Would Keanu Reeves Still Be The Internet's BF If He Took This Role In 'Captain Marvel'?

Putting his internet BF status on the line.

It’s no secret that everyone loves Keanu Reeves and the internet has unanimously deemed him to be our collective boyfriend because, well, he’s John Wick Keanu bloody Reeves. Having said that though, there was a crucial juncture in Hollywood history involving Captain Marvel that could’ve changed our perception of Keanu Reeves just a tad.

Speaking of celebs the internet loves, the GOAT team talk to Josh Whitehouse about rebooting the Nic Cage classic ‘Valley Girl’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

During a cheeky Keanu Reeves rabbit hole, I unearthed a super interesting little tidbit about how he was originally set to play the main baddie, Yon-Rogg, in Captain Marvel back in 2017 but had to drop out due to commitments with John Wick 3 and Marvel quickly got Jude Law in for the part instead.

This wild Sliding Doors moment involving Keanu and Captain Marvel throws up a very interesting “what if” scenario: would Reeves’ status as the internet’s boyfriend been in danger had he somehow managed to play Brie Larson‘s nemesis in the MCU?

Yon-Rogg was portrayed as the epitome of toxic masculinity in Captain Marvel. He’s ruthless to enemies, unsympathetic to innocents, and perhaps most notably, he toys with Carol Danvers’ by manipulating her emotions and memory in an attempt to establish control her. Jude Law pulled this off brilliantly as he’s had experience playing charismatic evil characters before.

But would we have the same response had Keanu Reeves played this part in Captain Marvel? It’s not that he’s a bad actor or didn’t have the look, it’s just that it may be a bit much to picture someone as wholesome as Keanu playing such an evil male character, especially after playing the badarse puppy-loving John Wick.

Now history obviously didn’t play out that way and we ultimately got to see Keanu Reeves become the internet’s boyfriend and John Wick 3 at the expense of not having him in Captain Marvel.

Would we have still adored him had he played Yon-Rogg? The answer is probably yes but it would’ve had a different feel to it compared to John Wick that’s for sure.

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Come Cringe At The Celebs Who Had To Work Together After Breaking Up

Awkward is an understatement.

People get together and break up all the time. It’s just how life works. But things work a bit differently if you’re a Hollywood celeb because not only is your relationship being broadcast to the world, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll somehow end up working together on a movie or TV show post-break up.

It can be pretty awkward seeing your ex after a break up, let alone being stuck working with them in close proximity for months on end, and we can only imagine the level of cringe that was in store for these following former celeb couples.

Oh, oh… oh dear.

Joey King and Jacob Elordi

It’s a well known fact that Joey King and Jacob Elordi were a couple both on-screen for 2018’s The Kissing Booth and off-screen between filming. So perhaps some awkwardness was to be expected after the couple broke up after the first film, only to still have to act like they’re an item for both The Kissing Booth 2 and The Kissing Booth 3.

But according to Joey herself, things weren’t that awkward working together with Jacob on The Kissing Booth sequels after their big celeb break up since it was all in service for the fans.

Speaking of Joey King and Jacob Elordi, the GOAT team talk about the former celeb couple working together on ‘The Kissing Booth’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Mindy Kaling And B.J. Novak

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak’s romance is something out of a, well, sitcom. Despite having grew up living super close to each other, the pair actually didn’t meet until many years later on the set of The Office, where they got together both on and off the TV screen.

While they eventually broke up, there was no awkwardness between the pair as they became best mates and kept things incredibly professional, whether it was on The Office, The Mindy Project, or their various other projects.

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody

Unlike Seth and Summer, their counterparts on The O.C., Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson sadly didn’t get the same happily ever after. Instead, the celeb couple split in 2006, which was ironically around the time they had to their characters’ wedding scene.

But apparently it wasn’t awkward at all as the former celeb couple somehow managed to work together post-break up with no dramas. Again Apparently. Then again, Adam did call her “one of the greats” during a 2014 Reddit AMA, which is the nicest thing someone can say about their ex so perhaps there genuinely wasn’t too much awkwardness on the O.C. set.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

Talk about being unable to get away from one another. Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake met at the 2003 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, which resulted in a four-year relationship.

But things were supposedly super amicable between this stupidly photogenic former celeb couple as not only did they work together on 2011’s Bad Teacher, but apparently there was no lingering tension or drama from their break up. How boring.

Speaking of Justin Timberlake, the GOAT team talk about that time he was seen getting cozy with a female co-star who wasn’t Jessica Biel on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse

Look, who even knows what is going on between Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse these days. One week they’re breaking up, the next they’re still together and it was all just made up nonsense. We’re just going with “they’re broken up” for now since that’s seemingly what everyone is saying right now.

Regardless of whether they’re in a “break up” or “still a couple” phase right now, things must be a smidge awkward since the pair have to work together on Riverdale amidst such heavy scrutiny over whether they’re on or not.

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Madonna's COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Proves She Needs A Social Media Detox

We've gone from amusing to downright dangerous now.

Just when we thought Madonna’s coronavirus musings couldn’t get any more preachy or downright dangerous, she’s gone and hopped onboard the cooked COVID-19 conspiracy theory train and dragged her 15 million Instagram followers along with her for a ride into a pool of false claims and demon sperm.

Speaking of Madonna and COVID-19 conspiracies, the GOAT team talk about cooked theories and coronavirus anti-vaxxers on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Instagram has been Madonna’s platform of choice for her to share her somewhat tone-deaf and occasionally problematic thoughts about things like Black Lives Matter and the coronavirus pandemic. However, her latest IG post is firmly in dangerous territory as the singer falsely claims that a COVID-19 vaccine has existed for months (it hasn’t) but it’s been kept under wraps by the rich this whole time (also not true).

Just to top off the completion of her journey from ill-informed celeb to conspiracy theory sprouting grandma, Madonna’s aforementioned false claim was shared alongside a video of none other than the demon sperm-loving quack doctor whom Trump is a big fan of, Stella Immanuel.

Instagram wasn’t too pleased at the sheer amount of lies and misinformation contained in Madonna’s demon sperm/COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theory post and quickly slapped it with a “false imformation” tag along with independent fact checkers verifying that her coronavirus claims are nothing more than a load of bullshit.

You’d think that after supposedly contacting COVID-19 months ago that Madonna would have some sort of idea on the dangers of the coronavirus, but it seems like she’s revealing herself to be nothing more than an entitled Karen.

It’s definitely time for Madonna to go on a social media detox or for someone to take her phone away for the foreseeable future because the last thing we need is another big celebrity sharing false COVID-19 conspiracy theories at a time where transparency is more important than ever.

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