Please Enjoy This Chrome Extension That Turns Trump's Tweets Into Crayon Scribbles

Finally, it all makes sense.

If you’ve ever looked at Trump’s Twitter account with utter confusion, don’t worry we have the solution to fix it. Introducing, ‘Make Trump Tweets Eight Again,’ the Google Chrome extension that converts all of Donald Trump’s Tweets into a colourful crayon font. Yay!

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There is nothing in this world more chaotic than Donald Trump’s Twitter account. It’s full of random capital letters, spelling mistakes and often an unnecessary exclamation mark or two. So, if you’ve ever gone to his Twitter account and thought to yourself, ‘Huh, this doesn’t seem like something the President of the United States should be Tweeting’ that’s because it probably isn’t. 

So, to help you deconstruct the Tweets at face-value, app developers at The Daily Show have created a product that helps us digest Trump’s words, by making it seem they’re coming out of a child’s mouth. Trust us when we say, we’re shocked that the Tweets make more sense in crayon. But hey, this is the world we live in. Just look at some of the things he’s said. 

Remember the time that he slowed down COVID-19 testing because it would bring the numbers down? Yeah, that was stupid! But, at least it makes sense when the decision is written in crayon. 

Credit: Donald Trump (Twitter)

Not to mention, when he’s stressed about certain things, the colourful palate makes his strange remarks a little more digestible. 

Credit: Donald Trump (Twitter)

Also, it does give some justification to spelling mistakes that appear on his Twitter feed. The fact that it runs in the family is still so funny to us…

Credit: Donald Trump (Twitter)

But sadly, it doesn’t stop the outright racist comments any less hurtful. 

Credit: Donald Trump (Twitter)

The Trump Google Chrome extension was actually made in 2017 but was recently updated last year. So, if you missed the update the first time around, or you feel like you need to re-install it given all the ridiculous stuff he’s been posting, then, by all means, go for it. Go nuts, you deserve it.

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How Is Prince Harry A 'Liability' While Prince Andrew Dodges The FBI?

Only in the Royal family...

In not-so-shocking news, the popularity of Prince Harry among British people is plummeting, with an increasing amount of the population finding him to be a “liability.” 

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According to a new poll, 38% of Brits see Prince Harry as a “liability” which is a huge jump from a YouGov poll in June 2012, which saw this number at only 9%. In addition to this, Harry was previously believed to be an “asset” to the majority of Britain (with 75% of pollers saying so) but now, only 35% of Brits are on his side. Presumably, the rise in numbers is as a result of his exit from the Royal family and his American adventures with Meghan Markle. 

Speaking of Meghan Markle, she seems to be copping it much, much harder than him. Meghan Markle is seen as a liability by 51% of the British nation and is seen as an asset by only 24%. Sorry, did this poll only talk to the conservative peeps? What’s going on here? 

And while the dislike of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by the British public is not surprising, perhaps the poll numbers surrounding Prince Andrew, might ruffle your feathers. The poll found that 80% of British people saw that Prince Andrew was a liability. Only 80%? To break that down for you, that means that one in five poll-takers do not see him as a liability. Did we all watch the same BBC Newsnight interview? 

Also, approximately 1 in 20 believe that Prince Andrew has something to offer the Royal family. We’re talking about the royal family member who had his public duties suspended for the “foreseeable future,” as a result of the Jeffree Epstein scandal. We’re going to assume this 1 in 20 have not seen the Netflix documentary, and that’s all we’ll say on that. 

At this point, it’s just shocking to think that there was a time when more people on this earth were angrier at Meghan Markle than they were Prince Andrew. But, we’re glad the times have changed.

At the moment, a book is in the works which will supposedly spill all the tea on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the royal family. 

The 368-page book is written by royal reporter Carolyn Durand and journalist Omid Scobie, and will uncover the reasons that these two quit their position as senior royals. While accounts from friends will be featured in the book, some believe that these authors have been given access to the royals themselves. We wonder if Prince Andrew will be in the book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle…

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Can 2020 At Least Leave Polar Bears Alone Please?

It's the last thing we need.

Won’t somebody please think of the polar bears? 

In 2020, we’ve had devastating fires, a global pandemic and most recently devastating injustices on the topic of Black Lives Matter, and now it would seem that climate change is here to take us down a peg. 

We spoke about climate change on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

According to a new study, polar bears will be wiped out by 2100 unless more is done to tackle the issue of climate change. Also, the melting Arctic sea ice could cause starvation and reproductive failure for many polar bears as early as the year 2040. 

Dr Peter Molnar of the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada claims that climate change is ultimately forcing polar bears to fast for longer amounts of time, as they have to wait for the ice to re-freeze so they can hunt seals. As a result of climate change, polar bears are forced to roam for longer distances, where they ultimately struggle to find food to feed their cubs. Subsequently, polar bears have become the “poster child of climate change”, according to the report. 

“Polar bears are already sitting at the top of the world; if the ice goes, they have no place to go,” Dr Peter Molnar claims. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), polar bears are vulnerable to extension as a result of climate change. Honestly, we’re a little shaken, give us a minute to take all of this in. 

Dr Steven Amstrup, a chief scientist of Polar Bears International, broke down the projected timeline for polar bears to BBC News, saying: “What we’ve shown is that, first, we’ll lose the survival of cubs, so cubs will be born but the females won’t have enough body fat to produce milk to bring them along through the ice-free season.” 

“Any of us know that we can only go without food for so long,” Dr Steven Amstrup added, “that’s a biological reality for all species”.

As for what to do now, Dr Steven Amstrup says: “The trajectory we’re on now is not a good one, but if society gets its act together, we have time to save polar bears. And if we do, we will benefit the rest of life on Earth, including ourselves.”

There are approximately 25,000 of the species left in the wild today spread out across 19 different subpopulations.

What are you waiting for team? Get recycling, get smart about your waste and get sustainable, we gotta work together if we want to save this endangered species.

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