Stormzy Used His Brit Award Win As An Opportunity To Praise Women

"You lot are the greatest."

If you haven’t gotten around to listening to Stormzy yet, I would absolutely recommend it. Not only is he crushing the game musically, but he’s also a genuinely awesome dude. He’s further cemented himself as a gem after picking up a Brit Award, and choosing to acknowledge all the women who got him there.

Before we get to his speech, all you need to know about Stormzy can be summed up by this incredibly wholesome video. He went back to his old Primary School and got grilled by some kids about life, politics, and garbagemen.

Right, back to The Brits.

Stormzy took out the Brit Award for Best Male Artist, winning over Harry Styles, Michael Kiwanuka, Lewis Capaldi, and Dave. 

Accepting the award, he said “To be the best male, I have got the most incredible females in my team.”

“You lot are the greatest, the best male is nothing without the best females. I love you guys. To every single person who supported me, I love you. Thank you guys.”

After another long movie awards season that’s been criticised over and over and over again for ignoring the women in their craft, it’s a nice change to see someone who’s just taken out a massive music award acknowledge that he didn’t get to that stage on his own.

There might be hope for awards like The Oscars yet. Listen to the GOAT Team chat abut the future of the awards…

It was a brilliant speech, and certainly went a lot better than Lewis Capaldi’s. Lewis won Best New Artist but had his entire speech muted on the broadcast because he said “Thank you very f*cking much.” He also downed a lager on the way up to the stage, and on the stage. Because of course he did. 

So here’s to Stormzy, a genuinely great dude, for spreading the love around during his Brit Award win as much as it deserves to be.

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I Haven't Been The Same Since I Discovered Corey Worthington's Insta

There are still so many sunglasses.

Remember Corey Worthington? Of course you do. The guy with bright yellow hair and even brighter yellow sunglasses that took all of Australian by storm in January 2008. He was 16 at the time, and gave one of the most ridiculous interviews of all time after he threw an out of control house party while his parents were away. I’d mostly forgotten about his existence, but I recently discovered Corey Worthington’s Instagram and I can’t say I’m ok.

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First of all, remember what he looked like in 2008? Yes? Ok good, here’s what he looks like today.

He’s still clearly a massive fan of the glasses, and he seems to have about a million different pairs. Some things will never change, I guess. One thing I didn’t expect to learn was that he was on Australian Ninja Warrior. You know, the show where incredibly ripped people try and complete the sort of obstacle course that you would have designed when you were a sadistic 8 year old with no concept of physics? That one.

Maybe I’m late to the party (heh) on this, but I’m genuinely impressed. Not only does he give the course a crack, he also seems to do pretty well at it? Admittedly I have all the upper body strength of a piece of wet tissue paper, so it doesn’t take a lot to impress me, but look at him go!

There are a lot of tattoo posts as well. Some of them are his tattoos, but then there’s this gem.

So there you have it. I’ve spent far too much of my life on this deep dive, and regret absolutely nothing. An Australian icon who maintains his stance of not apologising for anything while also wearing sunglasses. This is the energy I’m hoping to channel all the way into 2020.

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Best Grab Snacks, This Jameela Jamil 'Investigation' Is A Wild Ride


In the space of a week, Jameela Jamil has hurriedly came out as queer, then told the world that she regretted it, and now she’s defending herself against accusations of Munchausen Sydndrome. It’s been a really bad week for her.

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For context, Munchausen Syndrome is “mental disorder in which the patient fakes illness to gain attention and sympathy,” and is a pretty serious condition. 

A producer and writer named Tracie Morrissey has gone on a deep dive the likes of which I haven’t seen in a very long time, and come out the other end saying that Jameela Jamil is faking (or at least massively exaggerating) injuries and illness.

Down we go

Putting all of her evidence into an Insta story that’s now saved to her highlights reel, Tracie says she first started to feel a bit suss about all this when she saw a video of Jameela falling over after a day of filming. Jameela said she’d lost a tooth, broken her nose and elbow, and got a concussion from the fall. According to Tracie, Jameela’s nose and elbow looked fine after the fall, and the fall wasn’t bad enough to cause those injuries anyway.

She then starts going down a real rabbit hole. She says that Jameela’s many, many encounters with bees are either some super shit luck or just didn’t happen. Jameela says she’s been hit by a car twice – once at 17 and once when she was filming season one of The Good Place – while running away from a swarm of bees, and got swarmed another time when she and Mark Ronson were chased by a “cloud” of bees.

The best part of that is that when Mark Ronson was asked about the bee incident in an interview, and said “I think that maybe we were sitting outside and there was a fruit plate nearby and maybe one or two individual bees approached slowly and instead of running from a swarm of killer bees, I think we said like, ‘Should we go inside?’ We walked slowly inside.”

Jameela has jumped on Twitter to reply, and addressed all of the examples that Tracie brought up. 

While some defences sound good, others are a bit more questionable. For example, when speaking about surviving cancer twice, this was her response:

It admittedly feels a bit off to call a cancer scare “surviving cancer.”

Eventually though, Jameela signed off by saying that  “I’ve said my bit. I’ve explained and defended every single accusation In my various threads. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get on with a speech I’m writing for the UN. So have fun arguing about how many times YOU think I’ve run away from bees. Or if YOU think I had cancer!”

The truth, as always, is probably somewhere in the middle. At the end of the day, I absolutely cannot fault the dedication to the deep dive from Tracie’s investigation into Jameela Jamil’s possible Munchausen Syndrome. I’m invested as hell.

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