Women Reveal The Characters Who Inspire Them To Be More Confident And We Are Obsessed

Got any others to add?

Every now and then we all need a little confidence boost or at least some inspiration to act more confident.

One Reddit user took to the website to ask women who in pop culture has inspired them to be more confident women, and the answers are amazing – some are even a little unexpected.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have thought of Luna Lovegood off the top of my head, but I totally love this.

Jamie Lee Curtis is bloody awesome and she really does rock that pixie cut.

You can’t not be more confident after listening to a Pink song.

Hell. Yes.

This one is one of my favourites, that quote is amazing.

Love this.

I think we could all use Rihanna’s confidence every now and then.


Tina’s an inspiration to us all.

What a badass.

Madonna’s middle name may as well be Confident.

Hell yeah, Ariana is totally inspiring!

I absolutely love the way Jameela Jamil speaks her mind.

There are so many other characters and actors who should be on this list, some who I think deserve a mention include Katniss Everdeen – may the odds be ever in her favour.

Credit: Lionsgate

Hermione Granger, because honestly where would Harry and Ron be without her?

I cannot explain how confident I felt after seeing the Wonder Woman movie for the first time.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Princess Shuri from Black Panther helped create so much of the technology in Wakanda, and she’s pretty damn good in a fight too.

Black Widow isn’t a typical superhero in that she doesn’t have any powers, instead, she’s a badass spy who fights aliens and whoever else with her skills in martial arts and guns.

Credit: Marvel

Who else would you add to this list?


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