We Finally Know What Post Malone Smells Like

Case, closed.

Since bursting onto the music scene around 2015, Austin Post AKA Post Malone has gained a loyal fanbase into the thousands – but there has been one characteristic of the rapper turned singer that has always been shrouded in mystery. His smell.

It all started in 2018 when fans kept requesting Post Malone appear in an episode of the Netflix series Queer Eye. Fab Five member Karamo Brown asked his Twitter followers “Lol why does everyone want Post Malone to be on the show? Did he request it?”

…And Posty responded, “No, they just think I’m ugly and smell lol.” This sent social media into an absolute tailspin trying to figure out Malone’s true perfume. 

The good news is, we finally closed the case on Post Malone’s fragrance. In the most recent episode of It’s Been A Big Day For… we spoke to celebrity tattoo artist Lauren Winzer about tattoos, taboos and the scents of her famous clients. Listen to the episode below:

Winzer has inked everyone from Miley Cyrus to Joe Jonas and has even lent her artistic skills to the skin of Post Malone himself, which means she’s spent a fair amount of time up close and personal with the rapper. 

“He smells great, he smells fine – he smells completely normal. He just looks like he just got out of bed,” she confirms. 

“I’ll tell you what…he actually gave me bronchitis and smelled like cigarettes because he smokes so many cigarettes,” she explained. “He got really obsessed with ‘smoko’ and was like ‘let’s go on smoko’ every 15 minutes, and I was like ‘okay!’”

During our chat with Winzer, she also revealed what Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend Cody Simpson smells like. “He smells basic,” she explained, likening the scent to Lynx Africa. 

Another one of Winzer’s clients is Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, who apparently smells like “florals,” perhaps a Tuberose and Sandalwood fragrance. 

In our interview with Winzer, she also revealed that out of all Hollywood, she’d love to take Adam Sandler’s tattoo virginity. 

She also spoke about tattoo copyright issues, hitting the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button on social media, Toni Colette’s tramp stamp and her collab with phone case brand Tech21

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Rest Easy Now Lizzo Has Finally Revealed The Contents Of Her Tiny Bag

The truth doesn't always hurt.

Last year, Lizzo attended the American Music Awards looking her usual flawless self, but there was one element of her outfit the Internet couldn’t stop talking about – a teensy, tiny bag from Italian fashion label Valentino.

Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Immediately after pics of Lizzo’s miniature arm candy hit the Internet, social media users flooded their feeds with the question: what could she possibly fit inside there!? 

Even we had our own theories.

Fast-forward to this week and Lizzo has finally revealed what was inside her fun-sized bag and it does not disappoint.

In an Instagram video captioned “YALL WANNA KNOW WHAT’S IN MY TINY BAG BITCH?” Lizzo pulls from her mini purse a pencil, a TV remote, a can of pringles – and then things escalate to another level. 

Out comes a bottle of wine, a neon lace dress, and a huge brown wig, after which Lizzo admits “I don’t have room for this in my bag!”

Lizzo’s pint-sized purse has been the source of much Internet hilarity. After she first rocked t at the American Music Awards, the singer asked her Twitter followers “can someone Photoshop the bag big and me small? I’m tryna see something.” 

When Lizzo asks, her fans deliver – and they go the extra mile. 

Last week, Lizzo announced she was taking a break from Twitter, claiming that the platform has “too many trolls.” Despite taking a hiatus from Twitter, it looks like the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer is still doing her thing on TikTok and Instagram, much to her fans delight.

Lizzo just finished a whirlwind tour of Australia, but during her time downunder managed to win our hearts with her breathtaking performances, hilarious interviews and volunteer work for Foodbank Australia packing hampers for fire-affected areas.

Honestly, you can’t help but stan a generous queen who embraces all the memes she inspires.

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Kylie Jenner's Fur Slippers Prove Just How Devo She Is Over Dying Aussie Animals

Oh the hypocrisy.

2020 kicked off a mere seven days ago but our minds are already boggled by a new tone deaf celebrity gaffe – and this time it comes from reality TV star Kylie Jenner and her fur slippers.

The 22-year-old took to Instagram over the weekend to share big sis Kim Kardashian’s story stating that “over half a BILLION animals have been killed in Australia.” 

Jenner’s story, which featured an image of a koala clinging onto the volunteer firefighter, was captioned “this breaks my heart…”

Credit: @kyliejenner Instagram

Clearly, Kylie was extremely distraught over hearing how many Australian animals had perished in the fires because just 12 hours later she posted a snap of her freshly pedicured toes in a pair of $1,500 mink fur Louis Vuitton slippers.

Credit: @kyliejenner Instagram

C’mon, Ky – can you see the problem here?

It didn’t take long for the reality TV star to be slammed on social media for her hypocrisy. One Twitter user wrote, “what’s worse is that these animals get killed like nothing and sold to expensive brands for like $5 only to be resold for $1000+” 

Other social media users reacted with disappointment, but little surprise – and it’s an understandable feeling. 

Over the past few years, and even in the past week, social media influencers and celebs like the Kardashians have gained quite the reputation for completely missing the mark in times of crisis.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian clapped back at followers who claimed she was using her platform to preach about climate change and flaunt her extreme wealth in the same breath.

“Nothing gets me more heated than to see people think they know what we donated to and to think we have to publicise,” Kardashian tweeted.

But that’s not the only scandal we’ve grown tired of. How could we possibly forget Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner’s controversial Pepsi ad in 2017? Kim, Khloe and Kourtney’s QuickTrim lawsuit of 2012? Or all the various accusations of cultural appropriation the family has faced over the years.

It’s incredible that after all of these years, the Kardashians – and other celebs for that matter – haven’t learned from their mistakes. When you’ve got a captive audience of millions of followers, perhaps it’s best to think twice before posting.

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