Pete Davidson Knew Mac Miller’s Death Was The End For Him And Ariana Grande

"I'll be here until you don't want me here."

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s relationship was the ultimate whirlwind, but now the dust has settled – and Thank U, Next has gone on to smash the charts as a result – the comedian is getting real about how and why it ended before it had even begun.

ICYMI, Davidson and Grande were engaged back in June 2018 but called it quits just four months later.

In a recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Davidson said he knew it was “over” with Grande when her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died in September 2018 from an accidental overdose.

“I think I said, like, ‘I’ll be here until you don’t want me here,’” Davidson said. “I pretty much knew it was over around after that. That was really horrible and I can’t imagine what that sh*t is like. That sh*t is just terrible.”

“All I do know is that she really loved the sh*t out of him and she wasn’t putting on a show or anything,” he said. “That was f*cked up and prayers to his family and all of his friends, still.”

During the interview, Pete Davidson also spoke about making jokes about his past relationships and what’s off-limits. “I think genuinely being hurt is off-limits or anything like being sh*tty or anything.”

“I wanna be cool with everybody but, you know, stand-up’s a part of my life,” he said. “That was a highly publicised thing. I feel like [Ariana] got her fair run and her fair stab at it, and like I said, I don’t have social media and I don’t have an outlet really to express my feelings so stand-up’s just how I do it.”

“[Ariana]’s the queen of shade… I hope people feel the same way about my jokes.”

Since parting ways with Ariana Grande in 2018, Pete Davidson has been linked to a number of high profile women including Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley and most recently, Kaia Gerber. 

“What can I say? I love love, but I’m pretty done with that,” he said. “I’m going to try and stay away from that. It’s just a lot…”

“I think you grow a lot as a person. I’ve learned a lot from the awesome chicks that I’ve been with, and they’re all cool,” he added. “So I think you just grow, you become a better version of yourself, because you learn a little something from everybody.”

Wow. Who would’ve thought the SNL jokester could speak so many refreshing truths.

'Malcolm In The Middle' Body Rolling To 'Pony' By Ginuwine Is All You Need Today

There are no words.

There’s no denying that Mondays are a struggle. The weekend is well and truly over and whether you like it or not, you’re catapulted back into the daily grind. However, every now and then, the Internet provides us with a gem so precious that all our troubles simply fade away.

Today was that day.

Frankie Muniz, who is perhaps best known for his lead role on the ‘00s sitcom Malcolm in the Middle took to Instagram over the weekend to share a video of himself body rolling shirtless to Ginuwine’s 1996 classic ‘Pony.’

In the video, Muniz dances like no one is watching alongside Dancing with the Stars pro, Keo Mostepe – and honestly, I don’t know whether to be incredibly shocked or impressed by this beautiful hot mess.

Speaking of letting loose, listen to the GOAT team breakdown our love of Lewis Capaldi on It’s Been A Big Day For…below:

Muniz captioned the video, “I know I’m going to regret this later. Just a little action to get you guys ready for the day. White Men can’t jump or dance!”

The 34-year-old actor doesn’t need to have any regrets judging by the love he’s received in the comments section of his post. Big names like Nikki Bella and Zac Hanson have flooded the post with praise, not to mention the other 260,000 fans who have watched the vid.

If you’ve been wondering where the hell Frankie Muniz has been this whole time, allow me to give you a quick update. As well as starring on Malcolm in the Middle from 2000 to 2006 and nabbing an Emmy Award and two Golden Globe nominations for his role, Muniz appeared in a handful of TV shows and movies in the mid ‘00s.

In 2012, Muniz was hospitalised after having a transient ischemic attack. In 2017, it was revealed on Dancing with the Stars that the actor had suffered significant memory loss and has no recollection of starring in Malcolm in the Middle amongst other shows.

In 2018, Frankie Muniz and his long-time girlfriend Paige Price got engaged. Are his ‘Pony’ moves for their upcoming nuptials? Either way, it’s a blessing and a joy to see Muniz letting loose and tearing up the dance floor.

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Every Time Jake Paul Has Landed Himself In A Sizzling Hot Celeb Beef

The YouTuber is now feuding with Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid.

Another day, another Jake Paul drama – and this time, it’s involving power couple Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid. 

Over the weekend, Paul took to Twitter call Malik out for telling him to “f*ck off for no reason,” setting off a spicy feud that even got a fiery response from Malik’s girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

Listen to the GOAT team breakdown the beef on the latest ep of It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

“Almost had to clap up Zane from 1 Direction because he is a little guy and has an attitude and basically told me to f*ck off for no reason when I was being nice to him…Zane IK you’re reading this… Stop being angry cause you came home alone to your big ass hotel room hahaha,” he tweeted.

Shedding more light on their tense encounter, Paul then tweeted, “Bro he literally started yelling and freaking the f*ck out. “You wanna test me mate.” Lol I feel bad for childhood stars.”

Paul’s comments clearly didn’t go down well with Gigi Hadid, who responded, “Lol cause he doesn’t care to hang out with you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies? Home alone with his best friends like a respectful king cause he has me, sweetie. Unbothered by your irrelevant ugly ass. Go to bed…”


Sadly, it’s not the first time Jake Paul has found himself at the centre of a sizzling hot beef. 

Alissa Violet

The YouTuber has had his fair share of feuds with his Team 10 housemates, including Alissa Violet, who he kicked out the house and then wrote a diss track about when she exposed Team 10’s crazy rules.

The ‘Haters’

In 2017, Paul released a rap track called ‘That Ain’t in the News’ in which he apologised for his actions but also took aim at all the ‘haters’ focusing on the negative things he’s done rather than the good.

FaZe Banks

The same year, Paul accused Alissa Violet’s new boyfriend FaZe Banks of assaulting his assistant Meg at an LA nightclub. Banks responded with a video of his own in which he said he’d be suing Team 10 for defamation of character. Banks follower count reportedly rose by 200,000 and Paul’s plummeted by over 60,000 following the feud. 

And how could we possibly forget Jake’s brother Logan Paul, who consistently makes headlines for all the wrong reasons, including the time he posted a vlog depicting the corpse of a man who committed suicide in a Japanese forest. 

Each time Jake Paul becomes the centre of a controversy, he takes to his YouTube channel and social media to apologise – but the drama continues to follow him. 

There’s no telling how he’ll explain his way out of this new online feud with Zayn Malik, but I’m guessing being the butt of all the bad news must get pretty exhausting.

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