The Malaysian Government Reckons Women Should Wear Makeup In Lockdown

They should also speak like a blue cartoon cat.

There is so much advice coming from all directions during this COVID-19 pandemic, and most of it is good advice. Some of it is very, very bad advice that has gotten people killed, but for the most part governments are doing their best to get useful information out there. Not the Malaysian government though, they’re currently being rightfully dragged for sending out some advice for women in quarantine that includes gems like ‘don’t nag’ and ‘wear make up’.

The Ministry of Women and Family Development put out a series of posters that were aimed at women. The idea was that it would help them keep a happy household and avoid arguing with their husbands while everybody is stuck inside together.

One of the posters shows a man sitting on a couch, and tells women that they need to not be “sarcastic” if they need help with chores.

Other advice includes avoid nagging your husband and instead use humour to get him to do things. The suggested method of humour was to imitate the voice of Doraemon, a blue cartoon robot cat. That sounds something like this.

The posters also suggested that women dress up and wear makeup. Cause, you know, that will absolutely help.

You won’t exactly be shocked to find out that the reaction was… not great. They got dragged so hard in fact, that the Government has already put out an official apology.

“We apologise if some of the tips we shared were inappropriate and touched on the sensitivities of some parties,” the Malaysian government posted before immediately removing all the posters with advice for women.

There is a genuine need for a campaign about how to cope when we’re all cramped in together with no way out. Divorces and domestic violence cases are spiking as people quarantine together, and there’s no way in hell that speaking like a cartoon cat is going to fix that.

If you or someone you know is struggling with issues related to domestic violence, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or 1800 RESPECT for support services. 

Why The Government Is Begging You To Get A Flu Shot Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

Even if you don't usually get one.

The flu shot comes around every year, and usually it’s just another sign that we’re heading in to winter. Maybe you get it every year, maybe you don’t. This year isn’t like every other year though. The fact that we’re all indoors as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on means that the Government has bought 13.5 million doses of the flu vaccine and doctors are desperate for people to get them.

There is no vaccination for COVID-19 yet. Its coming, and scientists are working their tails off to get one ready, but it certainly isn’t ready yet. What we do have though, is the flu vaccine. It won’t stop you getting coronavirus or anything like that, but it will either stop you getting the flu or lessen your symptoms significantly so that you’re not taking up more medical resources in the middle of a pandemic. 

“Protecting yourself and your family from the flu with a vaccination now will help reduce the strain on health resources from COVID-19,” said president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Harry Nespolon.

“If people don’t get vaccinated and an increasing number of flu patients and COVID-19 patients require urgent healthcare, lives will be put at risk.”

You don’t want this to be you

Usually we’re advised to get the vaccination from mid-April so that the worst of the flu season is covered, but this year the sooner you can get it the better. The flu shot should be available from your local GP or medical centre.

If you’re worried about being fined or jailed for leaving the house, don’t be. You’re allowed out for medical care in all states and territories, and getting a flu shot definitely falls under that banner. As long as you go straight home and don’t decide to go for a leisurely swim at the beach then visit everyone you know on the way home, you’ll be fine. 

Listen to the Government and listen to the doctors. Get the flu shot this year, even if you don’t usually get it. Our medical system will thank you.

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Follow This TikToker's Makeover And You Too Could Be Jacinda Ardern

She's got the look.

It’s been a big few weeks for Jacinda Ardern. Well, it’’s been a big few weeks for the entire globe, but Jacinda Ardern doesn’t just have her own country following her for guidance on coronavirus, but she’s got most of Australia watching her too. Turns out the next best thing is to just give up and totally turn yourself into Jacinda Ardern, which is exactly what this TikTok-er has done.

Like magic.

The TikTok-er in question is Melanie Bracewell, a New Zealand comedian who you might know from both the Kiwi and Australian version of Have You Been Paying Attention or as one of the writers for Wellington Paranormal

She’s also won a heap of New Zealand’s top comedy awards, including the 7 Days Comedy Apprentice in 2014, the Raw Comedy Quest in 2015, the Best Newcomer gong at the Comedy Festival, and the Billy T Award.

Point is, she’s hilarious.

After having someone point out to her that she kind of looked ike Jacinda Ardern in a previous video, Melanie went all the way out with it.

Check it out.

As someone who is basically useless with any make up that isn’t a mascara wand, I’m personally beyond impressed. I must admit though, I related way too hard to the wonky eyeliner line.

The uncanny impression is topped off with a green jacket, and honestly at that point I knew who we’d have to call if Jacinda Ardern ever goes missing. 

While I’m not sure what the logistics would be of getting Melanie dressed up like her Jacinda Ardern TikTok, carting her over here to Australian, and putting her in charge of the country would be, I’m not entirely against it. 

Alternatively, I’m also not against dressing Hamish Blake up as Scott Morrison and seeing what happens.

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