Today I Learned That Nike's Slogan Was Inspired By A Killer's Last Words

Mad Men wasn't that far off after all.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, including the most unlikely of places. Maybe when you’re out walking, or maybe your niece says something funny. Or maybe a man gets executed for killing two people and you take his last words as inspiration for the Nike slogan, which goes on to be one of the most recognisable slogans ever. Maybe.

This slogan.

In Utah, July 1976, Gary Gilmore drove off after having a fight with his girlfriend and decided to stop at a service station. Once he got there he walked up to the attendant, Max Jensen, and pulled out a gun. He told Jensen to empty out his pockets and then go to the bathroom and lie on the floor. From there, Gilmore shot Jensen twice in the head.

The next day he drove to a motel. He walked in and told the hotel manager, Bennie Bushnell, to give him the cash box and get down on the ground. Just like before, Gilmore shot Bushnell in the head while he was lying on the floor.

While he was fleeing the scene, Gary Gilmore tried to throw the gun used in the murders into a bush, and failed spectacularly by shooting himself in the hand. After that particularly genius move, he went to his cousin’s place for help and painkillers. She obviously freaked out and called the police.

Gary Gilmore was sentenced to death, and chose to face the firing squad. Standing in front of the guns, he was asked if he had any last words.

“Let’s do it.”

This line was picked up by Dan Wieden, then the head of ad agency Wieden & Kennedy, who used it in a 1988 Nike commercial.

In an interview years later, Wieden said “I like the ‘do it’ part of it.”

If you’re picturing a scene from Mad Men, you’re probably not that far off. “None of us really paid that much attention. We thought ‘Yeah. That would work.’”

And work it did, because we’re still repeating Nike’s Just Do It slogan over and over again today.

Want something better to take inspo from? How about Gwyneth Paltrow’s wild energy?

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Tyra Banks' 'Modelland' Is Starting To Sound Like Fyre Fest 2.0

We were rooting for her.

Tyra Banks announced ‘Modelland’ early last year, and we were promised a “multi-level 21,000 sq. ft space, which will include retail and dining options, will be open to the public, who can buy tickets” in Santa Monica, California. The point of Modelland was to bring “modelling to the masses, while expanding the definition of beauty,” which has apparently been Tyra’s life long goal. 

It was all well and good when it was a vague idea, but a year later it’s beginning to sound more and more like a certain famous festival that went down in a ball of flames. A ball of Fyre, one might even say.

In a new interview with The View, Tyra Banks has told us all that the inspiration for Modelland was being told ‘no’ all the time, that it’s kind of like Wakanda, and that some kids opened up a portal to Los Angeles. It’s a wild ride, and I don’t think I’m tall enough to ride it tbh.

So it’s full of models, it’s on a really famous beach, and there are disturbingly few concrete details. See where I’m headed with this?

Fyre Festival was so bad that it became the comparison point for all major disasters, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Modelland is going to go close. Tyra is promising that it will be open “later this winter,” but winter in the US is over when February ends, so I don’t know what to tell you.

Want more bad ideas? Listen to the GOAT Team facepalm over Hallmark removing an LGBT ad…

Maybe this will be a major success and Modelland will be this amazing attraction that had all the amazing details kept under wraps. But we thought that of Fyre Fest too, and look what happened. I don’t think Tyra Banks is going to end up in jail for fraud over Modelland, but I reckon there’s a very good chance that visitors will get served crappy cheese sandwiches.

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