Please Don't Stan Kim Jong-Un's Sister To Be His Successor As North Korea's Leader

She's no better than her brother.

Lately there’s been a lot of fuss over Kim Jong-Un and his health. Some think he’s dead while the North Korean media say he’s alive. We can’t tell you whether Kim Jong-Un is alive or dead, but we can tell you something that’s almost as important: stop stanning his sister, Kim Yo-Jong, to be his successor as North Korea’s new leader because it is incredibly f**ked up.

The GOAT team take a deep dive into the whole Kim Jong-Un/North Korea/Kim Yo-Jong thing on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

There’s been a lot of talk about Kim Yo-Jong being the ideal successor to Kim Jong-Un as North Korea’s new leader in the event he’s shuffled off this mortal coil due to her powerful position and influence.

Ever since this possibility of Kim Yo-Jong being North Korea’s new leader was floated around, many stans have started shepherding her as the next great female world leader. There have been memes, adoring posts and even goddamn fancams.

Never mind the how stanning Kim Yo-Jong feeds into the problematic issue of fetishising East Asian women, the bigger issue is how putting her on a pedestal is a very dangerous rhetoric.

All this stanning makes light of the fact that Kim Yo-Jong is part of a sadistic ruling family that enslaves the people of North Korea, has no qualms executing people they don’t like, and has infringed on more human rights that we thought was possible. Hell, her family literally runs gulags, which is definitely not something you want from a potential world leader.

The reality is that Kim Yo-Jong is no better than Kim Jong-Un should she become North Korea’s new leader. It is more likely she’ll be even worse than her brother than be the next Jacinda Ardern.

Stanning the possible next-in-line dictator in the same manner as a K-pop star paints her in an unwarranted cutesy light that covers up the fact she’s a genuine global threat who’s played a big part in North Korea’s brutal regime. The last thing we need is to normalise a wannabe dictator but the idiot stans out there are making it incredibly difficult to avoid doing so.

For those defending all these ridiculous pro-Kim Yo-Jong posts as a joke or satire, well I have to tell you that it’s a horrific joke that goes well beyond bad taste.

When satire becomes virtually indistinguishable from the horrendous propaganda North Korea spews out, it stops being a joke and just becomes more propaganda. There’s no comedy of commentary to be found here anymore. With all this Kim Yo-Jong stanning, we’re well past the point of what is acceptable and are just playing right into North Korea’s hands.

Stick to stanning K-pop stars or fictional characters and leave real-life dictators like Kim Jong-Un’s evil sister out of it.

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Barack Obama's Team Used Julia Gillard's Misogyny Speech To Put Tony Abbott Back In His Box

The perfect antidote.

It’s perhaps no secret that Tony Abbott wasn’t everyone’s favourite PM and he definitely annoyed a lot of people during his time in the office, including other politicians and world leaders like Julia Gillard and Barack Obama.

We all have our ways of blowing venting our frustration whenever Abbott said or did something ridiculous (which turned out to be pretty often), but Obama’s team did it in the best possible way as they just watched Gillard’s famous misogyny speech whenever they got annoyed at our former PM.

Speaking of Obama, the GOAT team get excited over Michelle Obama’s doco on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security adviser for the Obama Administration, appeared on the A Rational Fear podcast (via The Guardian) and spilled the tea on how Abbott annoyed their team so much they regularly destressed by rewatching the infamous moment when Julia Gillard tore him a new one with her brilliant misogyny speech.

“I will tell you that whenever we were really annoyed with Tony Abbott, we would watch the video of that speech by Julia Gillard. That speech got watched a lot in the Obama White House, let me just put it that way.”

You know what, we totally get it.

Recalling how “tone-deaf” Abbott was on climate change during the lead-up to the Paris Agreement, Rhodes described how Obama’s team prepared a speech for the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane but the then-U.S. president “went way off script” to shade the Abbott government for their inaction, something which made Abbott very “upset” because it was meant to be his big boy moment on the world stage.

