Madonna's Response To Racism In The US Is A Video Of Her Son Dancing

Classic Madonna.

Tensions are high in America right now due to a series of racism-related incidents in recent days, such as the Christian Cooper thing and the horrendous police killing of George Floyd, which sparked heated protests across the country. With celebrities sharing their unfiltered thoughts on the matter, Madonna decided to chime in with her own take by *checks notes* sharing a video on Twitter of her son, David Banda, dancing.

Speaking of racism in America, the GOAT team dive deep into the George Floyd incident and other notable incidents on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

While celebrities like Halsey using Twitter to call out people who are silent on the George Floyd killing, Madonna’s approach was a bit different.

In response to the recent heightened racial tensions in America, the pop legend tweeted a two-minute clip of her son dancing along with the caption: “Brutal murder travels around the world my son David [Banda] Dances to honor and pay tribute to George and His Family and all Acts of Racism and Discrimination that happen on a daily basis in America.”

The left field-ness of Madonna’s tweet is almost matched by the use of a #MichaelJackson hashtag next to a #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd hashtag.

We should be used to Madonna doing unexpected things on social media by now, especially after her recent COVID-19 ramblings and petal bath sermons. But hey, she still somehow manages to surprise all of us, which has been the story of her entire career really.

Unsurprisingly, the internet had quite a strong response to Madonna’s Twitter post and proceeded to roast her like a turkey. Some users mocked how the pop legend’s tweet made light of racial tensions in America by boiling it down to something as simple as “let’s dance it away” and sarcastically thanked her for curing racism.

Others weren’t too pleased about Madonna getting her Black son involved in her tone-deaf Twitter post, mostly because of how uncomfortable it was.

I’m still processing Madonna’s tweet and her David Banda video because there’s just so many layers to it. She probably won’t care what the response is nor should we really pay too much attention to her. However, we all should definitely care about the horrendous instances of racism that’s still happening in America because it’s just ridiculous that stuff like that is still around in 2020.

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YouTuber Rehomes Adopted Son After Using Him For Content, How Sweet

Poor boy.

YouTuber Myka Stauffer rose to fame for her wholesome adoption story in which she and her husband adopted their baby son, Huxley, from China back in 2017 and documented the entire process via regular YouTube videos. However, the popular YouTuber has now found herself in some off-the-rails, Karen-level drama after announcing she and her husband have rehomed the toddler after years of using him for content.

Speaking of YouTuber drama, the GOAT team talk about Jeffree Star’s latest faux pas on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

After announcing that she and her husband were adopting Huxley from China back in 2016, the young boy was placed at the forefront of Myka Stauffer’s YouTube videos as she documented her “adoption journey” in a *checks notes* 27-part video series and constant video updates about life with her adopted son.

Myka Stauffer’s adoption story made her something of a pseudo-spokesperson about parenting while capturing people’s sympathies with her experiences living with Huxley and how she copes with his “brain tumour,” “brain damage,” and his “level 3 autism.”

Since she’s an influencer, it’s no surprise that she parlayed all this attention into YouTube fame and some big-money sponsorships, all while using Huxley in some way or another for her content.

All in all, Myka raked in a crapload of YouTube subscribers (currently sitting at 716K at the time of writing) and followers on her social media channels while racking up millions of views for her videos, the most popular one featuring her meeting Huxley in China for the first time.

This continued on until around late 2019 to early 2020 when viewers noticed that Huxley was nowhere to be seen in Myka’s videos and the YouTuber had suddenly stopped mentioning or updating fans about her adopted son.

Her last video featuring Huxley was uploaded in September 2019 while her last Instagram post Huxley-related was dated February 16, 2020, and it discussed the difficulties about raising a son with special needs.

After silence on Huxley’s whereabouts for months, Myka and her husband posted a video update titled “an update on our family” in which the Stauffers revealed that they had removed Huxley from their home and rehomed him with another family.

