Not Even An Earthquake Will Stop Jacinda Ardern From Keeping Her Cool On TV

An expert response to a "decent" shake.

Over the course of Jacinda Ardern’s time in office as New Zealand’s Prime Minister, one thing has become glaringly obvious – she is an expert when it comes to keeping her cool. Today, Jacinda Ardern proved that once again when her live TV interview was rudely interrupted by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake.

Ardern was being interviewed on TV channel Three when she was stopped in her tracks by a “decent” shake. Instead of panicking, the Kiwi Prime Minister calmly said “we’re just having a bit of an earthquake here, Ryan,” and smiled. 

After taking a momentary pause, Ardern continued to smile and confirmed, “it’s just stopped,” before continuing with her chat.

According to 7News, the earthquake was centred 30km north-west of Levin, a town about an hour north of Wellington. GeoNet tweeted that the quake was 45km deep and they had registered nearly 37,000 felt reports from around the country. 

Twitter has been quick to commend Ardern’s cool, calm and composed reaction to the quake. One user pointed out, “What’s a Wellington earthquake when, as prime minister, you’ve dealt with a massacre, an eruption and a pandemic.”

They’ve got a point. Over the past few years, Ardern has led New Zealand through the aftermath of the horrific Christchurch mosque shootings – enforcing strict gun laws as a result, and placed great focus on the country’s housing crisis, child poverty and social inequality. With each response, she remains cool as a cucumber, clear and decisive, but most importantly, she retains the kind of empathy that seems so rare in politics today.

Most recently, Ardern paved the way for other countries around the world when she worked quickly to lock down New Zealand amidst the pandemic. Her speedy decision not only garnered international praise and kudos from the World Health Organisation, but helped the country to completely eliminate COVID-19.

Speaking of empowering female leaders, hear about how Michelle Obama is making waves:

Today was just another example of Jacinda Ardern’s professional attitude, and quite frankly, it’s a lesson in how to expertly keep your shit together. 

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The NZ Health Minister's C-Bomb Is The World's Most Poorly Timed Audio Glitch

See you next audio glitch.

We’re all human, so a slip of the tongue is to be expected from time to time. But, if you’re a high profile politician like NZ’s health minister talking about the global pandemic, dropping the c-bomb is not going to go unnoticed.

This week, New Zealand’s health minister David Clark was giving a live update on the country’s COVID-19 response when he spoke about a “second wave of infection” taking hold and seemingly called the rest of the world “c*nts.”

The clip of Clark’s speech sounds like he says, “Around the world, we have seen the virus spread at funerals, as well as a second wave of infection taking hold just as c*nts were getting on top of the virus, like we are now.”

Twitter was quick to jump on the shocking gaffe, but the case was quickly closed. According to multiple Twitter users, Clark’s c-bomb was just an “audio glitch” that only happened on one feed. Apparently, on every other live stream he said “countries.”

As one social media user so accurately put it, talk about “the worst timing for an audio glitch in the history of live streams.”

It doesn’t help that Clark recently landed in another COVID-related controversy when he was demoted by Jacina Ardern for breaking NZ’s lockdown rules – twice. Clark was reportedly caught on a bike ride and driving 20km to a beach despite strict government rules he had enforced.

Lucky for David Clark, he can blame his c-bomb on tech issues. Other pollies haven’t been so lucky. 

Speaking of political scandals, hear about all the tea surrounding Malcolm Turnbull’s memoir below:

Throughout history we’ve seen politicians – and even leaders of certain countries – forget their microphones are still on and launch into full-blown tirades and blasphemous banter. 

Sounds like David Clark is in the clear this time around, but whoever messed up the live stream is going to live with the memory of that glitchy c-bomb forever. 

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Ms. Monopoly Ended Like Every Board Game Does, With Utter Outrage

Pass go and collect reinforced gender inequality.

In 2019, Hasbro announced it was introducing Ms. Monopoly, “the first-ever game in the Monopoly franchise that celebrates women trailblazers.” It sounded like a great idea on paper, but one year on, people are still pissed off about the misplaced feminism of this female-centric spinoff.

Hear all the details below:

Ms. Monopoly was created to “spotlight women who have challenged the status quo.” Hasbro’s commercial for the game profiles several young female inventors and entrepreneurs and surprises them with over $20K to “fuel their inventive spirit and further their projects.” It looks (and sounds) incredibly heart-warming, but on closer inspection, the game is incredibly problematic.

In Ms. Monopoly, “women get a higher payout at the start of the game and more money when passing go.” Then there’s the cringeworthy player tokens – the OG shoe, dog and boat have been replaced with a wine glass and what appears to be a jewelled watch. Not only is the game a harsh reminder of the pay inequality working women face on a daily basis, but it just reinforces the tired gender stereotype that females only care about materialistic objects like fine wine and expensive jewellery.

Even Ms. Monopoly herself is a cause for concern. According to Hasbro, she’s the niece of Mr. Monopoly AKA Rich Uncle Pennybags. While the game states she’s a “self-made investment guru,” Twitter users pointed out that she’s also the heir to her wealthy uncle who, in real life, would’ve more than likely given her the capital to start up her business.

Perhaps the most problematic part of Ms. Monopoly is Hasbro’s complete disregard of the fact that Monopoly was originally derived from The Landlord’s Game, a board game designed by a woman named Lizzie Magie in 1903. 

According to various reports, Charles Darrow has been widely credited as the inventor of Monopoly but actually copied Magie’s idea and sold it to the Parker Brothers, which later became a Hasbro brand. Darrow became incredibly wealth, but Magie – who sold her patent to The Parker Brothers – got a measly $500 and disappeared into obscurity. Ironically, The Landlord’s Game was all about being anti-monopolist. 

The outrage against Ms. Monopoly is just further proof that consumers have wisened up and this kind of performative equality and virtue signalling comes across as incredibly insincere and greedy. 

It also begs the bigger question: what was so toxic and masculine about the original Monopoly? As the age old saying goes, just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.

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