Scott Morrison Is Pretty Annoyed At Your Outrage Over His Holiday

His playing of the parental guilt card is a pretty bold strategy.

Scott Morrison copped a heap of flack for taking an early vacay in Hawaii while Australia is in the middle of its worst bushfire season in recent memory. After failing to keep his holiday on the DL and subsequently having to apologise for it, Scotty eventually made his way back home and he doesn’t sound particularly chuffed at having his vacation cut short.


Ol’ mate held a press conference following a trip to the NSW Rural Fire Service HQ to speak to all the brave souls fighting hard against the bushfires, and acknowledged that perhaps taking an secret early holiday in Hawaii while Australia is literally on fire wasn’t the best idea in the world.

“I have returned from leave, and I know that has caused some great anxiety in Australia, and Jenny and I acknowledge that. If we had our time over again and the benefit of hindsight, we would have made different decisions.”

Anxiety probably isn’t the best way to describe the mood about you bailing on the bushfires, Scotty, but let’s go with that for now.

Anyway, things went downhill from there for Scott Morrison as he opted to play the parental guilt card and said he has other responsibilities on top of being PM. So do all the volunteer firefighters, Scotty, all of whom are probably wishing they could spend time with their family in Hawaii rather than fighting all the raging bushfires.

“I am sure Australians are fair-minded, and understand that when you make a promise to your children, you try and keep it. But as Prime Minister you have other responsibilities, and I accept that, and I accept the criticism and that is why Jenny and I thought it was important that I returned, particularly after the tragedies we saw late last week.

Scotty even had the courage to say he doesn’t “hold a hose” while projecting an air of “look, I can’t do anything while I’m here anyway, but if cutting my nice holiday short and saying sorry a bunch of times will make things better, then sorry.” Talk about a bold strategy there, Cotton.

“They know I will not stand there and hold a hose. I am not a trained firefighter, nor am I an expert like those in the next room doing an amazing job. But I am comforted by the fact that Australians would like me to be here, simply so I can be here alongside them as they go through this terrible time. And so to those Australians who that caused upset to, I apologise for that.

As a capper to the trainwreck of a press conference, Scotty says now’s the time to “be kind to each other” before almost immediately pointing fingers at those who want more climate change action of trying to make this into a political thing. It’s quite the roundabout way of telling everyone to be nice to him and mean to his political enemies.

So all in all, Scott Morrison is pretty apologetic for taking an early holiday in Hawaii while Australia is being ravaged by bushfires, but he’s also pretty outraged at your outrage over him bailing on the country during a crisis.

Look, Scotty could’ve said some better things at his press conference but hey, what’s done is done. Now we’re just wondering what the reaction will be when people realise that not only were we without a PM for about a week, we also footed the bill for his security detail while he was enjoying his bushfire-free time in Hawaii.

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Today I Learned: Jacinda Ardern Was Once A Kickass DJ Before Becoming New Zealand's PM

What an origin story.

These days we know Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand’s Prime Minister, a model of what a world leader should be and an all-around angel to everyone.

Now PMs and world leaders have a life before taking office and a colleague recently brought to my attention what Jacinda was up to before becoming the leader of New Zealand. It turns out that prior to becoming PM, Jacinda was a *checks notes* DJ.

Talk about a wild origin story.

Years before assuming the position of New Zealand’s leader, Jacinda Ardern was a budding disco jockey with a penchant for playing tunes ranging from Spice Girls to Judas Priest. While most do this as a hobby, she got good enough to do some pretty notable gigs, such as a set for Record Store Day at Real Groovy Records Auckland in 2013.

According to one fan who had the good fortune of witnessing this set, she played The Beatles into Toy Love and was apparently pretty great.

2014 saw a few more noteworthy DJ gigs for Jacinda, as she did another Record Store Day set and a few uni shows. But perhaps the most headline-grabbing performance for that year was when she performed at that year’s Laneway Festival in Auckland.

Having always attended the festival as a fan, the event’s former co-promoter suggested that she should “come and DJ” given her skills and history with Laneway. Unsurprisingly, Jacinda jumped at the chance.

Sadly for music fans, Jacinda’s DJ career didn’t progress beyond that as there were political matters to attend to and she became New Zealand’s PM only a few years after her 2014 Laneway Festival set. As much as we need DJ Jacinda Ardern in our lives, we need her more as a kickarse world leader.

That being said, Jacinda still clearly holds her musical past dear to her heart. Appearing at the 2018 Laneway Festival – as a guest and not a DJ sadly – she spoke about her DJ past, how important it is to support creatives and artists, and how it feels like she’s come full circle by attending the event as PM.

From DJ to New Zealand’s prime minister. The origin story of Jacinda Ardern just keeps getting better and will probably make a great movie one day. Maybe she could dust off her old DJ chops and contribute to the soundtrack of that hypothetical biopic.

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Here Are All The Flights Scott Morrison Could've Taken Back Home But Didn't

Surely it can't be that hard to get a business class seat from Hawaii to Sydney.

After being called out for taking an early holiday to Hawaii while Australia continues to be ravaged by bushfires, Scott Morrison has sheepishly delivered an apology (which was a bit tone-deaf TBH) before declaring he’s cutting his vacay short to come home ASAP.

Now that’s nice and all, except for the fact that Scotty appears to be taking his sweet time getting back. An unverified Twitter user shared some photos of someone who looks remarkably like Scott Morrison just chilling in Hawaii, hours after the PM delivered his apology and said he was going home.

Now we can’t exactly confirm whether or not this bloke is Scott Morrison or not, though we can say that the resemblance is uncanny. But in a startling twist of events, political editor Annika Smethurst has posted a tweet stating that Scotty was spotted in the lift of a Hawaii hotel the morning after his sheepish apology.

What this tells us is that Scotty either appears to be really taking his time coming back home, his definition of ASAP is different to everyone else’s, or perhaps he simply couldn’t get a flight back home on such short notice.

Since bushfires is no laughing matter and Scott Morrison did indeed say he’s doing all he could to come back to Australia, we decided to check the number of commercial flights (since he flew to Hawaii on a commercial flight, and in business class no less) that have run from when Scotty apologised to the time of writing.

Taking into account the 21-hour time difference and the 11-ish hour flight time, there were at least five commercial flights that could’ve gotten Scotty back to Sydney anywhere between 3:45pm to 8pm:

  • 20th December – Honolulu to Sydney via Jetstar – estimated arrival time: 3:45pm
  • 20th December – Honolulu to Sydney via Qantas – estimated arrival time: 5:35pm
  • 20th December – Honolulu to Sydney via Hawaiian Airlines – estimated arrival time: 7:45pm
  • 21st December – Honolulu to Sydney via Qantas – estimated arrival time: 5:35pm
  • 21st December – Honolulu to Sydney via Hawaiian Airlines – estimated arrival time: 7:45pm

With at least two flights a day running at the same times, surely ol’ mate could’ve gotten himself on one of them.

Then there’s also the Australian Defence Force option, which could’ve given him a lift home seeing as how Scott Morrison has them at his disposal. He could’ve literally been home right now instead of standing at some Hawaiian hotel lobby waiting for an Uber to the airport.

Now this might be seen as a waste of government resources but taking into account the fact that Australia is literally on fire, a state of emergency has been called, and the country’s leader is MIA, not to mention Scotty’s vow to come home ASAP, hitching a ride via the Defence Force seems like the better option than a commercial flight.

Either way, we know this much: Australia is still ravaged by bushfires, Scott Morrison isn’t here, and it seems like he’s taking his sweet time coming home despite all the options available to get him back to Sydney ASAP.

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