Like a Karen getting rid of an unwanted puppy.

Myka and her husband explained that they did it for Huxley’s emotional well-being and it was a decision taken after “multiple assessments” and “multiple evaluations” with medical professionals. The YouTuber says she stayed silent for formerly-adopted son’s privacy reasons before adding how “99 percent of the struggles” were never turned into content for the same reason. How sweet.

Unsurprisingly, this update on Huxley drummed up a wild shitstorm of epic proportions on the internet and influencer communities. One just needs to look up “Myka Stauffer” on Twitter to see a wave of drama and backlash that’s almost unheard of for a YouTuber.

Debates were had about the rights of children on social media and exploiting their lives. However, much of this criticism basically revolved around Myka being an unethical POS who adopted poor Huxley and monetised the crap out of him for her own gain before dumping him with another family when things got too tough, all while positioning herself as some sort of adoption advocate when in reality she is nothing but a Karen.

Karen Myka Stauffer has yet to respond to all the backlash but for what it’s worth, all her videos involving Huxley are still up on her YouTube channel. Guess that says more than any half-arsed apology or statement written on the Notes app ever will.

Influencers have done some disgusting and messed up things for clout and money, but adopting a special needs toddler from China and exploiting his life for financial gain? That easily makes Myka Stauffer and her husband frontrunners for the “biggest pieces of shit who call themselves influencers” award.

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John Boyega Copping It For Tweeting 'I Really F**king Hate Racists' Is Peak 2020

How is that statement divisive in any way?

Given all the recent flurry of incidents involving race, such as the Christian Cooper viral video and the George Floyd killing, tensions are quite frayed at the moment and Star Wars star John Boyega summed up his and the feelings of many in a single tweet stating “I really f*cking hate racists.”

Speaking of racism and Christian Cooper, the GOAT team talk about these very topics and more on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Following the death of George Floyd, who was pleading he couldn’t breathe while a cop held him down with their knee to his neck, John Boyega took to Twitter to express his disgust at this blatant racist act and police brutality towards Black people, sharing a tweet of Floyd along with the caption: “This just burns. Seems to be a never ending cycle. The murderers need to be charged severely. Even in the face of death this man was given zero empathy.”

This was followed shortly by his short yet succinct tweet declaring he “really fu*king hates racists.”

A tweet like “I really fu*king hate racists” is not divisive or controversial in any way. There’s no defending racism at all. And yet, Twitter couldn’t help but chime in on John Boyega’s tweet with a range of reactions ranging from cringy to the “you completely missed the point” kind.

Needless to say that John wasn’t too pleased about it and held nothing back in response to those trying to ‘well, actually” him and his ‘I really fu*king hate racists” tweet because this is his Twitter account and he’s not here to sugarcoat anything for anyone regardless of how young some of his followers are.

Some folks tried to argue or chastise John that “hate is a strong word,” that Black people aren’t the only ones who experience racism around the world, or how Black to white racism is a thing too. Yeah, that last one was actually tweeted out.

Whether these viewpoints are accurate or not (and some definitely aren’t) isn’t the focal point of this discourse on John’s Twitter account. He’s allowed to share his own thoughts on the matter, and given all that’s happened with Christian Cooper and that racist call, George Floyd, and all the racial violence directed at Black people lately, John is well within his right to tell detractors to shove it up their arse and letting them know that this is not the time to make it about themselves.

Just to make sure his point about really hating racism got across, John held an Instagram livestream reiterating the sentiment of his original tweet while taking his Twitter detractors to task (again) for completely missing the point.

While some people use Instagram to share half-arsed apologies, this was the complete opposite from John.

It still boggles the mind that something as uncontroversial as a tweet stating “I really fu*king hate racists” could be so divisive, but that’s 2020 in an nutshell. There are still many racists running around these days sadly, so we still got a long way to go.

Kudos to John Boyega for standing his ground on an issue that should be clear as day and devoid of any arguments.

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