‘Operation Rock Wallaby’ Is Good News In A Bleak Time

The wholesome story I’m desperately clinging to.

The Australian bushfires are just insane, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Smoke from the blazes are covering massive parts of the country that have managed to avoid the flames, and the sheer scale of the disaster means that the smoke has blown as far as South America. There’s not much good news going around, but Operation Rock Wallaby is the wholesome story I’m desperately clinging to. 

We know that the amount of animals killed in the fires is estimated to be over a billion at this point, but some animals have managed to survive. Those that have are faced with a burned landscape and not a lot of anything left, and it’s damn hard to find food and water when everything has been flattened by the flames.

Operation Rock Wallaby is the new mission to drop thousands of kilos of carrots and sweet potatoes over burned areas for the remaining animals to chow down on. Specifically they’re targeting the brush-tailed rock wallabies, but I don’t think too many animals would pass up a chance at a meal.

Credit: NSW Government

So far the drops have happened in Kangaroo Valley, the Capertee and Wolgan valleys, the Yengo, Jenolan, Oxley Wild Rivers and Curracubundi national parks. Matt Kean, the NSW Minister for Energy & Environment, has said this is one of the most widespread drops ever to go ahead.

Credit: NSW Government

It’s a rough time, and the news just gets harder and harder to watch. The thought of starving wallabies being saved by food falling out of the sky is one of the first things to bring a smile to my face in a while, and I’m absolutely going to be crying over it for the next week.

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Justin Bieber Has Lyme Disease But You're Safe In Australia

He says it's affected his skin, brain function, energy, and overall health.

It’s been a rollercoaster few years for Justin Bieber, although what part of his life hasn’t been a rollercoaster? Anyway, he took to Instagram today to address the social media speculation about the fact that he hasn’t really looked his best lately, and explained that it’s because he has Lyme disease.

“While a lot of people kept saying Justin Bieber looks like shit, on meth etc. they failed to realize I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health.”

To save you a Google, Lyme disease is a disease spread by tick bites, and is notoriously hard to diagnose because there are so many symptoms that could be explained by something else. People with Lyme disease tend to get fever, headaches, tiredness, joint pains. If left untreated, the Lyme disease infection can spread through the bloodstream and can cause an infection in the brain and heart. 

Basically it’s a bad time.

That’s not what he meant

Thankfully it’s not something you have to spend time worrying about here in Australia, because we don’t have Lyme disease here. We definitely have ticks that spread similar diseases, so sorry about that bit, but the Australian government doesn’t recognise the specific strain of bacteria that causes Lyme.

If you get it while overseas, and have it diagnosed quickly enough then usually a quick course of antibiotics will do the trick. If it isn’t caught quickly though, it can hang around for years.

Scary stuff

Justin Bieber also announced on his post that he’s going to be making a YouTube documentary series explaining more, probably about Lyme disease and how he’s going to move forward with recovery. We’ll keep an eye out for the videos. In the meantime, it doesn’t sound like it’s been an easy ride for the Biebs, and I hope he recovers sooner rather than later.

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How Many More Kim K Blackface Scandals Before She's Kancelled?


I really thought I was done with hearing about Kim Kardashian for the year after she admitted to photoshopping her kid into the family Christmas card, because of course she did. But no, she managed to hit the headlines again for another blackface scandal.

This time around, it’s a magazine cover. This is what Kim normally looks like.

Aaaaand this is the cover.

It seriously looks nearly nothing like her. Naturally, it hasn’t exactly gone over well.

Of course a ~ source close to Kim Kardashain ~ is denying all blackface accusations and insisting it was the lighting, but the final product is right in front of us to see. And when you live a life as bonkers as the Kardashians, every single image is so carefully put together and monitored so heavily that it’s hard to see how this got past everyone in the first place

I mentioned that this was “another” blackface scandal before, because this isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has been caught up in one.

In 2017, she posted a promo image for KKW Beauty that was not received well, due to the fact that she looked a lot darker than she usually does.

Then there was the time she reposted a drawing of herself with visibly darker skin, and everyone accused her of wanting to be black.

Aaaand the time she wore her hair in fulani braids, and got called out for cultural appropriation. 

Kim Kardashian and blackface seems like a never ending saga, sadly. There are only a handful of days left until the new year, so she really just needs to not do anything stupid before 2020 and hopefully then she can start again in the new decade.

New Years Resolution for Kim: Don’t get caught in a blackface scandal. I can’t believe I actually have to write that.

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