The Trump White House Is Flogging COVID-19 Merch As US Deaths Top 60,000

“Together we FOUGHT the UNSEEN Enemy."

It’s not only dodgy social media influencers and black market toilet paper merchants who are capitalising on COVID-19. The White House has also jumped on the bandwagon by trying to make a buck off these seriously twisted COVID-19 commemorative merch.

Speaking of dodgy COVID-19 messages, hear about coronavirus anti-vaxxers below:

TMZ reports that the coins, which are legitimately available for purchase from The White House Gift Shop, feature the names of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

One side of the coin features a graphic of the novel coronavirus, and the other shows an empty presidential podium. The most concerning part of this coronavirus merch has to be the messaging printed onto the coins.  

On one side, it reads, “WORLD VS VIRUS,” and “Together we FOUGHT the UNSEEN Enemy…Everyday HEROES Suited Up…Everyday CITIZENS Did Their Part.”

Does the White House know the pandemic isn’t over, yet? 

Today, it was reported that the US now has over one million confirmed cases of COVID-19, and sadly, over 60,000 people have tragically lost their lives to the virus. 

According to TMZ, the White House Gift Shop is already taking pre-orders for the coin which has been discounted from $125 to $100 USD. The store is also claiming that proceeds from sales of the coins will “be donated to hospitals.”

The privately run gift store is reportedly only “loosely related” to the actual White House, but surely the President of the United States is across any kind of merchandise associated with him.

Speaking of Donald Trump, hear about his horrifying eating habits below:

It’s not the only wacky merchandise being sold in conjunction with Trump’s ‘achievements.’ TMZ states that the gift shop also sells coins commemorating the President’s meetings with Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladmir Putin.

The whole thing is incredibly tone deaf to the fact that more and more American people are contracting COVID-19 and dying from it. 

As the old saying goes, don’t count chickens – or cheesy commemorative coins – until they hatch.

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You’re Right, There Are Many Security Questions About The COVIDSafe App

Over one million Aussies have downloaded it already.

Barely a day has passed since the Australian Government released its COVIDSafe App and according to the ABC, more than 1.13 million Australians have already downloaded it.

The COVIDSafe app has been designed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by finding close contacts of confirmed cases. The Department of Health states that the app will help “state and territory health officials to quickly contact people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.”

If someone tests positive and agrees to having their phone information uploaded, state and territory health officials can access that information and help alert those who may need to quarantine and get tested. 

The COVIDSafe App will speed up the process of finding and contacting people who are at risk of contracting COVID-19, but it also comes with many security concerns.

Credit: App Store

The Guardian reports that the app will store “21 days of data of people you have come into contact with.” The data will be held on your phone during that period of time and only uploaded to a government server “in the event you test positive for coronavirus, and then consent for your log to be uploaded to the server.”

While the Australian Government is trying to flatten the curve, there are plenty who are against a vaccine altogether. LISTEN BELOW:

Pauline Wright, the President of the Law Council of Australia, has stated that the COVIDSafe App would need to follow a “series of core principles” to maintain privacy. Among those principles, Wright mentioned adoption of a voluntary ‘opt-in’ model, limits on the amount of personal info collected, prohibition on secondary use or disclosure of that info, and limited use of “de-identified” info for specified public health purposes. 

There are also concerns around the app’s performance on iPhones. According to Government Services Minister Stuart Robert, if your iPhone is in low-power mode, “it reduces the background app refresh” which may impact “contract-tracing capabilities.”

Early reviews also accuse the app of failing to recognise certain users’ mobile numbers:

It’s worth mentioning that downloading the app is completely optional, however the Government has stated that 40% of Australians – or at least 10 million people – need to download the app for it to be successful.

If the government can ensure that the core principles of security are maintained within the app, and it can run effectively on all devices, more Aussies will be inclined to download it and it may help us flatten the curve and ensure lockdowns are lifted sooner rather than later.

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You’re More Connected To Malcolm Turnbull’s Book Breach Than You Think

The tea is flowing.

Over the weekend, all hell broke loose when Malcolm Turnbull’s new book A Bigger Picture hit shelves – but not before it had been illegally circulated to “millions” of people, resulting in a “massive breach of intellectual property” which has now been referred to the Australian Federal Police.

Hear all the spicy details on It’s Been A Big Day For…below:

Turnbull’s publisher Hardie Grant sent a cease and desist to one of Turnbull’s top aides on Saturday after it became apparent that a digital copy of the former PM’s book had been sent around before it was officially released today. 

“What drew this to our attention was the distribution of the pirated edition from an address from within the PMO, sent to people who reported the illegal edition,” Hardie Grant chief executive Sandy Grant said in a statement.

“Piracy is a problem for bestselling books and our lawyers have taken immediate action to make it clear we intend to take action against the person seemingly distributing A Bigger Picture widely and illegally, as a well as any site sharing the file.”

Hardie Grant claimed the book had been illegally distributed to “millions” of people and a range of politicians admitted to receiving a copy, but many insisted they deleted it immediately. 

According to the ABC, the staffer has since apologised for circulating Turnbull’s book, but the whole thing highlights the broader issue of piracy laws and common breaches of intellectual property. 

Turnbull’s unreleased book may have been doing the rounds in parliament, but so are pirated films and TV shows on torrent websites, not to mention all the leaked music that seems to sneak its way onto social media. Let’s be honest – we all used LimeWire once or twice in the ‘00s before it gave our computers a virus. 

All the drama surrounding the release of A Bigger Picture was almost enough to overshadow the contents of the book itself, but it contained just as much piping hot tea. Since the release of his memoir there has been a call to ban Malcolm Turnbull from the Liberal party for life, after extracts from the book state the former PM did not believe the Morrison-led coalition deserved to win the 2019 election.


Excuse me while I go make a cup of tea and get stuck into some non-pirated reading. 

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