TikTok Confirms That You Aren’t Rich Or Good-Looking Enough To Go Viral

What an unattractive platform to be on.

If you’re on TikTok, then chances are that you’ve shared a heap of videos in the vain hope something will go viral enough to propel you to internet stardom. Well folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. The likely reason you haven’t gone viral on TikTok isn’t because of your content but because the platform is likely censoring you for being not good-looking or rich enough.

Speaking of going viral, the GOAT team talk about Nikki Webster and Rebecca Black’s tour on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to internal documents obtained by The Intercept, TikTok have apparently been instructing moderators to censor and suppress posts from users they deem to be too ugly or poor for the platform. It is reported that TikTok artificially limits the audience reach for those they think aren’t good-looking or rich enough, essentially barring them from appearing on the platform’s “For You” section.

Some of the unfavourable physical traits outlined in TikTok’s company guidelines includes things like “abnormal body shape,” “ugly facial looks,” “dwarfism,” “obvious beer belly,” “too many wrinkles,” and “eye disorders.” The platform’s algorithm also doesn’t look too favourably on videos where the environments are “shabby and dilapidated” or if they’re filmed in “slums” and “rural fields.”

This is certainly discrimination but TikTok isn’t limiting it to just who they think is ugly and poor as The Intercept reports that the platform is also wielding its censorship hammer down on people with disabilities, political speeches, and negative political opinions about the police and government, especially Chinese institutions.

So why is the Chinese-owned TikTok censoring people who aren’t good-looking or rich enough for their tastes? Well apparently it’s all to project the idea that TikTok is populated by wealthy hot people in an attempt to attract new users to the platform.

Hmmm, China censoring things and truths it doesn’t like to hear or see and trying to promote a sense of “everything is fine” to outsiders. Sounds really familiar.

A TikTok spokesperson has since responded to The Intercept‘s report and said that this policy of censoring “poor” and “ugly” users was just part of “an early blunt attempt at preventing bullying, but are no longer in place.” If that sounds a bit too good to be true, that’s because it sort of is.

Aside from no mention about anti-bulling measures in the documents obtained by The Intercept, sources reaching out to the publication indicate that these nasty policies were in place as recently as late 2019.

The report from The Intercept on TikTok suppressing users who are not good-looking or rich enough is absolutely wild and it dives deeper into the app’s other cooked policies, such as the platform’s convoluted and occasionally contradictory rules about racist, sexist and other offensive content.

It’s all definitely worth a read and it’s certainly a better use of your time than trying to go viral on TikTok only to be told you’re too poor or ugly for them.

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Tom Hanks Confirms He Has Coronavirus, No This Is Not A Hoax

Now this is personal.

When that “Daniel Radcliffe has coronavirus” hoax came out, it was a pretty funny, albeit in a borderline sort of way. Well now it’s stopped being funny because we have our first confirmed celebrity case of coronavirus and the person infected is none other than Tom Hanks.

Speaking of the coronavirus, the GOAT team talk about all the events that have been cancelled due to the disease on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

In a statement issued out on his official Twitter profile, Tom Hanks revealed that he and his wife Rita Wilson have been in Australia at the Gold Coast filming Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic when the couple began to feel “tired”, some “body aches”,” some “colds” and a slight fever.

After doing the responsible thing and getting tested for the coronavirus, Tom revealed that the results came back positive and he and Rita are now following all the protocols issued out by medical officials and are in isolation. ABC News reports that Tom and Rita have been hospitalised on the Gold Coast.

Despite the bad news, Tom remained upbeat in his statement and says he and Rita are taking it “one-day-at-a-time” and promised to keep the world posted and updated on what’s happening with them.

Of all the people to get the coronavirus, why must it be Tom Hanks? What did he do to deserve such a thing to happen to him? And bloody hell, Australia, why did you have to go do this to Tom? He was on the Gold Coast working on a movie for god’s sake, it’s not like he was doing anything awful.

This is now personal and here’s hoping Tom Hanks will pull through this coronavirus infection.

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The Pop-Culture Moments That Have Helped Us Understand Coronavirus

The truth and fiction are just as strange as each other.

The coronavirus has been around for a few months now but there are those who are still struggling to understand the ins and outs of the disease and how it spreads, thanks in no part to the amount of misinformation out there. For those who want to brush up on how diseases like the coronavirus spread and how we can possibly contain them, you can actually get a decent understanding by watching Contagion and playing World Of Warcraft.

Speaking of the coronavirus, the GOAT team break down what is going on with the outbreak on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Let’s start with Contagion first, Steven Soderberg’s film about a pandemic that eerily mirrors what’s going on with the coronavirus right now while also featuring a scene where Gwyneth Paltrow carks it due to the disease.

While the disease in Contagion is fictional, the way the characters and governments reacted in an attempt to contain a new and unknown virus is grounded in reality and scarily similar to the real world’s response to the coronavirus.

Veterinary pathologist Tracey McNamara, who helped provide scientific advice on Contagion, says (via Buzzfeed News) that people should’ve taken the film a lot more seriously as it’s a pretty damn accurate depiction of what happens when a pandemic hits and governments are ill-prepared for it (which is what’s happening seemingly everywhere).

Just to ease people’s fears about the film’s on-point accuracy, people don’t die horrifically from the coronavirus like how Gwyneth Paltrow does in Contagion.

If Contagion isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps you should brush up on World Of Warcraft’s infamous “Corrupted Blood” incident, a virtual pandemic was so bonkers that scientists actually studied it to predict how humans react to actual pandemics (like the coronavirus).

The “Corrupted Blood” incident began in September 13, 2005, when a new raid boss was introduced into World Of Warcraft that could leave a permanent status effect (called Corrupted Blood) on your character that slowly kills them.

However, the issue was that the status effect didn’t go away (like every other status effect) and the only way to survive was for your character to be high-leveled enough. This major problem was compounded by the fact that your Warcraft pets could also get infected and help spread Corrupted Blood to other characters whenever they were summoned.

A deadly disease no one knows about that spreads quickly, kills the weak, and is carried by animals? This “Corrupted Blood” incident sounds pretty familiar to the coronavirus.

The World Of Warcraft developers realised they couldn’t fix this “Corrupted Blood” problem straight away and warned players to self-quarantine. What unfolded over the next week was eerily similar to what happened in real life in a strange case of art reinforcing life.

Players avoided dense populations or stopped playing World Of Warcraft until the Corrupted Blood effect was fixed while some players fled and inadvertently spread the effect further. Some high-level players offered their healing services while some lower-leveled players helped direct players from infected areas, which were abandoned completely. Hell there were even those who were uninfected but wandered into an infected area out of curiousity, ended up getting the disease, and inadvertently caused it to spread further,

Since this is World Of Warcraft we’re talking about, there were those trolls who spread Corrupted Blood around deliberately. At least no one has tried to spread the coronavirus arou- oh wait, yes there was.

The Corrupted Blood incident was so wild that actual epidemiologists actually studied it and used it to make virtual models on how people react during an actual pandemic. Like Contagion, the parallels between this cooked World Of Warcraft incident and what’s unfolding with the coronavirus is eerily similar.

If there’s anything to glean from this Corrupted Blood/coronavirus comparison, it’s how quickly humans are driven to panic in the face of a pandemic, and how all it takes is a small group of bad-faith people to make things even worse for those trying to stay safe and/or help others out during tough times.

There’s been a lot of strangeness that’s come out of the coronavirus, but the strangest thing has to be the amount of surprising truth that’s found in fiction when it comes to understanding this disease.

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