If Antoni From Queer Eye Really Is Single Now, Can They Make Him The First Gay Bachelor Please?

Obviously we hope the reports that he's single aren't true, but if they are, we have an idea.

Us Weekly is reporting that Queer Eye’s resident food expert Antoni Porowski has broken up with his partner of seven years, Joey Krietemeyer.

A source told the magazine:

“Antoni and Joey broke up two months ago. It was very amicable. They’re still friends. It was a clean split.”

“Antoni’s just happy in his life. He deserves all the happiness in the world. People don’t realize what a sweet, empathetic person he is. So I just love that he’s happy.”

I hope Karamo’s right and that he is happy, because I want only good things for my Queer Eye boys.

And once he’s ready to move on, we reckon he’d make a fantastic Bachelor.

Think about it. He’s gorgeous, he’s charming, he can cook (ignore the haters, Antoni, I know you can cook), he’s got great taste (he deals antique furniture!) and he looks fantastic in a tux.


Plus, he already has experience with reality television, and would be infinitely more interesting to watch than most other human beings. And the other Queer Eye guys could guest star, coming in when the suitor’s friends and family do to give (or withhold) their approval!

It’s 2018. It’s about time there was a gay season of The Bachelor. Courtney Act is hosting The Bi Life in the UK, Finding Prince Charming debuted in 2016 (to terrible reviews, mind), it’s time that the OG romantic reality show introduced a gay Bachelor (or Bachelorette!), and Antoni would be the perfect fit.

Think about it. You know it makes sense.

Two Of The Original Queer Eye Guys Are Getting A New Show And We're Keen As Hell

The runaway success of the Queer Eye reboot is even benefitting the original Fab 5!

Fans of the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, if you’ve been feeling a little lost amidst all the hype for Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, don’t worry: Carson and Thom are here to make it all better.

According to PeopleCarson Kressley and Thom Filicia (the Tan and Bobby of the original Queer Eye) will be getting their own show on Bravo. The show’s called Get A Room With Carson & Thom, and will involve the pair performing home makeovers.

Interior design is Thom’s speciality, but it definitely isn’t Carson’s, so this should be interesting. He does have a fantastic eye for fashion, though, and what is interior design if not fashion for your house?

The show premieres in October in the US. Since Arena airs the majority of Bravo shows in Australia, I’m guessing that’s where you’ll be able to find Get A Room once it’s out.

Let’s Start A Rumour That Oprah Will Be The "Biggest Of The Big, Earth-Shattering" Celeb Cameo On The Next Season Of Queer Eye

The guys teased that the next season will include an earth-shattering cameo, so we don't know that it's definitely Oprah, but we also don't know that it isn't.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Fab 5 teased that season three of Queer Eye could include a very exciting cameo from a beloved celebrity.

Jonathan Van Ness, light of my life, told the interviewer in response to her question “Any chance we’ll see a celebrity on season 3?” that “I will say this much…The biggest of the big of the big of the big, of the most major earth-moving, earth-shattering cameos could maybe happen.”

The interviewer’s first guess was Obama, and while that would be huge, what’s he going to do, teach people how to give speeches or run a country? Pfft. We’re thinking bigger: we’re thinking Oprah.

Oprah has years of experience changing people’s lives, and she knows all about powerful and emotional television. More importantly, she has a history with one of the Fab 5 – Karamo used to work as a host and segment producer for the OWN Show on Oprah’s TV network.

And who else would justify that level of gushing from JVN? Although JVN is so excitable he gushes over everyone he meets, famous or otherwise, but still. Earth-shattering suggests a big name, and given the show’s universal popularity, a cameo from Oprah just makes sense. You KNOW it does.

The more we think about it, the more likely it seems. What a shame that we’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out if our prediction comes true.

Until then, we have our Queer Eye/Oprah fanfiction to keep us company – and our dreams that JVN’s Harold Holt true-crime series is also in our future.


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