Last Pic Of JonBenét Ramsey Sparks A Wild Ghislaine Maxwell Theory

You won't be able to unsee it.

If you’ve been following the JonBenét Ramsey case as long as I have, you’d be frothing all over this new theory sparked over the last picture taken of her before she died.

To quickly recap the JonBenét Ramsey case for those who are new here – in 1996, the six-year-old pageant queen was found dead in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Evidence shows a long, handwritten ransom note that had presumably been written by her mother, all weapons that were used on her were found inside the house and JonBenét had pineapple in her system. There’s definitely more to the story, but that’s the elevator version.

Now onto the new conspiracies. Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s madam – and is allegedly responsible for aiding Jeffrey Epstein by luring young girls to the house and forcibly coercing them into performing sexual acts. Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI for her alleged involvement in “enabling, facilitating, or participating” in sex trafficking and the abuse of multiple women.

A picture has surfaced of JonBenét Ramsey, and is speculated to be the last photo taken of her before she died.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the woman in the background is Ghislaine Maxwell. If this is true, Ghislaine could’ve potentially known the Ramsey family and had a hand in the JonBenét Ramsey case. JonBenét Ramsey’s death is so mysterious and sinister, and people have been known to stretch their theories to fit what they want to see.

Another theory that has been floating around is that Ghislaine Maxwell is involved in yet another cold case involving a young girl – Madeline McCann.

The Maddie McCann case is said to be ‘the most heavily-reported missing persons case in modern history’ and for a good reason – it’s fkn bonkers. In 2007, Madeline McCann went missing from her room on a family holiday in Portugal. The most well-received and well-known theory is that her parents allegedly sold her to a sex trafficking ring.

The Portuguese Police released sketches of their suspects, and conspiracy theorists believe the female suspect resembles Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell is due to appear in court and out some ‘big names’, so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for that and we might get some answers once and for all.

Still Thinking About YouTuber Marina Joyce’s Kidnapping Conspiracies

Literally, what even happened?

2016 was a wild time; we were streaming Beyoncé’s Lemonade, running rampant in the streets trying to catch them all on Pokémon GO! and mourning both Prince and Harambe – both gone too soon. There was no wilder story throughout the 16s, in my humble opinion, that rivalled the story of British YouTuber, Marina Joyce and the conspiracies that unfolded.

Much like our ever-concerning but endearing Britney Spears, Marina Joyce’s name made headlines around the world that detailed her strange and erratic on-camera behaviour.

Britney Spears has sparked concern over her internet behaviour too.

Fans had speculated that Marina’s behaviour in her YouTube videos was indicating signs of abuse, and was seen to have bruises on her arms in several videos. It was further speculated that she may have been kidnapped and was being forced to film video content against her will.

Things quickly escalated when in one of Marina Joyce’s videos, a shotgun was spotted in the background and whispered ‘help me’ to the camera.

Authorities went to Marina’s house as fans feared that she may have been kidnapped by ISIS. Enfield Police took to Twitter to assure frantic fans that she was ‘safe and well.’

Following this, Marina tweeted for fans to attend a meet-up in East London at 6:30am, and bring a friend. The event was hosted by Morning Gloryville, and the organisers spoke out, saying that they do not know Marina Joyce.

“We don’t know Marina, but we’re all sending out beams of love to her and her fans in what seems to be a confusing time! The internet can be a scary a place, something we’ve come face-to-face with in just the last couple of hours. Stay cool & calm.”

Other YouTubers at the time were discouraging fans from going to the meet-up as they believed it to be dangerous and potentially linked to an ISIS rally.

Marina jumped on a livestream to answer fan questions, but people weren’t letting up on the conspiracy theories. She addressed a few things, but was very vague. When asked about the bruises, she said ‘it’s a secret’ and when asked to turn the camera around to prove there wasn’t someone there, she refused.

The livestream also ended abruptly as more questions poured in.

The wild conspiracies don’t stop there – Marina Joyce went missing in August 2019 and this time, her then-boyfriend attempted to de-bunk the rumours. This only fuelled more conspiracy, calling him out for being suss.

The internet has been used to piece investigations together in the past, and most recently, a homicide investigation was aided by a TikTok where users discovered human remains on a randonauting expedition.

We mightn’t ever know what happened to Marina Joyce back in 2016, but we can only hope that she is okay now and recovers from being thrown into the spotlight.

What Is ‘Randonauting’ And Why Is It Turning TikTok Into An IRL Horror Film?

Alexa, play death bed by Powfu

The ‘world’s first quantamly generated Choose Your Own Adventure reality game’, Randonautica launched just before isolation, and as restrictions began to lift, TikTok users have documented their experiences of ‘randonauting’ on the app. Hear all the details below:

The app takes the concept of Choose Your Own Adventure and brings it into real life by giving the user a set of random coordinates near their current location, whilst ‘setting an intention’ for what you hope to see. In a twisted turn of events, one user from Seattle uncovered what would be deemed a gruesome homicide scene.

A group of friends followed the Randonautica app to a beach in Seattle to find a suitcase that had been washed ashore.

The TikTok users found the suitcase and joked that there might be money in there, but when they opened it, the smell was overwhelming. They called the police immediately, and documented their entire randonauting experience – which local police say was extremely helpful.

Seattle Police Detective, Mark Jamieson told, “We’ve interviewed them and we’re actually glad that the video is out because it helps corroborate some of the information.”

There was some speculation that the discovery may have been staged. Initially, the Seattle Police Department believed the call from the teenagers to be ‘low priority’, so it was another hour and a half before officers appeared on the scene to discover something very serious.

According to reports, the two bodies have since been identified. Authorities believe that the couple had died at least ten days prior to being found on the beach in Seattle.

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