How Are You Going To Follow Through With Your Blackout Tuesday Post?

There's more you can do than sharing a black tile.

The George Floyd protests against police brutality has been escalating in America, which has resulted in Black Lives Matter gathering a lot of momentum as more and more prominent voices are sharing their support for the movement. One particularly notable demonstration of support has been Blackout Tuesday.

Blackout Tuesday began with the music industry sharing black boxes on social media as a gesture of solidarity while raising awareness about systemic racism and police brutality, and quickly snowballed into a viral online campaign.

The GOAT team talk about Black Lives Matter and the protests over George Floyd’s death on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

But as well-intentioned as Blackout Tuesday is (especially compared to some other tone-deaf shout outs), there has been a number of negative consequences to the social media campaign that may be detrimental to the George Floyd protests against police brutality and Black Lives Matter.

As musicians, celebrities, and people with large followings started promoting Blackout Tuesday, the campaign quickly snowballed and soon black tiles appeared on every social media platform with the Black Lives Matter hashtag.

However, the use of Black Lives Matter hashtags caused important content and on-the-ground information for protesters to be buried under a sea of useless black tiles.

Given how important social media is for activists trying to organise demonstrations and to keep up to date on police movements, the Blackout Tuesday campaign was incredibly counter-productive on that front, forcing people to inform others to stop using the Black Lives Matter hashtag and to use Blackout Tuesday instead.

The Blackout Tuesday campaign, as well meaning as it is, has also given rise to the question of how to properly support Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests against police brutality.

Posting a black tile with a Blackout Tuesday hashtag doesn’t really count as activism. Anyone can do that. What’s more important is how to properly follow through. Real progress and lasting systemic change on addressing racism and police brutality doesn’t happen on social media, no matter how many black tiles are posted.

If you really want to do something to properly support Black Lives Matter, you can do things like donating to important funds and causes, actively advocating for anti-racism by volunteering, educating yourself on the issue, and actively supporting the movement by learning and spreading the information with friends and family.

It’s evidently clear that the racism and police brutality problem won’t be solved by our world leaders so it’s up to the people to do their part to instigate proper change. Posting black tiles as part of Blackout Tuesday is nice but just the first step of the journey.

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Trump, Who Hid In A Bunker, Is Making Things Worse With His Call To Action

No surprises there.

Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet, both on Twitter and in person, ever since Black Lives Matter protests over George Floyd’s death erupted across America. Apparently this is because rather than address the protests like a proper leader, Trump opted to go hide in the White House bunker, where phone reception is presumably too poor for him to tweet. Seriously, the wannabe tough-guy Cheeto-In-Chief hid in a bunker while protesters gathered.

Anyway, Trump has emerged from the White House bunker to give a much belated response to the nation about the George Floyd protests and he *checks notes* made things 100 percent worse.

The GOAT team talk about the George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Prior to Trump belated address to the nation about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests, it is reported (via The New York Times) he got on the phone with the governors of each state to bitch about what a poor job they’re doing and how they look like weak “jerks” if they don’t “dominate” the protesters by arresting them.

Clearly Fu*kface Von Clownstick has had time to stew on his racist anger during his stay in the White House bunker while protests erupted across America and on his front lawn.

This was bad enough but then it got even worse when Trump actually made his address. We’ll spare you the pain of watching the entire thing because it’s a load of wannabe authoritarian bullshit that panders to his cult that was clearly written by a staffer, and was basically a rehash of the call he had with the state governors.

All you need to know is that he says he’s going to crackdown on the Black Lives Matter protests by mobilising federal resources, including the military, if governors don’t send in the national guard. He only briefly mentioned how there will be justice for George Floyd (which is a load of crap coming from him) and he painted the protesters as violent lunatics (which they aren’t) while not actually saying the words “Black Lives Matter” at all.

So yeah, Trump essentially declared war on his own people, which is clearly breaking the oath he swore as president but hey, we knew this was coming from day one.

Unsurprisingly, Trump showed no compassion whatsoever and took no questions from journalists and bailed as soon as he finished his speech. If you really must listen to it, you can do it here but be warned that you’ll lose a few brain cells if you do.

But the cherry on top of this horrendously callous cake that Trump is serving up came after his address. Police and the military cleared out a protest being held at a church near the White House just so Drumpf could hold up a bible in front of it for a massively tone-deaf photo op.

So yeah, after nearly a week of silence about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests, and a stint of cowering in the White House Bunker, Trump has done his usual thing of making things worse.

At least we have Obama doing his best to be presidential from the shadows. Someone has to after all.

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Never Forget When Prince Harry Followed Diana's Footsteps In AIDS Awareness

Truly his mother's son.

It’s going to take a little adjusting now that Prince Harry has said bye bye to the royal life (though it sounds like he may have some regrets), so let’s remember the time he gave AIDS awareness a massive public boost while reminding everyone that he is indeed Princess Diana’s son.

Speaking of Prince Harry scandals, the GOAT team talk about the whole Megxit mess on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Despite knowing about AIDS and HIV for decades, there’s still a stigma associated with the disease and self-testing, as well as a worrying lack of proper knowledge among the greater population.

In an attempt to raise awareness for AIDS and the importance of HIV testing, as well as helping to eradicate the stigma associated with the disease, Prince Harry decided to broadcast himself on social media taking a HIV test live on July 14, 2016.

Unlike the time where he didn’t want anyone reporting on what he was up to in Afghanistan, Prince Harry wanted to get as many eyeballs on his live HIV test as possible.

Not only was it the first ever British royal family Facebook live, but Prince Harry’s HIV test was something of a groundbreaking moment in the fight against AIDS and HIV. In the words of Prince Harry himself during his Facebook live broadcast: “Whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, even ginger; why wouldn’t you come in and get a test?”

In demonstrating how easy and painless it is to get tested, Prince Harry helped tear down the negative stigma of AIDS/HIV while contributing to a massive surge in HIV testing.

This huge moment was nearly matched when Prince Harry teamed up with Rihanna on World Aids Day and took HIV tests together in Barbados.

This history-making moment in the fight against AIDS/HIV from Prince Harry drew parallels to Princess Diana’s own groundbreaking AIDS moment back in the 1980s and 1990s.

Back then, the world was absolutely terrified of AIDS and it had become something of a bogeyman that was fed by a steady stream of misinformation and fearmongering, such as the mistaken belief the disease could be transmitted via physical contact.

However, Princess Diana sought to de-stigmatise AIDS/HIV and did a lot of great work to raise awareness about the disease. The moment that really cut through the aether was when she held hands with an AIDS patient in 1987 while not wearing any gloves.

With just a simple gesture of empathy, Princess Diana publicly debunked the commonly held thought that AIDS could be transmitted via touch and showed the world that AIDS patients are just people. As she said herself:

“HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it. What’s more, you can share their homes, their workplaces, and their playgrounds and toys.”

There’s something about seeing Prince Harry make such a big impact for AIDS/HIV patients decades after Princess Diana did something similar that gives everyone a bit of much-needed optimism (especially during these trying times), not to mention how it showed that he really is his mother’s son.

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