“He just went way off the text, and was just basically blasting the Abbott government in ways that he almost never did on foreign soil and pointing out the Great Barrier Reef disappearing. Abbott was upset. You know, this was supposed to be this big stage for him hosting the G20.”

But perhaps the spiciest recollection from Rhodes was how he personally described his perception of Abbott, essentially calling out the former PM for being confident yet clueless:

“What was frustrating with Abbott, you know, is he was kind of very sure of himself without really knowing what he was talking about.”

While Rhodes didn’t dish on whether Barack Obama himself sat in on the Gillard misogyny speech viewings, it’s not really a stretch to assume that the beloved former U.S. president would’ve joined in on at least one re-watch given his documented dislike of Abbott.

This whole Obama/Gillard misogyny speech/Abbott story is the latest edition in an emerging Auspol pattern. Someone spills the tea on one of our PMs and the winner from the ensuing mess is almost always Julia Gillard. Here’s hoping more PM things get revealed ASAP because seeing Gillard emerge from the wreckage like a phoenix is giving us life at the moment.

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Australia Has Always Been Racist, It's Just Good At Pretending It Isn't

It's when times are tough that one's true colours are revealed.

People always show their true colours when times are tough. That saying reared its ugly head over the last few months when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia and we subsequently saw a rise in racism and racist incidents.

It seems out-of-character for a country that prides itself on giving everyone a “fair go.” But as history and personal experience has shown us, not only does Australia frequently dip its toes in the casual racism pool, the country has always been racist and is good at hiding it.

On a more positive note, the GOAT team talk about Michelle Obama’s new doco on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

I grew up in a tiny rural Australian town, one that’s as Australian as you can get. For the most part, I was fortunate enough to not experience bullying that revolved around my being Chinese. At least I thought that was the case until all the instances of COVID-19 racism (including some that happened to me personally) made me realise that I was looking at it with rose-tinted glasses.

My most vivid recollection is the hot shot footy boys’ reasoning for not messing with me. I was never friends with them but we got along well enough without any major hassle. When questioned why that is, I was told “oh, your dad makes the best fried rice.”

Turns out my worth as a human being, an Australian and a Chinese person wasn’t due to respect or equality from my Aussie neighbours. It all had to do with my dad being a good cook and whether I was willing to give them discounts on a large combination fried rice.

And even then, the respect was fleeting because once you get a group of kids together, the “ching-chongs” and slanted eye gestures will always be thrown around like a football regardless of how much they like fried rice. Equal treatment isn’t a guarantee. It’s given when it’s convenient or beneficial.

When humans face something they don’t understand, their first response is fear followed by knee-jerk justifications and explanations that aren’t based on anything more than instinct or attempts at rationalising things.

With COVID-19 and the fear that comes with facing a pandemic, it’s caused Australia to drop the facade of civility and giving everyone a “fair go.” There’s no reason for them to keep pretending.

In an effort to find meaning or reason as to why something like COVID-19 is happening, it seems like a lot of people’s reaction is to “blame it on the Chinese,” even though the origins of the coronavirus has yet to be properly determined.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Australia is racist though. We went through something broadly similar to COVID-19 when SARS was a thing back in 2003, and it’s clear we haven’t learned a thing. Looking back even further at our history to our treatment of Indigenous Australians, it’s definitely not a stretch to say that racism is essentially part of Australia’s DNA.

Even today, we still haven’t gotten to the point where racism completely flushed out of the country’s system. How else can we explain the existence of things like One Nation?

That’s not to say that all Australians are racist and those who are can’t be better people. But the fact that I have to even say that demonstrates how racism has been part of Australia’s fabric since the beginning. After what’s happened with COVID-19, I’m getting a little tired of defending a country I love that’s increasingly shown itself to be seeped in racism and is proud of it.

Australia is racist and has been well before COVID-19 even hit our shores. It’s just really good at pretending it isn’t.

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