Scott Morrison Is Going On Holidays But Swears He'll Be WFH

King of timing.

The PM’s somewhat sloppy handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been mitigated by the fact that Australia was doing pretty well in containing the disease despite all the self-made complications. Now that Victoria is experiencing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases due to some seriously irresponsible quarantine practices, ol’ mate Scott Morrison has decided now’s the time to step up and *checks notes* take some holiday leave so he can vacation with his family to Sydney.

Speaking of Scott Morrison and COVID-19, the GOAT team talk about life after lockdown on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

During his COVID-19 update presser on July 10 (via ABC News), Scott Morrison casually shoehorned in a bit about how his family will be headed to the “outskirts of Sydney” for the school holidays, how he’ll only be taking “some time” off to be with them, and how it’s not a vacation since he’ll be WFH the entire time thanks to technology allowing him to “take briefings, calls and meetings in dealing with the situation whether it be Victoria or the other situations in the country.”

But don’t worry, folks, because Scotty From Marketing says just because he’s “not standing in front of a camera it does not mean I am not behind my desk or doing what I need to do on a daily basis,” and he’ll be back in Canberra in no time!

Is now the time for the leader of a country to be going on holiday while a second wave of COVID-19 cases is surging in one of its most populous states?

Perhaps not, but this habit of taking vacations while Australia is in the middle of a serious crisis isn’t new for Scott Morrison seeing as how he jetted off to Hawaii while we were fighting the bushfires at the start of 2020, only be dragged kicking and screaming back home after being called out.

Other than his family vacation WFH holiday plans, the other important things of note mentioned by Scott Morrison during his presser included how we must keep up with social distancing rules and face masks, international arrivals being halved, the Victoria hotel quarantine fiasco getting a national review, the hasty denial that the crappy COVIDSafe app was a failure, and a non-update on whether we can travel to New Zealand (we still can’t).

So all in all, a pretty standard Scotty From Marketing press conference. But let’s look on the bright side: at least Scott Morrison told us about his supposed WFH holiday and whereabouts he’s headed this time around.

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A Crash Course Into Why The OK Gesture Is A White Supremacy Symbol

This is why we can't ever have nice things.

As far back as we can remember, the OK gesture has always mean “okay.” Yet the last few years has inexplicably seen the OK gesture go from meaning something completely innocent to a hate symbol representing white power and supremacy.

So here’s the big question: how did something like this even happen? Well the answer has everything to do with internet trolls on 4chan.

The GOAT team talk about Black Lives Matter and how you can combat racism on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

The rapid disintegration of the OK gesture meaning “okay” to a symbol of white power and supremacy began back in 2017 on when 4chan trolls started a hoax called “Operation O-KKK” aimed at discrediting progressive voices and just generally screwing with people.

This unsubtly named hoax aimed to convince people and the media that the OK gesture stood for white supremacy due to the three upheld fingers in the gesture forming a “W” and the circle made by the thumb and forefinger forming a “P”, together standing for “White Power”.

So in short, it all began as a dumb joke about the OK gesture that’s not unlike all the unsavoury stuff that goes on at 4chan. Except this time, the joke went a little too well.

In promoting the OK gesture as a faux symbol of white power, actual white supremacists were encouraged to adopt it as an genuine hate symbol. In fact, it’s gotten so bad the Anti-Defamation League added the OK gesture to its “Hate on Display” database in September 2019.

Since “Operation O-KKK” kicked off in 2017, there have been several notable instances where the OK gesture has been used in support of white supremacy, such as the perpetrator of the Christchurch shootings. Most recently, a NSW cop landed in hot water for using the symbol during a Black Lives Matter rally in Sydney.

Of course, this doesn’t mean every time someone flashes the OK gesture it means they’re a white supremacist since context is always important. But it has made people everywhere more than a bit wary of forming a circle with their forefinger and thumb.

So thanks 4chan for turning what was a well-meaning gesture for OK into a symbol of hate. With all the shitposting 4chan does, don’t be surprised if giving someone the finger will soon become a respectful gesture (though best double-check first if this indeed does happen).

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Meghan Markle Tears The Royal Family A New One In Court

There's not enough popcorn for this drama.

It’s definitely no secret that the Royal Family and the UK tabloids have been less than kind to Meghan Markle, so much so that she’s left the former for a better life in a much publicised ‘Megxit’ and bringing a court case to the latter for breaching her privacy.

And if the legal docs in the court case against the UK tabloids is any indication, Meghan Markle is holding nothing back against anyone, especially the Royal Family.

The GOAT team dive right into the Megxit drama on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to legal docs obtained by The Daily Beast and HuffPost, Prince Harry and Meghan are suing the Mail On Sunday for breach of copyright and invasion of privacy after publishing a letter she wrote to her father, which was previously mentioned in a People magazine interview involving five of her friends.

The docs state that Meghan did not give permission or collaborate with her friends to do the interview and she definitely wouldn’t have given her consent had she known about it beforehand since she only found out about the People magazine interview on the day it was published.

As juicy as this is, it pales in comparison to how this court case inadvertently revealed just how awful the Royal Family were to Meghan Markle. Yes you will need popcorn and tea for this.

The documents state that Meghan’s friends independently decided to talk to the media after a “large number of false and damaging articles by the UK tabloid media” came out and caused “tremendous emotional distress and damage to her mental health.”

But the juiciest bit of the legal docs claim that not only did the “Institution” do nothing to protect Meghan but she also wasn’t allowed to defend herself against the tabloid media, especially during the whole Megxit fiasco.

“As her friends had never seen her in this state before, they were rightly concerned for her welfare, specifically as she was pregnant, unprotected by the Institution, and prohibited from defending herself.”

Gonna need more popcorn.

In a particularly spicy swipe at the Kensington Palace communications team, Meghan’s lawyers claim that there was a strict policy in place that asked her friends and family to say “no comment” to any media outlet, even if misinformation was being spread.

“This shared frustration amongst the Claimant’s friends left everyone feeling silenced, as it appeared that other so-called sources were able to disseminate false statements about the Claimant, while the people who knew her best were told that they needed to remain silent.

“The Claimant believes that it is probably because of this reason, as well as concerns about the press intrusion by the UK tabloids, that a few friends chose to participate and they did so anonymously.”

Through this court case, it seems like Meghan Markle is fighting two battles: one against the tabloids and one against the Royal Family. The big question now is who will emerge the victor?

On one hand, Meghan Markle should’ve known exactly what she was getting into when she married Prince Harry since we’ve seen all this happen before with no problems when Kate married Prince William so there may not be much sympathy, especially after Megxit.

But on the other hand, this spilling of scalding hot tea on the Royal Family’s alleged treatment of Meghan Markle (and Prince Harry to an extent) may well win her sympathy from the massive public who still love her.

It certainly remains to be seen how the next phase of this Meghan Markle/Royal Family/UK tabloids battle royale pans out. We can probably say that any chance of seeing Prince Harry crawl back to his family after has dropped considerably.

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