Justin Bieber Desperately Wants You To Know How Much Sex He's Gettin'

In case you didn't get the message with 'Yummy'.

It’s probably a bit of an understatement to say that Justin Bieber is going through… something right now. Well whatever it is, we have a hunch it may have something to do with sex with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

Speaking of romance (of sorts), the GOAT team talk about Zendaya’s little office fling on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

During a fan meeting thingy at London’s Indigo at the O2, ol’ mate Biebs dived into TMI territory by getting pretty candid about his sex life after a fan asked him what he does with his spare time (via Metro):

“So when I’m with my [Hailey Bieber], we like to…You guys can guess what we do all day. It gets pretty crazy. That’s all we do. We like to watch movies, we like to Netflix and chill – but we definitely do more of the chilling.

Is it me or does Justin Bieber sound like a 15-year-old boy who lost his virginity for the first time and is now bragging to all his mates about how he nailed it?

Justin, mate, we get it. You’re married to Hailey and both of you are having a lot of sex. No need to keep telling everyone how much of it you’re getting.

Between the release of ‘Yummy’ – aka that blatantly obvious song about having sex with Hailey – to now telling everyone how he and his wife like to “Netflix and chill” with particular emphasis on the “chill” part, one has to think that Justin Bieber either has only had sex for the first time recently or isn’t actually getting any sex at all but is trying to convince everyone that he’s getting laid more than eggs at a chicken farm.

A lack of sex may explain where ‘Yummy’ and all of Justin’s weird behaviour has come from recently. You got to let out all that pent-up sexual frustration out somehow if it just isn’t happening in the bedroom.

This whole telling people about much sex he’s having is somehow even more desperate than the time Justin tried to convince us and himself that marriage is totally for him (which as a card he played again during the aforementioned fan meeting thingy).

Maybe Justin and Hailey have a very healthy sex life, or maybe they don’t. Regardless of what it is, we have just one thing to say to him about all this: Maybe keep that knowledge in the bedroom along with all the sex you’re supposedly having and stop spruiking it everywhere because we probably don’t need to know how often you and Hailey like to Netflix and chill.

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The Backstory To The Iconic Doge Meme Is Unexpectedly Tragic

Many upsetting.

The internet has produced some memorable tidbits and memes over the years, but none have been as wholesome – or as cute – as the iconic “doge meme’ of an adorable Shiba Inu with fractured words and phrases sprinkled around it.

While the rise of the doge meme has brought nothing but smiles and laughter to countless people lurking around on the internet, the backstory of the Shiba Inu in the meme prior to internet stardom was anything but happy.

Speaking of internet stuffs, the GOAT team talk about The Wiggles and Lil Nas X potentially collabing on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

The Verge did a serious investigation into the origin of the doge meme and uncovered a story that would rival any comic book superhero.

The adorable little Shiba Inu, Kabosu, was originally a pedigreed dog born in a puppy mill in Japan. The puppy mill was eventually shut down and since that line of business doesn’t exactly produce the most moral of characters, the former owners abandoned Kabosu and her siblings and left them to die.

While most abandoned dogs don’t survive, Kabosu was luckily rescued by an animal shelter… only to be scheduled for a trip to a farm up north to be with Ol’ Yeller.

But as fate would have it for a second time, Kabosu was saved from an early trip to the pearly gates when a Japanese kindergarten teacher, Atsuko Sato saw the Shiba Inu and decided to adopt her in November, 2008.

Given the lack of love Kabosu experienced during her early days, Sato wanted to shower her new Shiba Inu with love, which translated to “Imma take a lot of photos of my dog and share them to the internet on my blog.”

As for when the transition from pet to internet fame happened, the fateful photo which eventually became the centrepiece of the “doge meme” was shared to the blog by Sato on February 23, 2010, some three years before the internet stumbled upon it and propelled it to meme royalty.

However, Sato isn’t just using her popular doge blog (it’s one of the most popular pet blogs in Japan) to pimp out Kabosu for internet points. In addition to constant updates on Kabosu (who we’re happy to report is still doing really well) and her two cats, she’s also trying raise awareness about the awfulness of puppy mills and adopted pets.

So unlike many origin stories, this one about the doge meme ends on a happy, wholesome note. If there’s a moral to this story it’s that puppy mills are bad and if you’re going to adopt a dog, make sure you spam the internet with photos of said doge because you might’ve adopted the next big meme.

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Rebecca Black Would Be A Huge Internet Star If 'Friday' Came Out Today, And You Know It

Ahead of the curve.

It’s been nine years since Rebecca Black released ‘Friday’ and subsequently became an internet punchline, even to this day.

While she’s managed to overcome the awful and unwarranted torrent of abuse heaped upon her and is seemingly in a much happier place doing what she wants to do (which includes making new music), one can’t help but think that Rebecca Black could’ve easily been a leading figure in today’s influencer culture had the timing been right.

Speaking of viral songs, the GOAT team talk about 2020’s big viral hit ‘Dinosaurs In Love’ on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

When Rebecca Black first dropped ‘Friday’ on us in 2011, no one quite knew how to react to the song and music video. Is it meant to be serious? Is it a joke? Is it meant to be satire? Is this taking the piss?

As humans are wont to do when faced with something they don’t understand, they react with hostility and Rebecca Black soon became the internet’s punching bag for years, and all for a song that’s literally about looking forward to the weekend.

Yet in a way, ‘Friday’ helped ready the internet for the torrent of viral stupidity that was to be unleashed.

Just a few years after ‘Friday’ was released, social media started to boom, an increasing number of people starting jumping onboard the trend, and folks started doing dumb stuff and sharing it online. Having already endured ‘Friday’, the internet were more accepting of increasingly stupid antics since everyone in becoming increasingly desensitised to it, and thus the internet celebrity and influencer culture was born.

Rebecca was one of the first people to get internet famous and was ahead on the curve on the viral fame front in a way. It’s just an awful shame that it came a few years too early for her to really take advantage.

In hindsight, all that hate directed to Rebecca and ‘Friday’ was completely unwarranted since people are getting rich and famous for videos that are several hundred times more idiotic and problematic than a music vid about the weekend. If the song were released today, Rebecca Black would be a massively famous and you know it.

While it must sort suck for Rebecca to be the testing ground for influencer culture rather than a leading figure, she’s managed to come out of the whole ‘Friday’ debacle intact and is ironically doing influencer things, like YouTube videos and a constant stream of Instagram posts.

So next time an internet challenge or viral video arrives, just remember that Rebecca Black crawled so future influencers and internet-famous idiots could run.

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