Quite Rich Of Scott Morrison To Call Black Lives Matter Protests A 'Double Standard'

Very interesting time to be playing the double standards card, Scotty.

You’d think Scott Morrison couldn’t possibly be more infuriating after inexplicably saying how Australia doesn’t have a history of slavery, but he somehow managed to do it after playing the double standards card in criticising the Black Lives Matters protests for ignoring COVID-19 health advice.

The GOAT team talk about the George Floyd protests, Black Lives Matter, and how you can help while in Australia on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

During yet another rambling COVID-19 Australia update presser (via The Guardian), Scott Morrison wasn’t too happy about the many thousands of people who blatantly ignored his advice by rocking up to all those Black Lives Matter protests the other weekend and decided to call double standards on those who attended for risking everyone’s health.

“The medical advice is that this is an unsafe thing to do. It puts not only your own health at risk, but it puts other people’s lives at risk. It puts the – in economic terms because of the risk of a way that could come from these events, it puts the livelihoods of other Australians at risk, people’s businesses. The very clear message is that people should not attend those events because it is against the health advice to do so.

“And so I would strongly encourage people to exercise that responsibility by not attending those events and respect their fellow Australians by … seeking to express those in another way.

“This is not about the issue that people are raising; this is about people’s health and welfare and I would urge Australians to respect that by not attending those events.”

Oh boy…

Jesus, where to begin with this one.

No one is denying that COVID-19 is still something to be worried about in Australia or that it’s a big health risk to host one of these big protests. It’s just that hearing Scott Morrison calling the Black Lives Matter protests a health advice “double standard” shows not only how hypocritical he is but it makes it clear whose lives matter most to Scotty.

Case in point: when idiotic COVID-19 protesters put on those ridiculous anti-lockdown demonstrations, Scotty responded with a flippant “It’s a free country.” He was also pretty cool with getting people back into stadiums for big sporting events.

While we’re on the topic of double standards, it’s also worth pointing out that Scott Morrison ignored NSW COVID-19 health advice and lockdown rules when he moved his family from Sydney to Canberra.

So what’s changed, Scotty?

Enough said.

This “double standards” thing seems to be a new talking point of Scott Morrison’s because he’s trotted it out a number of times over the past week when talking about the Black Lives Matters protests, all without a touch of irony.

It’s just really interesting to see how Scotty’s tune changes so dramatically depending on who is doing the protesting. White, far-right protesters get the “free country” comments while progressive, Black Lives Matter and Indigenous protesters get labeled as “double standards” and threatens to charge them for attending rallies.

But hey, we should be used to this sort of inconsistent messaging from Scott Morrison by now.

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Scott Morrison, History Expert, Reckons Australia Never Had Slavery

Stick to marketing, mate.

Scott Morrison isn’t exactly known for his truthful or accurate statements at the best of times, but boy did he drop an awful clanger that reinforced his daggy “hopeless idiot” image after publicly saying that slavery has never been a thing in Australia.

On the topic of racism, The GOAT team talk about Black Lives Matter, the George Floyd protests and how you can help on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Appearing on 2GB (via The Guardian) to talk about a number of topics, including the Black Lives Matter rallies he really didn’t want people to attend but did anyway, Scott Morrison went on a random tangent about British colonisation and the arrival of the First and Second Fleets.

But the kicker was when Scotty declared with utmost confidence that Australia never, ever dabbled in something as horrendous as slavery.

“Australia, when it was founded as a settlement, as New South Wales, was on the basis that there’d be no slavery. And while slave ships continued to travel around the world, when Australia was established yes, sure, it was a pretty brutal settlement.

“My forefathers and foremothers were on the First and Second Fleets. It was a pretty brutal place, but there was no slavery in Australia.”

Never mind the fact that Australia was literally built on a foundation of slavery – the First and Second Fleets were comprised of convicts, who were slaves in all but name.

Scott Morrison also somehow forgot the horrific treatment and racism inflicted on the Indigenous Australian people by their European oppressors, who from nearly the beginning until the 1960s forced them into unpaid labour and separated children from their families.

That’s not even talking about the brutal massacres that went down over the course of Australia’s dark history.

