previously made headlines for a Facebook livestream in which he claimed his $14,990 Biocharger machine thingy was some miracle panacea that could prevent or even cure COVID-19.

Just in case people need to be told, Pete Evans’ ridiculous Biocharger is pure nonsense that’s more likely to birth a unicorn than cure COVID-19 and is nothing more than another example of that dangerous pseudoscience going around.

Unsurprisingly, the Therapeutic Goods Administration looked into Pete Evans’ fake COVID-19 remedy device and decided to slap him with a big $25,200 fine after discovering that his Biocharger thingy was *checks notes* complete bullsh*t.

According to the TGA’s statement, Pete Evans was served two infringement notices for alleged breaches of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, one for his shameless promotion of the Biocharger during his Facebook livestream and one for advertising breaches on his website claiming his machine did things like “proven to restore strength, stamina, co-ordination and mental clarity,”

“Mr Evans allegedly live streamed on his Facebook page, which has more than 1.4 million followers, claims that the device could be used in relation to “Wuhan Coronavirus” – a claim which has no apparent foundation, and which the TGA takes extremely seriously.”

Ouch. Maybe Pete can use his Biocharger to nurse that major burn he just copped. He does claim his miracle machine helps in the “recovery from an injury.”

At a time when you got prominent figures and world leaders sprouting COVID-19 nonsense, like injecting people with disinfectant, seeing someone like Pete Evans get a big dose of justice in the form of fine and a smack from the karma hammer is nice reminder that common sense still exists.

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The Dodgy DIY Sex Toys Coming Out Of COVID-19 Are Worrying

Not everything is a good lube. Just sayin'.

The COVID-19 lockdown has caused dating to become virtually non-existent, resulting in a horny panic and the creation of a new genre of porn. This probably isn’t too surprising given how bored everyone is these days. What’s surprising is how far some people will go to get off because the COVID-19 lockdown has created a spike in sex toys, especially homemade ones.

Speaking of COVID-19 and sex toys, the GOAT team talk about Pornhub’s contribution to relief efforts on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

While sales of sex toys have surged since the COVID-19 lockdown came into effect, horny cash-strapped folk have resorted to homemade solutions. According to OnBuy (as per Dazed), Google searches for DIY sex toys and lube have skyrocketed in the UK with over 23,000 searches in March alone.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with getting off while in COVID-19 isolation, but there are some worrying things coming out of this homemade approach.

It is reported that people have been Googling potential pleasure-giving things like phones with the vibration function cranked up, electric toothbrushes, washing machines, hairbrushes, and of course, cucumbers. Vibrating phones and cucumbers are understandable, but the electric toothbrushes and hairbrushes are a bit… questionable.

Got a question about sex toys (of the non-DIY kind)? The GOAT team has you covered with our ‘Thinking Between The Thighs’ podcast below:

Experts are issuing out warnings for the more adventurous folk who are wondering what would make a good toy and/or lube – i.e those wondering whether things like toothpaste are acceptable alternative fapping tools.

Gynecologist Dr Shree Datta told the Mirror that she’s wouldn’t recommend using homemade sex toys due to “the risk of infection and complications such as retained parts in the vagina.”

As for her thoughts on lube, well she previously warned against using toothpaste because it contains “bleaching agents, peppermint, or scented oils,” and all of these don’t go well inside human orifices because it can be “irritating and abrasive.” You’re probably thinking that this is common sense but you just know there’s someone out there who Googled this.

Speaking of lube (not the toothpaste kind), ‘Thinking Between The Thighs’ has an entire podcast episode dedicated to that very topic:

While Dr Datta isn’t a fan of using homemade sex toys during COVID-19 lockdown, Dr Lauren Streicher, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology, is a bit more… open-minded shall we say.

Chatting to The New York Post, Dr Streicher says fapping with “things around the house” has been around “since the beginning of time” and it’s perfectly fine as long as you’re sensible.

That means making sure your makeshift dildo/vibrator doesn’t have any sharp edges and using a condom – not because of STDs or pregnancy scares but because you don’t want to go “fishing” if something like a piece of fruit breaks off because it “might be acidic.” Her words.

For those who have questions about sexual fantasies while in isolation, ‘Thinking Between The Thighs’ has you covered:

So in short, COVID-19 isolation is the perfect time to fap away but please be safe and use some common sense if you’re going down the DIY, homemade sex toy approach.

Toothpaste is good for cleaning teeth and not as a lube, and don’t forget to wash your hands before and afterwards.

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