Justin Bieber’s ‘Ugly’ Mansion Has Reached Meme Status

It looks like a "funky CD stacker from 1997."

With every Tom, Dick and Harry confined to the four walls of their homes, apartments and share houses right now – our living arrangements are front-of-mind, and apparently, so are the houses of major celebs. Case in point: Justin Bieber’s bizarre mansion that has seemingly hit ‘meme’ status over night. 

An aerial shot of Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Beverly Hills mansion has hit social media, and it’s safe to say, people think it looks downright “ugly” and like everything except for a house.

One user likened it to the campus of a community college, another suggested it looked like Avengers HQ and there were plenty of other hilarious ideas, including a blender, a salad shooter, the research centre of a SimCity expansion pack, and my personal favourite – “a funky CD storage unit” from 1997.

It’s worth noting that while Bieber once owned this strange protractor-shaped place, he’s not actually living there right now. Apparently, Hailey and Justin have chosen to isolate themselves in their Ontario digs, which would no doubt be just as boujee.

As for the human-sized salad spinner, High Snobiety reports that it’s a $10.5M six-bedroom, 6.5-bath house which cost the Biebs $60K USD a month. That’s a lot of money for something that looks like a fancy hospital.

Hear about the growing concern for Post Malone and Bieber’s IG below:

The publication also states that Justin was actually forced to move out of the pad in 2015 just two months after moving in because of trespassing fans and “privacy issues.” I mean, it doesn’t help that the whole place is ceiling-to-floor blue glass. 

Fun fact: According to the Daily Mail, the Biebs once lent the house to his pal Meek Mill for an Grammys after-party and “the police had to be called after ice sculptures and punches were thrown when rival gang members clashed during the event.” 

Wow. If those curved walls could talk. 

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Adele Has Every Right To Keep Her Multi-Million Dollar Divorce Secret

It's been nearly a year since she announced the split.

We might be in the midst of a global pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from going in on Adele’s multi-million divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki.

It’s been nearly a year since Adele announced she was splitting from her longterm partner and husband of three years, Simon Konecki. However, unlike other high profile celebrity breakups, Adele has requested that the details of her divorce be kept private.

Speaking of media speculation, hear about the concern growing for Post Malone below:

Sadly, that hasn’t stopped the media from speculating about the breakup – including how much money is involved. According to The Sun, Adele and Konecki are “committed to keeping the details as private as possible for the sake of their son,” whom they will share custody of.

An LA court has approved Adele’s request to keep any “financial, sales or other confidential business information” private from the public, which means we won’t be able to find out anything more than the rumoured $285M at hand.

It’s completely understandable that Adele wants to keep the inner workings of what must be an incredibly painful experience private – particularly when she has a 7-year-old son to protect.

Fighting for the right to privacy is something Adele has become well-versed in recently. The singer made headlines earlier this year when she was photographed after losing a significant amount of weight. 

Not only did the tabloids jump on the story, adding to speculations around how she lost the weight, but cruel trolls slammed Adele for looking too thin. 

Adele is yet to make any public comments on her weight loss, or divorce proceedings, and let’s be honest – she has every right to keep those things private. Considering we’re in the thick of COVID-19, a virus thousands of people are contracting and dying from, surely there are bigger issues at hand.

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How The Hell Did Lindsay Lohan's Dog Live To 189?

"She was a strong little mini Maltese."

Announcing a music industry comeback in the midst of a global pandemic isn’t the only bold move Lindsay Lohan has made lately – over the weekend, the actress and singer revealed that her dog, Gucci, had tragically passed away at the ripe old age of 27. 

Yes, you read that right. Twenty seven. That’s like 189 in dog years!?

During an Instagram Live video, a fan asked LiLo if she had any pets, to which she responded, “I do not have a dog. My dog actually passed away a few months ago. She was my baby. I had two. I had Chloe ang Gucci.”

“I named my dogs after…I had my first dog when I got my first pair of Gucci boots and she ate them and I named her Gucci. And she lived until 27 years old.”

“She was a strong, little, mini Maltese and yeah, that happened,” she said. “God bless her. God rest her soul. She’s watching me, my puppy angel.”

According to Wikipedia, Maltese dogs usually live between 12 and 15 years – so 27 would be quite the anomaly, if true.

Speaking of wild celeb claims, hear about Britney Spears’ weird and wonderful Instagram persona below:

Sadly, it sounds like Linds may have got her wires crossed on this one. Lohan’s mother, Dina, tweeted about Gucci’s death back in 2013, telling her followers, “Sad day Gucci our family dog passes away! She was 15 and brought so much love to us…she will forever be missed.”

It’s not the first time Lindsay has boggled our minds. Over the years, we’ve seen Lohan arrested and jailed multiple times – including one time when she told a judge she couldn’t afford therapy while wearing shoes worth thousands of dollars. 

Then there was her infamous leaked ‘sex list’ detailing the names of all the super famous men she’d slept with. And how could we forget the time LiLo moved to Greece and started speaking in a different accent!?

One thing is for certain, Lindsay Lohan is just as entertaining today and she was 10 years ago.

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