PewDiePie Is Gone, And He's Taken A History Of Problematic Comments With Him

Good riddance.

Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie and still somehow the most watched YouTuber, has reigned at the top of the YouTube pile for years now by doing… whatever it is he does. But it seems like 2020 may be the year someone else will rise to the top because he’s going on a hiatus due to “burn out.”

While Pewdiepie’s many fans despaired over the news, I welcome his break with open arms because it finally means we’ll be rid of him and his hate-spewing nonsense for at least a little while.

Pewdiepie has racked up quite the list of problematic comments ever since he first opened his YouTube channel in 2010, and boy is his history of vile comments depressing to retread.

The early years saw Pewdiepie dabble with unsavoury rape jokes, only to move onto marginally less unsavoury “jokes” about joining ISIS (via The New York Times) when he was called out.

Things took a turn for the anti-Semitic in 2017 when Pewdiepie thought Nazi imagery was a good place to mine for material and paid people to hold up a sign that read “Death to all Jews.” After being stripped of a number of deals and supposedly apologising for his idiocy, the YouTuber was soon back at it when he dropped a racial slur while live-streaming a video game.

Just to complete the trifecta of hate, 2018 saw Pewdiepie then dipped his toes into the sexism pool when he called a Twitch broadcaster a “Twitch thot” before posting a meme mocking Demi Lovato during her 2018 overdose.

Pewdiepie has repeatedly used the “it’s just a joke, bro” excuse whenever he’s done something wrong, but actions have consequences, especially when you’re constantly flirting with alt-right beliefs for the sake of “content.”

All this rhetoric soon came back to bite Pewdiepie in the arse when the Christchurch mosque shootings went down and the perpetrator said “subscribe to Pewdiepie.” While he personally condemned the shooter for using his name, this incident shows what happens when a constant stream of hate comments get taken too far.

There’s no denying that being a popular YouTube content creator is a one-way road to burn out. Constantly churning out videos takes a toll and credit to Pewdiepie for taking care of himself first.

But it’s incredibly hard to be sympathetic since Pewdiepie has literally made millions from his vile comments, has shown no sign of growth or regret, and has no self-awareness of how his “content” may influence his massive fanbase. He repeatedly says he’s “learned” from all his “oopsies” but then he keeps saying dumb sh*t over and over again, which suggests he’s learned all of “jack” and “squat.”

Not only does this pattern let him off the hook time and time again, it just normalises the hateful crap he’s spewed over the years, and it doesn’t help that people are framing his hiatus as “exhaustion” while not holding him accountable for the hatestorm he has help stirred up.

Is it possible for someone like Pewdiepie to genuinely grow and learn from their past mistakes? Sure but only if we hold them accountable and they show actual understanding of what they’re doing is wrong. But based on what we’ve seen so far, it seems like Pewdiepie is a bit of a lost cause.

Pewdiepie will unfortunately be back on YouTube at some point – he’s got too much going on there to permanently leave – so let’s just enjoy the hate-free silence of his hiatus while it lasts.

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Today I Learned: Adam Driver Is A Trained Marine Who Could Kick Your Arse

What you see is what you get.

When you look at Star Wars and Marriage Story star Adam Driver, you immediately feel a little intimidated due to his large physique and crazy intensity. You get the feeling that he could beat your arse without breaking a sweat if you rubbed him the wrong way or got on his nerves.

While Adam likely won’t beat you up if you make him mad, he most definitely could if he wanted to because he happens to be a trained Marine.

Before Star Wars, an Oscar nomination for Marriage Story, and the name “Adam Driver” being plastered all over Hollywood, Adam had actually failed in getting into the famous Juilliard drama school in New York.

While he knew he wanted to perform, the September 11 attacks prompted a lot of talk among his friends and family about joining the military, and Adam ultimately enlisted in the United States Marine Corps shortly after the attack.

While Adam wasn’t an athlete before joining the Marines, he adapted to the culture quite easily as it provided him a sense of comradeship and discipline that he had been lacking in his life up to that point.

Adam ultimately trained for two years (which explains the origins of “Ben Swolo“) and was hoping to deploying with his friends, only to suffer a major setback when he injured himself in a mountain biking accident.

Despite trying to push the injury (not unlike Kylo Ren), Adam was medically discharged from the Marines with the rank of Lance Corporal. After a year of uni, he applied to Juilliard again and managed to get into the school the second time around.

While he took to acting, Adam struggled to fit in with the Juilliard lifestyle as it was so different to the disciplined Marines culture and his classmates were quite intimidated by him. But he ultimately graduated in 2009 and the rest quickly became history as he got onto HBO’s hit show Girls not long after and the world was introduced to “Adam Driver.”

So if you’re intimidated by Adam Driver, well you have a right to be because the man who brought Kylo Ren to life was a goddamn Marine once upon a time and could legit kick your arse. But thankfully for us, any arse kicking is purely for the big screen because while Adam may have been a badarse Marine, he’s an even better actor.

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