Why Is 'Demon Sperm' Trending And What Does Trump Have To Do With It?

2020 just keeps getting weirder.

I never thought I would ever write a sentence containing the words “demon sperm,” “Donald Trump,” and “Trump Jr,” let alone an entire story about how those three things intertwine like some unholy trinity, yet here we are.

Best buckle up because while we’ve had some wild Trump COVID-19 stories before, this one somehow manages to lower the bar even further.

Speaking of Trump and COVID-19, the GOAT team talk about the importance of wearing a face mask on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

So this whole “demon sperm” saga began when Trump shared a video of a Dr. Stella Immanuel speaking at a COVID-19 misinformation rally to Facebook and YouTube, where it proceeded to go stupidly viral.

Now for context, Dr. Stella Immanuel is someone who claims that hydroxychloroquine can cure COVID-19 (it doesn’t) and face masks are not needed (they are, more than ever actually). So in short, she’s a lab coat-wearing quack masquerading as a doctor, which makes her the perfect type of “medical professional” for Trump to follow in his ongoing journey to completely botch the United States’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyway, so this video shared by Trump was eventually taken down by Facebook and YouTube for spreading COVID-19 misinformation. Trump Jr, who we all know isn’t the sharpest tool in that shed, decided to also share the same video on Twitter, only for it to be promptly taken down as well and his account temporarily frozen.

So how exactly does “demon sperm” fit into this Trump story so far? Well The Daily Beast looked into this Dr. Stella Immanuel and discovered that this Trump-endorsed “doctor” is a religious minister who harbours some, uh, unsavoury thoughts about COVID-19 and women’s health that involves a worrying amount of demon sex, sperm, and alien DNA.

Aside from subscribing to the false belief that hydroxychloroquine can cure COVID-19, Immanuel’s belief system sounds like something taken out of a cooked H. R. Giger alien universe. Here’s just some of what she honestly believes in:

  • Alien DNA is used in medical treatments.
  • The government is run by reptilians, who are also splicing the aforementioned alien DNA into vaccines.
  • Ailments like fibroids and ovarian cysts are due to “demonic sperm after demon dream sex.”
  • Jesus will destroy Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg if they don’t reinstate all her videos that were taken down.

So yeah, it’s because of this Immanuel quack that “demon sperm” is trending and why it’s now associated with the big orange baby. It also doesn’t help that Trump doubled down on his endorsement of this “demon sperm” doctor after being questioned about it.

Read the entire piece on this quack of a “doctor” from The Daily Beast, it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

Of all the things that has gone on in 2020 so far, who would’ve thought that Trump and “demon sperm” would be associated with one another in such an unsavoury, dangerous manner? Rather than focusing on properly addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, we instead get jizz from the offspring of Satan.

And even then they missed out on a trick because “demon semen” sounds a lot better than “demon sperm.”

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Fans Think Taylor Swift Snuck In A Subtle Kanye West Dig In 'Folklore'

Still can't Shake It Off.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Taylor Swift has dropped a surprise album, Folklore, upon the world and according to the many who have devoured it and its Easter eggs, it is *checks notes* really good. But as it is whenever we get a new Taylor Swift album, the thing everyone is most interested about is who she’s targeting in her songs and fans think she’s reigniting an her infamous feud with with Kanye West on Folklore.

Speaking of Taylor Swift and ‘Folklore’, the GOAT team dive into the album and all the Easter eggs hidden in its songs on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

On the penultimate song of Folklore, ‘Peace,’ Taylor sings, “But there’s robbers to the east/Clowns to the West” and keen-eared fans are interpreting this lyric as not only a trademark Swift jab at Kanye West but also a dig at Scooter Braun.

Taylor Swift fans think the “But there’s robbers to the east” lyric in ‘Peace’ references the whole music rights feud between Tay Tay, Scooter Braun, and Scott Borchetta, while the “Clowns to the West” is an unsubtle dig at Kanye West for, well, being a clown (which he is).

Fans have also noted that Tay Tay’s lyric video for ‘Peace’ doesn’t capitalise “east” but it does for “West,” which counts as evidence of her going after the rapper, and many have shared all these “receipts” to Twitter.

With this ‘Peace’ lyric, we have another entry into the long-running Taylor Swift/Kanye West feud *ahem* folklore, which spans over decade and several popcorn-worthy incidents that no one should realistically give a crap about yet still do anyway, like the whole phone call thing and Kim Kardashian trying to shoehorn her way into the mess as an unwanted third party.

Unsurprisingly, neither Taylor or Kanye have said anything about this not-so-subtle lyric in ‘Peace’ but we shouldn’t take that possibility off the table just yet given the rapper’s tendency to go on weird rants lately.

We should really be over this whole Taylor Swift/Kanye West feud thingy after all these years, yet it is never not interesting whenever one of the pair decides to reopen old wounds for whatever petty reason. Guess we can not only say that Tay Tay and Kanye will never be getting back together again due to all the bad blood, but peace between the two is nigh impossible.

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​Robert Downey Jr. Has A Career Today Because He Was Desperate For A Date

One of Hollywood's big comebacks.

It’s not a stretch to call Robert Downey Jr one of Hollywood’s biggest and most talented stars right now. His career comeback from drug addiction is next level stuff, but all this likely wouldn’t have happened the way it did and RDJ almost certainly wouldn’t have become “Robert Downey Jr” had it not been for his now-wife Susan Downey and some divine intervention from Burger King.

Speaking of Robert Downey Jr’s career and Burger King, the GOAT team talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Before he revived his career with the double whammy of Iron Man and Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr was a washed up actor struggling with drug addiction and was basically uninsurable due to his troubles.

This all changed when RDJ met his now-wife Susan Downey (née Levin) on the set of 2003’s Gothika. Despite initially having no sparks, Susan tells Harpers Bazaar that she and RDJ began dating during the movie’s production. But after the film wrapped, she gave him an ultimatum after seeing his wilder side: her (and by extension his career) or drugs.

Unlike all the previous cycles of drugs, legal trouble, rehab, rinse and repeat, Susan’s ultimatum ultimately struck a chord with RDJ. While driving in a car with “tons of f**king dope” and thinking about Susan, RDJ stopped at a Burger King where he ordered a burger that turned out to be absolutely “disgusting.”

Susan’s ultimatum and the thought that drugs couldn’t even allow him to enjoy something as simple as a cheeseburger ultimately provided RDJ with some much-needed clarity. He ultimately threw his drugs in the ocean and hasn’t looked back since.

Now all this isn’t to say that Robert Downey Jr’s career wouldn’t have been revived had it not been for Susan’s ultimatum and his Burger King epiphany – he’s too talented for that not to happen. But it’s perhaps safe to say that his life and career would’ve turned out much differently had he not been so desperate to keep seeing his now-wife (and enjoy some cheeseburgers) that he was willing to get clean.

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