Let’s also not forget Australia’s dabbling in the insidious practice of blackbirding, which involved colonists coercing or kidnapping Pacific Islanders and transporting them back to NSW or Queensland to work on plantations. It was a practice so horrendous that unmarked mass graves are still being found today.

Hell, slavery still exists in Australia even today, it’s just evolved from people with chains around their necks doing unpaid labour on plantations to things like human trafficking, domestic servitude and forced marriage.

Like how Australia likes to pretend racism isn’t part of its DNA, just because the term “slavery” was never tossed around willy nilly like in America doesn’t mean it didn’t happen in Australia, Scott Morrison.

Unsurprisingly, Scotty’s bold “Australia never had no slavery” claim was condemned pretty quickly, with the most notable rebuttal coming from Aboriginal Australian author and historian, Bruce Pascoe, who says (via The SMH):

“When you capture people, and put chains around their necks, and make them walk 300 kilometres and then set them to work on cattle stations, what’s that called? That’s what happened in Western Australia and in the [Northern] Territory and in Queensland.

“It doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s brutality and I think a lot of Australia are in denial about the real history of the country.”

Just a tip, Scott Morrison, maybe stick to marketing or perhaps read a history textbook before publicly saying things like “there was no slavery in Australia”, because that’s only something a hopeless idiot would do and you sure as hell don’t want to come off like that.

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Trump Falsely Labels Viral Clip Of Cops Knocking Down A 75yo Man As A 'Set Up'

Someone take his phone away from him, please.

It goes without saying that Trump has handled the George Floyd protests against racism and police brutality poorly so far yet he somehow manages to find new lows seemingly every day, this time falsely claiming the viral clip of 75-year-old Buffalo protester, Martin Gugino, getting knocked down by cops in a horrendous act of police brutality as a “set up”.

The GOAT team talk about the George Floyd protests, Black Lives Matters and how you can help on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

For those who need a recap on the Martin Gugino/police brutality viral clip incident before we get into the Trump stuff, Martin is a 75-year-old protester who was participating in a peaceful demonstration against the cops in Buffalo on June 5.

The elderly Buffalo protester is a known Catholic peace activist and wasn’t doing anything remotely threatening, yet this didn’t stop two cops from knocking him down to the ground in a horrific act of police brutality, all of which was captured on video. Gugino is seen bleeding from his right ear as the cops walk by him.

Gugino was later taken to hospital and is reportedly in a serious but stable condition at the time of writing. The two cops who knocked him down were both charged with second-degree assault, which led to all members of the Buffalo Police Department Emergency Response Team resigning from the unit in a stupidly telling show “support” of the problematic duo.

Just a warning, the video of the incident is very graphic so discretion is definitely advised.

Martin Gugino received an overwhelming amount of support following the police brutality incident and Trump, not liking how the spotlight was being taken away from him by some 75-year-old protester from Buffalo who got knocked down, attempted to divert attention back onto himself by falsely claiming on Twitter (unsurprisingly) that the attack was hoax.

Specifically, Fu*kface Von Clownstick thought Gugino “fell harder than was pushed” and claimed – without any evidence whatsoever – the 75-year-old peaceful activist “could be an ANTIFA provocateur” and the whole thing was “a set up”.

Yeah, the US Cheeto-in-Chief actually went there and was immediately piled on by snarky Twitter users who were sick of his bullshit. Just take one look at the ratio and you’ll see how poorly received Trump’s tweet is.

In response to Combover Caligula Trump’s false claim of the incident as a left-wing “set up”, Martin Gugino’s lawyer, Kelly Zarcone, said in a statement to CNN that he’s full of shit.

“No one from law enforcement has even suggested anything otherwise so we are at a loss to understand why the President of the United States would make such dark, dangerous, and untrue accusations against him.”

With tensions and protests continuing to escalate in America, it seems like Drumpf is doing the only thing he knows: getting people to focus on something else as a way to deflect from the real problem and is own failings as president and a human being.

For everyone’s sake, Trump, please just get back into the White House bunker and stay there until the 2020 presidential election is over. We’ll come get you when you’re voted out of office.

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