What Happens When Artists Get Sick Of Their Own Songs?

The heart wants what it wants.

As Selena Gomez released her heavily-anticipated sophomore album, Rare, she did a press interview with WSJ Magazine, in which she made comments about some of her earlier work.

Specifically, when talking about the highly successful, cult-favorite dance single, “Come And Get It”, Gomez said “That’s so not my personality. The lyrics are, ‘When you’re ready, come and get it.’ I would never say that!”

Um, what?

Now, it’s not at all uncommon for child stars to denounce their old music, especially if they’re from Disney or Nickelodeon fame. We’ve seen Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers all make sly comments rejecting very early works. Even Ariana Grande’s debut single, “Put Your Hearts Up”, saw the pop star openly and passionately reject it. In an interview with Radio Disney, Ariana said: “I hate that song with a burning passion, a burning passion of a thousand suns”. 

Ariana won’t be singing this song in the rain, I tell you that!

So, why do stars hate their old work?

Well, it’s not uncommon to see this rejection with pop stars who were once a child star. This is because of the immense pressure placed on them by their music label, in addition to the pressure of keeping up a cookie-cutter, clean “image”. Thus, there exists this tension of making music that doesn’t reflect that of the artist’s personality but does reflect the ideal pop-image that labels and TV studios want to make. Moreover, it’s those songs that connect with the fans.

Miley? Hannah? Who is she?

So how does it feel when an artist rejects a song that you once connected with? Well, it’s not great. As someone who loved “Come and Get It”, “Give Your Heart A Break” and Camp Rock, it was sad to see these stars reject that work. 

Me, when Nick denounced Camp Rock.

Ultimately, artists grow out of phases and grow into themselves more as they evolve. But, just because they evolve, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to reject their old selves. 

Take Kylie Minogue for example, instead of rejecting her past, she openly embraces it. She’ll belt out “Locomotion” at a live show, she defends her Neighbours era and she even went on Kath & Kim to play a parody of herself because she is so confident in herself. 

An icon.

In a way, a musician’s discography is like a family photo book: there are going to be haircuts and phases that really didn’t suit, but at the time it was absolutely everything. And regardless, if the artists have moved on, there will still be people that are influenced by their early work.

Bottom line is, be more like Kylie! Embrace the past, because we loved it. We know you’ve moved on, just let us enjoy your old stuff!

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Someone Better Check On Justin Bieber After His Manic Rant

Just shake me, ’til you wake me from this bad dream.

Is Justin Bieber okay? 

Pressure seems to be piling up on the Yummy singer as the Biebs took to social media to beg his fans for support. As he sits in the backseat of a car, next to his wife Hailey Bieber, he struggles to open a can of mints and goes on a wild rant.  “I can’t get a fricken number 2 or 3… second’s the first loser everyone knows that”, the 25-year-old pleaded in a new video. Yikes.

He then goes on to angrily rant, “I haven’t dropped a single in how long? Come back to a number 2 or a number 3 spot? Do I look like a loser to you Hailey? No! I’m a winner!” Later on in the video, Bieber utters “The ends of my hair are looking deader than my hamster.”

You can catch the cringy, manic rant starting from 0:38 seconds here:

The video comes after Justin Bieber posted a whole bunch of photos of babies to promote his new single, which is about sex. To be honest, we’re really not sure where his head is at. 

Baby! Baby! Baby! Noooo! (Credit: Instagram)

Regardless, it looks like the Biebs is really gunning for that number one spot, with himself, Scooter Braun and the rest of his team pulling out all the stops. 

Available for a limited time on his website, you can purchase Yummy on 7 different types of vinyl, 5 different types of CD, a cassette and a digital single. That’s a total of 14 times. 

This merch is Dummy. (Credit: Justin Bieber’s Online Store)

In addition to these merch-bundles, Justin’s manager Scooter Braun took to Twitter to tease a Yummy remix that features the biggest-boyband at the moment, BTS

There is also a Yummy game that you can play if you’re feeling bored at work today. 

Will Justin Bieber get his number one with all this promo? Who knows? We just hope that he feels better soon and maybe stops posting those random baby photos. Please…

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Avril Lavigne, Cloned Or Not, Is A Pop Legend Who Deserves Better

It’s not that complicated!

Guys, Avril Lavigne is an actual queen. While the popstar suffered from some minor backlash for a slightly-culturally-appropriative song back in 2014, the truth is she’s a legend. She makes bops, and she has done so consistently for the past two decades. And so, without further ado, let’s explore the 6 main reasons why we should remember and respect the discography of Avril Lavigne.

1. She made ties cool

Fun fact: the sales of ties skyrocketed 7835736180% after the debut of the “Complicated” music video. Okay, while that isn’t true, you can’t deny the fact that you wanted a cool tie to wear loosely over your singlet? Fashion icon in the making, I say. 

2. She took creative risks

One doesn’t need to look past the hit-single ‘Sk8er Boi’ to see her overflowing creative juices. Firstly, it has to be acknowledged that adapting Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ was a bold choice on its own, but to make them a punk and a ballet-dancer? Genius. Also, the use of the number “8” in “Sk8er Boi”… Someone thought outside the box!

3. She wasn’t afraid to love a guilty-pleasure

Bravery. The mere thought of admitting that you like Nickleback back in 2013 was an absolute no-go, but that didn’t stop Queen Avril. The punk-rock icon loved Nickleback so much that she tied the knot with him back in that year. While they did separate in 2015, the two are on excellent terms, so much so that they’ve kept collaborating with each other! Gotta love a healthy relationship with your ex. 

4. She’s a multi-lingual queen

We’re not sure how fluent Avril Lavigne is in languages other than Canadian, but that didn’t stop this icon from singing in Japanese, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, German and Portuguese for her hit song, “Girlfriend”. Dora the Explorer who?

5. She’s started her own foundation

The queen of pop is also a queen of philanthropy! In 2010, Avril launched the Avril Lavigne Foundation aimed to help “individuals with Lyme disease, serious illnesses and disabilities.” Her 2018 comeback single was actually about her struggle with Lyme disease. 

6. She’s dead and has been replaced with a clone. 

Whether you believe this conspiracy theory or not, you entertained the idea that Avril Lavigne could have died and been replaced by an actress when it went viral a few years back. Only legends get conspiracy theories! Case closed.

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